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Flying Virus full movie is released on Dec 31, 2001. Watch Flying Virus online - the English Action movie from United States. Flying Virus is directed by Jeff Hare and created by Jeff Hare with Gabrielle Anwar and Rutger Hauer. Flying Virus is available online on Tubi TV and FILMRISE.

After a series of Amazonian Indian attacks on a U.S. owned petroleum installation in Brazil, both governments start a secret "special program". In fact, Colonel Ezekial's (Rutger Hauer's) men use genetically modified killer bees to eradicate the tribes. During an Indian attack, reporter Ann Bauer (Gabrielle Anwar) is stung, yet survives after a mysterious rescue. Dr. Stephen North (David Naughton) realizes the venom has priceless healing powers and smuggles the bee aboard a flight to New York City. Bauer, her nearly-divorced husband, Martin (Craig Sheffer), who is aboard and her friend, U.S. State Department project representative, Scotty (Jason Brooks), face potential mass-killing after turbulence releases the bees aboard.

As know as:

Abelhas - Ataque Mortal, Darázsfészek, フライング・ヴァイラス, Летающий вирус, Flying Virus les abeilles meurtrières


United States, Brazil


English, Portuguese

Production Companies:

FWP Productions, Swen do Brasil

Cast & Crew

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