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Scramble X-Bomber!
S01E01 · Scramble X-Bomber!

Oct 11, 1980

When Earth is under attack by alien conquerors in the year 2999, the only chance to stop them is a heavily-armed prototype spacecraft, X-Bomber.

The Super Powerful Imperial Alliance
S01E02 · The Super Powerful Imperial Alliance

Oct 18, 1980

The Imperial Master - head of the invading Imperial Alliance - has sent his warship and battle fleet to capture the power called F-01.

Find F-01!
S01E03 · Find F-01!

Oct 25, 1980

"General Kyle tries to find out who or what is the F-01. The computer cannot give any answers. In the still-immobile X-Bomber, Lamia asks Doctor Benn if she is the F-01. He tells her of her mysterious arrival on Mars, as a baby guarded by Kirara; how she was secretly brought up by Professor Hagen until he disappeared. This story is overheard by Shiro who realises that Lamia is an alien from an unknown planet, but he is sworn to secrecy by Doctor Benn, who refuses to think that Lamia could be the F-01. Under threat from the Imperial Alliance battle cruiser, Star Fleet ...

Wipe Out the Transport Fleet
S01E04 · Wipe Out the Transport Fleet

Nov 01, 1980

On their way to Pluto with materials to rebuild the damaged Base, three Star Fleet transport cruisers have mysteriously disappeared. X-Bomber is called in to escort the next transporters. They encounter Imperial Alliance warships, and destroy the alien fleet. But Commander Makara sets a trap, and as X-Bomber attacks the Alliance Base on Jupiter, Orion sends his missiles against Dr. Benn's ship. Shiro, Lee and Hercules take off, using X-Bomber's new weapon Dai-X, to destroy the alien base.

The Mysterious Ship 'Skull'
S01E05 · The Mysterious Ship 'Skull'

Jan 01, 1982

Whilst continuing their protection of the Star Fleet transport cruisers on their mission to Pluto, Shiro tells his fellow crew of X-Bomber that he believes Captain Carter is still alive. Lamia receives a strange message from the space galleon Skull - an unknown voice calling her. She takes off in one of X-Bomber's shuttles to find the Skull. Shiro, Lee and Hercules are sent after her in Dai-X. As Lamia approaches the Skull ship, her shuttle loses power. The Skull is attacked by the Imperial Alliance warship and Lamia calls Shiro to attack the battlecruiser to save the...

X-Bomber Goes Forth
S01E06 · X-Bomber Goes Forth

Jan 01, 1982

Star Fleet Command examine the data on the mysterious Skull - is it linked with Lamia's secret past and the F-01? General Kyle orders X-Bomber to find the Skull. Commander Makara threatens Kyle with the destruction of Earth's Star Fleet Base if Lamia is not handed over to the Imperial Alliance. General Kyle engages Makara in battle with his forces from Mars, but the Martian Fleet is destroyed. X-Bomber is recalled to defend Earth but Makara calls off the attack, leaving Dr. Benn and his crew free to seek out the Skull. But Makara's warship follows them, tricking ...

Mortal Combat in the Gravity Graveyard
S01E07 · Mortal Combat in the Gravity Graveyard

Jan 01, 1982

"Tricked by the Imperial Alliance, X-Bomber is caught in the Black Hole of Sargasso, its power reserves fading fast; Commander Makara sends Imperial fighters to force X-Bomber to expend more power. But Dr. Benn summons all X-Bomber's resources for a gigantic laser blast on the alien battle cruiser. Makara's attack is repelled but the X-Bomber is trapped in the gravitational grip of Sargasso and virtually without power. Lamia calls to the mysterious Skull for help, and the strange ship proves its loyalty by pulling X-Bomber to the safety of free space. But before ...

An Attack Beyond Tears
S01E08 · An Attack Beyond Tears

Jan 01, 1982

"Star Fleet's X-Bomber is badly damaged and lands on Alleria to make repairs. But the planet is volcanic and also the home of strange furry mutants called Monmons. The evil Commander Makara fires laser torpedoes, which activate a volcanic eruption. X-Bomber cannot take off to avoid the lava flow as the Monmons have surrounded the ship. Dr. Benn orders his Star Fleet crew to shoot the cute creatures and so allow their escape. X-Bomber takes off and engages the alien battlecruiser in a laser fight and Makara is ordered to return to the Imperial Master in disgrace after ...

Target: The Commander
S01E09 · Target: The Commander

Jan 01, 1982

"Commander Makara and Captain Orion report to their Imperial Alliance Command on their failure to destroy Star Fleet and take control of the F-01. Under sentence of death, they review their past encounters with the Star Fleet ships. Captain Orion's inefficiency is blamed and Makara persuades her Imperial Master to let them live to try again. They only have six Earth months left to capture Lamia and the power of F-01."

Galaxy Adrift
S01E10 · Galaxy Adrift

Jan 01, 1982

"X-Bomber goes to a tree-covered planet called Zenith to meet with the mysterious Skull - but is it another trap? Commander Makara has brainwashed her prisoner from Star Fleet Command and Captain Carter leads the Imperial Alliance on a new attack on the F-01. X- Bomber tries to escape but the trees of planet Zenith are malevolent and aggressive and the Star Fleet ship is caught in their grip. Captain Carter demands that Lamia be handed over or he will order the deadly Delta Laser fired on X-Bomber. But the Skull appears and draws the alien fire, allowing X-Bomber to ...

Farewell Eternal Battlefield
S01E11 · Farewell Eternal Battlefield

Jan 01, 1982

As X-Bomber is repaired, a distress call is received from an unknown planet. Dr. Benn sends Star Fleet's Dai-X crew of Shiro, Lee and Hercules to assist. They follow the call to a strange planet and find Keeli - a beautiful space princess - made prisoner as the result of a war against the might of the Imperial Alliance, the deadly machines of battle surrounding her palace dungeon. As they free Keeli, Captain Carter - now a trusted fighter for the evil Alliance - gives them his ultimatum: give up Lamia and the F-01 - or die! Carter reactivates the dormant fighting ...

Our Mortal Enemy Is Captain Carter
S01E12 · Our Mortal Enemy Is Captain Carter

Jan 01, 1982

"As the Star Fleet crew discuss Lamia, the F-01 and the apparent defection of Captain Carter to the Imperial Alliance, Dr. Benn receives a distress call from a deserter of Commander Makara's warship. The Alliance traitor is taken aboard X-Bomber but, unbeknownst to Star Fleet, he is a walking bomb. He threatens to blow up X-Bomber if Lamia does not return with him to Commander Makara. After the ""traitor"" is dealt with, Shiro Hagen challenges his former instructor - Captain Carter - to fight to the death, just Shiro against Carter. Shiro attempts to get Carter back ...

Battle to the Death: X-Bomber vs. the Imperial Alliance
S01E13 · Battle to the Death: X-Bomber vs. the Imperial Alliance

Jan 01, 1982

"So much has been happening since the beginning of the year that Shiro takes the opportunity to recall the momentous events from the moment the enemy alien force attacked the peaceful solar system and destroyed Pluto Alpha Base. It seems a long time since X-Bomber's completion and first mission, since the mysterious Skull was first contacted. What strange power does Lamia possess? Sadly Shiro remembers the disappearance of Captain Carter and his eventual death. Can the Earth Defence Forces continue to withstand the attacks from the deadly Imperial Alliance? Can ...

Lamia: Girl of Destiny
S01E14 · Lamia: Girl of Destiny

Jan 01, 1982

Messages are exchanged with the mysterious Skull. Dr. Benn asks for help in solving the mystery of F-01. When the reply is a strong demand that Lamia must be handed over, Benn refuses; but Lamia pleads to be taken to the space galleon and persuades Shiro to accompany her in a small shuttle craft. It is a dangerous journey. The craft is spotted by the Imperial Alliance and Commander Makara gives orders for it to be attacked. Shiro and Lamia succeed in making contact with the Skull. Its Captain, a handsome, princely figure named Halley, says Lamia may come aboard. But ...

X-Bomber: Death on Planet Morphane
S01E15 · X-Bomber: Death on Planet Morphane

Jan 01, 1982

A mysterious and beautiful girl, assistant to Dr Benn Robinson and a member of MoonbaseÂ's radar team. Lamia was discovered in a space capsule which crash landed on Mars when she was a baby and she was raised by ShiroÂ's father, Professor Hagen. In order to try and discover her true identity she joins the crew of X-Bomber assisting Shiro and the others. Pure of heart with a passionate dislike of war and conflict she hopes that by fighting with the X-Bomber team she can help bring an end to the fighting. Lamia is a child of the planet of mystics, Esper, and a member of...

Lamia Kidnapped
S01E16 · Lamia Kidnapped

Jan 01, 1982

Although the X-Bomber crew regain consciousness, in the course of the on board firefight with the Alliance invaders Lamia is taken away. As a parting shot, the Alliance launches mines into space. As members of the crew work to repair the ship, a message comes from Captain Halley who meets them in person on the planet. He makes the startling statement that Lamia is indeed F-01. The Alliance wants her because she will one day be Queen of the planet Esper where the people have special, intuitive, supernatural powers. The planet has been ruled by the Pizarees. Lamia was ...

Asleep in the Ice Prison
S01E17 · Asleep in the Ice Prison

Jan 01, 1982

Fortunately, it is possible to repair the damage to X-Bomber, and a big search for Lamia begins as Commander Makara and Orion imprison Lamia underground on a frozen planet. Benn orders that nearby planets must be explored one by one. Meanwhile, the Alliance's Commander Makara is receiving instructions from the Imperial Master to proceed at once to the Colusion Star Cluster and decimate the planet Callinian. Lamia succeeds in getting a telepathic communication to Captain Halley, telling him that she has been taken to the Allurian Star Cluster and imprisoned in a ...

Commander Makara's Promotion/Destroy the Prison Planet!
S01E18 · Commander Makara's Promotion/Destroy the Prison Planet!

Jan 01, 1982

"X-Bomber is still on a random course, trying to find the Allurian Star Cluster where Lamia is imprisoned. Further information from Captain Halley is awaited. The Alliance's Commander Makara sets out on a seek-and-destroy mission. The crew of X-Bomber destroy the enemy missile base using Dai-X and succeed in rescuing Lamia and making their way to the planet CallinianCallinian in the star cluster of that name. The Imperial Alliance is not far behind, but Makara's ship is caught in the destruction of the prison planet and limps away. Lamia's destruction is now more than...

F-01: Assassination Plot
S01E19 · F-01: Assassination Plot

Jan 01, 1982

Commander Makara's desperation leads her to ignore the Imperial Master's orders and try to kill Lamia rather than capturing her. Her secret weapon is a bionic cyborg mantis created by the Imperial scientist, Caliban. It is programmed to assassinate F-01 when necessary, using a ray gun and a sharp scythe treated with deadly poison. X-Bomber must be destroyed before it can reach the Callinian Cluster. To do this, she lures the Dai-X off the ship, giving the cyborg the opportunity to stow away in one of the fighters. X- Bomber is then attacked by the Death Planetoid, ...

Callinean: Full Frontal Attack Begins!
S01E20 · Callinean: Full Frontal Attack Begins!

Jan 01, 1982

X-Bomber reaches the Callinian planet and Lamia is reunited with Captain Halley, who agrees to Shiro's request for Dr. Benn to be buried there. Lamia is still upset, feeling that she is responsible for the doctor's death and all the terrible events that have been taking place; but Halley assures her that she has not been brought here in vain. She is the symbol of peace for that entire universe. The meaning will become clear when they greet the new century. A big surprise lies ahead. The mystery of Professor Hagen's disappearance is solved. He is still alive and on ...

Callinean: A Battle with No Tomorrow!
S01E21 · Callinean: A Battle with No Tomorrow!

Jan 01, 1982

Makara's battlecruiser and X-Bomber are engaged in a grim struggle. Professor Hagen is now in X-Bomber, commanding operations. At the same time, the Royal Palace is under attack from Alliance fighters and Caliban's Death Ball. Dai-X engages the Death Ball but its initial attacks are repelled; Dai-X is finally able to break through its defences but has nothing in reserve to combat Makara's ship and help X-Bomber. Though the King is reluctant to use Hagen's laser cannon, he eventually agrees and the assault is repelled when Makara's ship takes a direct hit. X-Bomber ...

Board the Imperial Alliance Flagship!
S01E22 · Board the Imperial Alliance Flagship!

Jan 01, 1982

On board X-Bomber, the great question is: can Earth be reached before it has been destroyed by the Imperial Alliance? Professor Hagen decides on a desperate gamble. The computer safety factor must be over-ridden and the controls operated manually, enabling them to travel at twice hyper-speed. It will mean risking the entire ship blowing up, but it is a chance that must be taken. It is a danger-fraught journey, but in the fighting the Imperial Alliance's warship has been badly damaged and Captain Orion seriously injured. Before dying, he insists on being taken to his ...

The End of Earth
S01E23 · The End of Earth

Jan 01, 1982

After repairs, X-Bomber is able to continue its journey to Earth. But can it reach there in time? The Imperial Fortress is heading to Earth. Strange things are happening to Lamia. She says her head feels as if it is being squeezed in a vice....the new century is getting closer. The passing of time is also concerning the Imperial Master. At the speed his Imperial Fortress is making, it will reach the Earth two days before the new year. X-Bomber is close behind. By now, Lamia's head is reeling. Her fantastic powers are being felt more and more. Professor Hagen says ...

A New Beginning for the Galaxy
S01E24 · A New Beginning for the Galaxy

Jan 01, 1982

The situation in Star Fleet's Headquarters is becoming increasingly desperate. Defence centres have been destroyed, entire cities razed to the ground. X-Bomber is the last hope. From the Imperial Master comes a message: total annihilation can be avoided if Lamia is executed. Lamia hears this and offers her life to save Earth, but she is over-ruled. Halley, in the Skull, suggests new battle plans. The climax is near. The fighting is becoming fiercer. Allies die, and the Dai-X is disabled. But the sacrifices have bought time - it is the dawn of the new year - the new ...


X Bomber (also know as Ekkusu bonbâ) Season 1 (1980) is released on Oct 11, 1980. Watch X Bomber online - the Japanese Animation TV series from Japan. X Bomber is directed by Michio Mikami,Noriyasu Ogami,Akira Takahashi and created by Gô Nagai with Toshio Furukawa and Jay Benedict.

As know as:

Ekkusu bonbâ, Star Fleet, Ekkusu bonbâ, Star Fleet(English), Bomber X





Production Companies:

Central Independent Television, Cosmo Productions, Dynamic Productions

Official Site:

Enoki Films (Japan)

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