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Shinigami no hi
S01E01 · Shinigami no hi

Jul 03, 2007

A girl named Kita can see the ring that appears on a person's neck when they are about to die. After seeing it on two boys in her class, she seeks to warn them, only to discover that the boys are already dead, but are still walking around.

S01E02 · Ittoku?

Jul 10, 2007

Shito and Chika investigate disappearances at their school. They ask Michiru to help them, but she is more concerned about the ring that she saw around her neck. However, when Michiru finds out that her friend has gone missing, she decides to look for her friend at the school.

Shisha no shita
S01E03 · Shisha no shita

Jul 17, 2007

Now that Michiru works for the Zombie-Loan office, she moves out of her relatives' place. Chika, who is still claiming to be using her for her Shinigami Eyes, introduces her to the various strange people who work at Zombie Loan.

Chô no haoto
S01E04 · Chô no haoto

Jul 24, 2007

Chika's old acquaintance, Reiichirou Shiba, helps Chika and Michiru out of a jam. Shiba then tags along with the two to the Z-Loan office, where Shito instantly points his gun at him. Chika convinces everyone that he is of no harm. Meanwhile, a new addition to the office is introduced, in order to help them with their upcoming job.

S01E05 · Ikenie

Jul 31, 2007

When the office investigates a mysterious "butterfly" group, Koyomi and Michiru get mistaken as two of its members due to the butterfly symbols on their shirts. However, they get found out after Michiru tells them how bad it is to kill people, so Yomi comes to Michiru's rescue when they attack her.

Jiyû e no katsubô
S01E06 · Jiyû e no katsubô

Aug 07, 2007

As Shito and Chika battle Shiba, we flashback to the past, and learn exactly how Shiba became a zombie. After learning about Shiba, the others can't help but wonder-what happens after zombies die?

Samayou kokoro
S01E07 · Samayou kokoro

Aug 14, 2007

The Zombie-Loan group ends up going to a hot spring. There, Michiru finds out the pricing for zombies: the more dangerous, the more money. Also, Shito and Michiru end up being attacked by a wolf-like creature that turns out to be a werewolf.

Shinde kara mo, kodoku
S01E08 · Shinde kara mo, kodoku

Aug 21, 2007

Michiru has an encounter with two unexpected guests: Chika's father and sister, Yuri and Momoka. She's more than a little surprised to learn that Chika's family are actually a rather lively bunch. Meanwhile, Shito has a meeting with destiny.

Ikita shi
S01E09 · Ikita shi

Aug 28, 2007

Toho, a member of the mafia, tells the Zombie-Loan office that Shito has been abducted, and that he will take on the task of retrieving Shito himself, since Shito is an important asset to him.

Shika no hô
S01E10 · Shika no hô

Sep 04, 2007

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Inochi to, shi to
S01E11 · Inochi to, shi to

Sep 11, 2007

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Unmei no wa
S01E12 · Unmei no wa

Apr 25, 2008

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S01E13 · Mamoritai

Apr 25, 2008

Battle is unlocked as both A and Z-Loan must make 10 million yen before the other. Though it comes with a heavy price, for the loser will have all of their zombies terminated. A-Loan takes a lead in the competition with superior weapons.


Zombie-Loan (also know as Zonbi rôn) Season 1 (2007) is released on Jul 03, 2007. Watch Zombie-Loan online - the Japanese Animation TV series from Japan. Zombie-Loan is directed by Akira Nishimori and created by Peach-Pit with Takahiro Sakurai and Kenichi Suzumura. Zombie-Loan is available online on The Roku Channel and Tubi TV.

As know as:

Zonbi rôn, ZOMBIE-LOAN, Zonbi rôn, Zombie-Loan(English), ZOMBIE-LOAN(Japanese)





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