Fire Fox Tochionger Seven full movie is released on Apr 16, 2018. Watch Fire Fox Tochionger Seven online - the Japanese Family movie from Japan. Fire Fox Tochionger Seven is directed by Kenji Araki and created by Takaaki Yukii with Daisuke Ban and Tomohiro Hoshi.

Gedron, the head of the Jaou family who leads the kingdom of Jaou, revives the evil Yamata no Orochi, which has been sealed for a long time in the Nagaoka City Tochio area, and absorbs the energetic energy such as its mighty supernatural power and envy of jealousy and fear of humanity Then skillfully manipulate the devil 's devil man and plan to create a world full of evil with a world of evil! Tochionger Seven is a figure that fused the heavenly fox of God's fox with the fellow Hoshi Kotaro ,real Tocho man in order to shatter the evil ambitions of the Snake's family clan leader! Friend love. Family love. Local love! To protect the fire of this flame I find seven hidden deadworks, find a testimony to live while suffering in the narrow space between human society and beast society, warrior of love and righteous worshiping life.

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Fire Fox Tochionger Seven





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B Production

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UX (Japan)

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