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Five More Minutes: Moments Like These full movie is released on Dec 17, 2022. Watch Five More Minutes: Moments Like These online - the English Drama movie from Canada. Five More Minutes: Moments Like These is directed by Kevin Fair and created by Kelly Fullerton with Ashley Williams and Lucas Bryant.

Freelance commercial photographer Kaitlyn Morrison moved with her now ten year old son Adam Morrison from Holliford, CO to Los Angeles four years ago following the accidental death of her architect husband Brian Morrison on Christmas Eve, he who designed and built the house, his first, in which they lived. This Christmas season, Kaitlyn is at a crossroads. She has been offered a more secure photography job with a company she likes working for, but the job is based in London and she is unsure if the upheaval of such a move would be good for Adam, her first priority especially as she has recently learned that he has become withdrawn socially presumably because of missing his father who Kaitlyn admits had a more natural connection with him than she has. And she discovers that the current tenants of the house in Holliford are moving and that a development company has shown interest in purchasing it. Although not emotionally prepared to sell the house yet as that touchstone to Brian, especially if it would be torn down, Kaitlyn decides to accept the offer of her in-laws to spend Christmas with them in Holliford allowing her to deal with the house among other issues. As such, Kaitlyn makes a wish for just five more minutes with Brian for him to give her guidance on what to do, especially what is best for Adam. As Kaitlyn deals with the house, largely with Matthew Jamison, a freelance contractor who in part represents the development company, she comes to the realization of some signs from Brian in Adam flourishing in Holliford, but she may not fully recognize the sign meant more for her.

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Five More Minutes: Moments Like These


Canada, United States



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Johnson Production Group, Hallmark Entertainment

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