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1984 (also know as Nineteen Eighty-Four) full movie is released on Mar 22, 1985. Watch 1984 online - the English Drama movie from United Kingdom , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $8,430,492. 1984 is directed by Michael Radford and created by Michael Radford with John Hurt and Richard Burton.

Longing for freedom, the lowly bureaucrat of the Ministry of Truth, Winston Smith, summons up the courage to write down his unspoken desires in his little secret diary. Serving silently at the pleasure of the grim, autocratic hyper-state of Oceania, Smith knows that the English Socialist Party's supreme leader, the omnipotent Big Brother, watches his every move, condemning the already terrified people into a life of slavery. Under those dire circumstances--as the totalitarian government's suffocating stranglehold tightens more and more--Julia, another equally seditious party member, crosses paths with Winston, and a dangerous clandestine affair begins. Now, there's no turning back, and, sooner or later, the illicit couple will have to pay for its hideous crimes against the dictatorial state. What makes a good citizen?

As know as:

Nineteen Eighty-Four, Neunzehnhundertvierundachtzig, Orwell 1984, Χίλια εννιακόσια ογδόντα τέσσερα, Hiljadu devetsto osamdeset četvrta

Release Date:

Dec 14, 1984

Release Date (Streaming):

Oct 06, 2013


United Kingdom



Stream Service:

Atlantic Releasing Corp.

Production Companies:

Virgin, Umbrella-Rosenblum Films Production, Virgin Benelux

Gross worldwide:



2+2=5, George Orwell's Terrifying Vision Comes To The Screen., Big Brother is Watching..., The year of the movie. The movie of the year.


Paul Attanasio
Washington Post
Nodding to the movie's bleak mood, Burton bleakens himself; robbed of the pleasures of the grand, show-offy way he could use his voice, the mischievous twinkle of his eye, you feel cheated.
by rottentomatoes, Jan 02, 2018
Roger Ebert
Chicago Sun-Times
Michael Radford's brilliant film of Orwell's vision does a good job of finding that line between the "future" world of 1984 and the grim postwar world in which Orwell wrote.
by rottentomatoes, Oct 23, 2004

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