One Day in May full movie is released on Oct 25, 2002. Watch One Day in May online - the English Drama movie from United States. One Day in May is directed by Mark Todd Bruner and created by Brian Kaufman with Maria O'Bryan and John-Paul Lavoisier.

Saturday, May 3, 9 a.m. As the outside world yawns and stretches to life, business is booming at this midtown abortion clinic. Clients -- ranging in age from 13 to 40 -- slowly take their seats in the waiting room. Among them: Angela Stone a woman who can tolerate just about anything -- except the truth. Enter Matt and Drew. Pained expressions aside, they're a couple of Xers in love. And in trouble. Although deep inside she knows it's wrong, Drew believes an abortion is her only option. Matt's far from convinced, but he'll do anything for Drew -- including standing by as she carries out her fateful decision. As the couple waits, a tense, sometimes sad, sometimes bizarre, drama plays out. But as the physical and spiritual battle for Drew's unborn baby rages, the clock ticks on. Will Drew change her mind -- before it's too late? And will Matt stand up for what he knows is right?

As know as:

One Day in May


United States



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Double-Edged Entertainment LLC

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