Forbidden Films (also know as Verbotene Filme) full movie is released on Mar 06, 2014. Watch Forbidden Films online - the German Documentary movie from Germany. Forbidden Films is directed by Felix Moeller and created by Felix Moeller with Hans Albers and Götz Aly. Forbidden Films is available online on Kanopy and Vudu.

In a fortified, explosion-proof bunker of the German Federal Archives Vault, 2000 film reels made of celluloid, and the highly flammable nitrocellulose, are meticulously organised and stored. They are the silent witnesses of a bygone era when more than 1200 films were produced under the Nazi regime, depicting a wide array of topics, ranging from chest-thumping musicals to insidious melodramas about euthanasia itself. Until now, an ongoing censorship still exists for about 40 films of Joseph Goebbels' ministry of propaganda--and even though some are blatant works of manipulation--minute hints and cleverly-hidden insinuations throughout some movies, prove that film is propaganda's most important part. With the help of distinguished experts and German film historians, this is an attempt to provide the viewers with enough stimuli on the debate about the controversial subject of censorship, and the inner conflict about where one draws the line on such a delicate matter.

As know as:

Verbotene Filme, Forbidden Films, Förbjuden film, Verbotene Filme, Les Films interdits




German, French, Hebrew, English

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Blueprint Film

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Zeitgeist Films


Verbotene Filme: Das Verdrängte Erbe des Nazi-Kinos., Prohibited Films: The Repressed Legacy of Nazi Cinema., Forbidden Films: The Hidden Legacy of Nazi Film.

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