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Don't Bother to Knock full movie is released on Aug 01, 1952. Watch Don't Bother to Knock online - the English Drama movie from United States. Don't Bother to Knock is directed by Roy Ward Baker and created by Daniel Taradash with Richard Widmark and Marilyn Monroe. Don't Bother to Knock is available online on Criterion Channel and Amazon Video.

Airline pilot Jed stays at the New York hotel where girlfriend Lyn is a singer. He sees Nell in a window opposite his and they get chummy. When the girl she's baby-sitting, Bunny, enters Nell goes crazy and sends her to her room. She fantasizes that Jed is her long lost fiance. Jed comes to realize that Nell is more than a little whacko.

As know as:

Φλογισμένα χείλη, La tua bocca brucia, Night Without Sleep, Ne is kopogtass!, Gevaar klopt aan


United States



Production Companies:

Twentieth Century Fox


SHE'S DYNAMITE! It Opens the Door on the Screen's Most Exciting New Personality---MARILYN MONROE, Hungry for Love! A lonely guy...a girl on the make!, MARILYN MONROE - in the role that fits her like a black negligee!!, A lonely girl...a guy at loose ends...passionately alone...hungry for romance!, 20th Century-Fox's pulsing drama, In the loneliness of the night - she opened her door and reached out to the first stranger passing by!, You never met her type before..., ...a wicked sensation as the lonely girl in room 809!

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