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Episode #4.1
S04E01 · Episode #4.1

Sep 03, 2012

In school-boarding-school "Logos" of teacher and students clash up against new dangers. After an explosion in the cave of secrets and riddles becomes yet more. On school a mortal virus spreads headily. Volodya knows that at school quarantine, and soldiery surrounded territory. To get to school and abandon the limits of school territory now appears not so simply. Not all her friends are glad the return of Dasha. Guys together with all try to find a vaccine. Andrey experiences heavily, that his family remained under an obstruction. Meantime the new "appear" at school.

Episode #4.2
S04E02 · Episode #4.2

Sep 04, 2012

In "Logos" amount infected increases constantly. Liza is badly. Guys decide to search a vaccine independently. Roman tries to find out that remembers Dasha. Meantime Dasha finds out on the wall of building of school a crack. Andrey asks the friends to help him to make way for the perimeter of cordon, even if it threatens a mortal danger. Volodya gets in the hands of soldiery. And meantime a new doctor appears at school.

Episode #4.3
S04E03 · Episode #4.3

Sep 05, 2012

Victor hears about possibility of bringing down of building of school. Teachers create a hospital block for those, who was infected. Dasha tries to find out, who of her friends betrayer. Zhenya tries to conquer the location of guys. Vadim and Pavel find under the obstruction of employee " Ingrid". Maxim prepares for Liza a surprise that turns around unexpected troubles.

Episode #4.4
S04E04 · Episode #4.4

Sep 06, 2012

Dasha continues investigation on purpose to find out, who of friends could chuck out her from a window. Roman finds a notebook with her records. Vika experiences, that Dasha is removed from the friends. For Maxim an ampoule disappears with an antidote. Guys go to understand with Vadim. Vadim tries to win over Elena. Volodya appears in a hospital block. Meantime Vika and Lesha find out a secret room.

Episode #4.5
S04E05 · Episode #4.5

Sep 10, 2012

Guys decide to examine an enigmatic room. While they are absent, their cells and decorations disappear. Elena and Vadim continue to be under an obstruction. Kurilenko tries to run from a hospital block. Roman, Liza and Maxim notice that someone sends from the forest a morse signal-code by means of mirror. Andrey and Maxim try to find out, who and why it does. Meantime, Alisa and Tasya set forth for the forest, to meet with Nadya.

Episode #4.6
S04E06 · Episode #4.6

Sep 11, 2012

Victor with men tries to liberate Elena and Vadim from a trap. Under an obstruction already there almost is not oxygen. Dasha thinks of a method, how to calculate a betrayer. But Roman not intend to surrender without a fight. Andrey hopes that signs in a secret room will specify to him other way in a cave. Lesha flirts with Vika, and at this time Liza quarrels with Maxim. Galina promises to Alisa and Tasya, that will pass to Nadya their letter. Volodya suspects that between Zhenya and Kurilenko there is secret connection.

Episode #4.7
S04E07 · Episode #4.7

Sep 12, 2012

Andrey wants to do Dasha surprise, Zhenya is caused to help him herein. Timofeeva with Haritonov try to run from school. Denis and Lilya succeed to open one of doors of hexagonal room. Alisa and Tasya suspect that adults search in the cave of treasure. Girls go down downward in that moment when Victor and Raevskiy blow up an obstruction in a cave by means of dynamite.

Episode #4.8
S04E08 · Episode #4.8

Sep 13, 2012

Larissa puts Maxim frightful diagnosis. A hope again to begin to walk appears at Dasha. Vika gives to understand to Zhenya, that to her nothing lights with Andrey. Liza confesses to Maxim in love. The pistol of Volodya gets in the hands of Kurilenko, and in an infirmary shed blood. Haritonov continues to execute pointing of Vadim that again something bethought to. Meantime Andrey and Roman together go to the cave and get in a trap.

Episode #4.9
S04E09 · Episode #4.9

Sep 17, 2012

Vorontsov understands that in a hospital block unsafely and decides to hide Mitya on a garret. After an operation blood transfusion is required Larisa, but an only suitable donor appears the carrier of virus. And meantime Andrey and Roman stuck in a cave. Andrey finds after an obstruction at bottom level of cave a door from that a knock is reported. Maxim and Lesha understand that guys went away in a cave one. Denis sees in-field Voitevich.

Episode #4.10
S04E10 · Episode #4.10

Sep 18, 2012

All supply of antidote disappears at school. In a theft accuse one of teachers. Liza heavily experiences a break with Maxim. Andrey with friends decide once again to get down in a cave in a hope to find the source of enigmatic knock. In a secret room guys succeed to pick up a code to the lock and open one of doors. And at this time experimental treatment of Dasha results in unforeseen consequences.

Episode #4.11
S04E11 · Episode #4.11

Sep 19, 2012

There is mourning at school. Teachers and students leave on funerals. Larisa understands that someone substituted Dasha medicine. Maxim opens the secret to Vika. Kurilenko guesses that with distribution of medications some problems. Among children all anymore than infected, and medicine still is not found. Haritonov helps Vadim to conduct a double game. Guys find in the cave of survivor after an explosion.

Episode #4.12
S04E12 · Episode #4.12

Sep 20, 2012

Medicine lasts already not all diseased. Volodya all more difficult to control a situation in an insulator. Alisa experiences from a separation with Mitya. Liza knows from Zhenya about other girls of Maxim. Vika tells Lesha about the value of symbols from a secret room. Morozov runs back from a funny house. And meantime an attempt to nose after Vadim treats to Ann very expensive.

Episode #4.13
S04E13 · Episode #4.13

Sep 24, 2012

Dasha considers that calculated a betrayer. Ermolaev opens to Andrey the secret related to his family. A medallion with a lily interests now not only Denis. An antidote closes. Kurilenko entices senior pupils on the side. Larisa applies to Vadim for help in the synthesis of vaccine. Ann, finally, is found, but she in a very grave condition.

Episode #4.14
S04E14 · Episode #4.14

Sep 25, 2012

Roman gets a mysterious message and decides to kill Dasha. Veka experiences for Maxim and steals the only standard of vaccine for him. Volodya without medicine is quite badly. Kurilenko lines guys to break from a hospital block. Pavel and Victor try to understand that happened with Ann. Tasya appears closed in a coffin. Vadim meets Voitevich suddenly.

Episode #4.15
S04E15 · Episode #4.15

Sep 26, 2012

Pavel and Victor interrogate Haritonov. Nobody knows where to search Vadim. And Vadim knows that employers use him. Guys disrobe Roman. Roman has to hide from friends. Zhenya considers that she has a chance to get hold Andrey. Maxim forgets that parted with Liza. Meantime Lesha and Vika hear something a new about a secret room.

Episode #4.16
S04E16 · Episode #4.16

Sep 27, 2012

Andrey falls out with Roman. Lesha and Vika tell to the guys about the amazing opening. Denis and Lilya know that Galina Vasilievna disappeared. Kurilenko takes in hostages Volodya and tries to burst in a door in a hospital block. Vorontsov and Pavel find a hatch leading in a cave. Vadim understands that he is doomed. The attempt of Elena to stop a fight between Vadim and Vorontsov turns around a tragedy.

Episode #4.17
S04E17 · Episode #4.17

Oct 22, 2012

Victor gives an interview to the journalists about the folded situation at school. In "Logos" a director changes again. Galina Vasilievna disappears from school. Denis and Lilya conduct own investigation. Lesha exposes the all more secrets of secret room. A new director takes all school in hostages. Guys hope that Ermolaev will help to create a vaccine, however he is found lifeless.

Episode #4.18
S04E18 · Episode #4.18

Oct 23, 2012

The searches of Galina Vasilievna bring Lilya over and Denis to the unexpected opening. Kurilenko with a knife walks about on school, searching medicine. Larisa becomes on a step nearer to creation of vaccine. Tasya decides that she must be infected. Lesha prepares a surprise to Vika. Roman knows something, that compels him to go back into school.

Episode #4.19
S04E19 · Episode #4.19

Oct 24, 2012

A teacher that all considered lost goes back into school. Vika helps Volodya to recover part of files from the computer of Vadim. Lesha conducts Vika in a secret room, that will share another new opening. Zhenya decides to take advantage of quarrel between Andrey and Dasha. Dasha experiences from Andrey. Roman appears at death.

Episode #4.20
S04E20 · Episode #4.20

Oct 25, 2012

Soldiery mine territory round school. Adults know that some senior pupils ran with Kurilenko. Trying to save guys, Volodya appears between life and death. Raevskiy decides to lay hands on the only standard of vaccine. Vika wants to confess in feelings Maxim. Andrey tries to work out the relationships with Dasha. Guys are shocked by a find in the workshop of Ermolaev.

Episode #4.21
S04E21 · Episode #4.21

Oct 29, 2012

Volodya continues to balance on verge of life and death. Denis gets a message from Galina Vasilievna. Roman again consents to work on Morozov. Guys understand that someone searched their room, and intend to disrobe a secret agent. Dasha and Andrey find the priceless papers of brother Vadim on a garret. Zhenya is ready to go on everything, to get hold Andrey.

Episode #4.22
S04E22 · Episode #4.22

Oct 30, 2012

Victor is disappointed in Larisa, when hears about her past. Larisa watches after Paulina. To Alisa is badly. Guys are staggered, that not able to mourn the lost friend. Roman hears a shocking true about Zhenya. Morozova cruelly punishes Victor for disobedience.

Episode #4.23
S04E23 · Episode #4.23

Oct 31, 2012

Guys notice unusual behavior of all inhabitants of boarding-school "Logos". Lesha, Liza and Vika investigate school, trying to set reason of anomaly. Lilya and Denis search the keys to the doors in the cave of count. Andrey and Maxim find a new passage-way on a bottom level. Meantime, Maria begins to lose reason.

Episode #4.24
S04E24 · Episode #4.24

Nov 01, 2012

Andrey gets in a trap. Vika is drawn together with Maxim, taking advantage of his illness. Liza sees ghosts again. Denis and Lilya expose another riddle of secret room. Meantime teachers and students of "Logos" celebrate the glad occasion. However from Alisa, Tasya and Yura a holiday appears on verge of derangement.

Episode #4.25
S04E25 · Episode #4.25

Nov 06, 2012

While Lesha helps Maxim and Vika to liberate Andrey from a trap, Denis and Lilya continue to accomplish the new opening in a secret room. At this time Volodya and Pavel decide to break through for a protection, although this undertaking promises nothing good. Victor refuses to trust Larisa on one very important business. And meantime, a prophetic dream dreams Mitya.

Episode #4.26
S04E26 · Episode #4.26

Nov 07, 2012

Inhabitants of school-boarding-school "Logos" is once again experienced heavy casualty. Larisa decides to nose after Paulina. Roman finds understanding at one of the former friends. Not knowing that, Liza makes to itself dangerous enemies. Meantime coming Vika to do a heavy choice between the personal happiness and happiness of friend.

Episode #4.27
S04E27 · Episode #4.27

Nov 08, 2012

A situation at school is critical. Larisa hears all anymore about activity of "Ingrid". Morozov gives order to one of the agents to clean Larisa. Victor does not abandon hope to find Irene and Nadya under an obstruction. Denis and Lilya continue to fold the pieces of puzzle in single unit, inexorably approaching solution of secret that keeps secret room.

Episode #4.28
S04E28 · Episode #4.28

Nov 12, 2012

Victor finds Larisa without consciousness. Guys decide independently to get to the object that Rauber searches in a cave. Haritonov leaves on meeting with Morozov. One of important finds of Denis and Lilya appears under threat of elimination. Meantime Igor steal from school.

Episode #4.29
S04E29 · Episode #4.29

Nov 13, 2012

Adults succeed to get to the cargo door. Voitevich enters into a fight with Morozov. Illness of Maxim makes progress headily, and to him is unexpectedly badly. Rauber meets with one of the not declassified agents, that all this time was at school. Guys succeed to unriddle all riddles. "Logos" is shrouded by a smoke-screen.

Episode #4.30
S04E30 · Episode #4.30

Nov 14, 2012

Guys already two days search Andrey. Maxim is at death. Rauber gives order about stripping of school territory. Soldiery is ready to burst in "Logos". Meantime adults decide to evacuate children and burn out school. There are a great number of lives and fate of all humanity on kitty. Every side battles on the limit of the possibilities. However it is fated far all to reach to the end.


Zakrytaya shkola Season 4 (2012) is released on Sep 03, 2012 and the latest season 4 of Zakrytaya shkola is released in 2012. Watch Zakrytaya shkola online - the Russian Mystery TV series from Russia. Zakrytaya shkola is directed by Oleg Assadulin,Konstantin Statskiy,Mark Gorobets,Konstantin Maksimov and created by Dina Levina with Agata Mutsenietse and Luiza-Gabriela Brovina.

As know as:

Zakrytaya shkola, Закрытая школа, Интернат(Alternative Title), Лес(Alternative Title), The Boarding School(English, literal translation of working title)





Production Companies:

Amedia, CTC

Cast & Crew

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