Episodes (12)

Stacey Lannert & Charaty White
S01E01 · Stacey Lannert & Charaty White

Mar 11, 2008

A teenager shoots and kills the father who had molested and raped her for many years. A young murder witness is tortured and murdered by three women under the order of her boyfriend.

Cindy Countess & Jennifer Blake
S01E02 · Cindy Countess & Jennifer Blake

Mar 18, 2008

A look at the stories of two women who were convicted of murdering their mothers. One mentally ill woman murders her mentally ill hoarder mother. A young unruly woman and her boyfriend kill her mother but she claims innocence.

Rose Parker & Celeste Fox
S01E03 · Rose Parker & Celeste Fox

Mar 04, 2008

In-depth look at the true life crimes of Women Behind Bars. A woman who was convicted of murdering her lover while in a drug induced fight and a woman who killed her grandmother are featured.

Peggy Hilt & Susan D'Aquila
S01E04 · Peggy Hilt & Susan D'Aquila

Mar 25, 2008

A woman is convicted of the death of her two-and-a-half-year-old adopted daughter resulting from a beating. Another woman was found guilty of killing her physically handicapped husband by pushing him into a river.

Delpha Spunaugle & Carmen Ortiz
S01E05 · Delpha Spunaugle & Carmen Ortiz

Apr 01, 2008

A woman tells her story of the events leading up to her conviction for participating in and hiring a hit man to kill her fourth husband. Then, a heroin addict who served watch as a fellow addict robbed and murdered an unsuspecting man.

Virginia Twenter & Diane Metzger
S01E06 · Virginia Twenter & Diane Metzger

Apr 08, 2008

First, a woman who murdered her own father and stepmother for money to pay for her mounting debts. Then, a woman and her husband murder his ex-wife and take his children. Both claim innocence.

Patricia Joellen Johnson & Rebecca Bivens
S01E07 · Patricia Joellen Johnson & Rebecca Bivens

Apr 22, 2008

The story of a woman who admittedly shot her wealthy, cheating, third husband after enduring years of his abuse and obsessive controlling behavior. Then, a bipolar woman who beat her fourth husband's 5-year-old daughter to death.

Deborah Pieringer & Maryann Acker
S01E08 · Deborah Pieringer & Maryann Acker

Apr 29, 2008

A bipolar woman uses several weapons including a paring knife, cast iron skillets, and a table leg to beat, stab, and cut her elderly parents a total of 75 times. Then, a woman who assisted her husband in several robberies and two murders.

Celeste Beard & Bernice Ahrens
S01E09 · Celeste Beard & Bernice Ahrens

May 06, 2008

One woman persuaded her alcoholic lesbian lover to murder her millionaire fourth husband while another was convicted of the torture and murder of a mentally challenged man in her home along with her son, daughter, and 3 others.

Roena Ashing & Connie Keel
S01E10 · Roena Ashing & Connie Keel

May 20, 2008

A cabdriver and her four accomplices kill a handicapped man and set fire to his home after he accuses her of stealing $500. A teenager who waited in the car while her husband and his cousin robbed a liquor store and killed the store clerk.

Leslie Demeniuk & Deana Fairchild
S01E11 · Leslie Demeniuk & Deana Fairchild

May 27, 2008

First, a young mother who shot her 4-year-old twin sons dead blaming antidepressants and alcohol as the cause. Then, a woman who set fire to her boyfriend's home causing an explosion that killed him and his elderly parents claims innocence.

Rita Nitz & Chanel Boyd
S01E12 · Rita Nitz & Chanel Boyd

Jun 03, 2008

First, a woman who was an accomplice to the beating death of a gay man along with her husband. Then, a teenage mother and her boyfriend are convicted of the murder of their 8-month-old daughter. Both claim innocence.


Women Behind Bars Season 1 (2008) is released on Mar 11, 2008 and the latest season 4 of Women Behind Bars is released in 2011. Watch Women Behind Bars online - the English Documentary TV series from United States. Women Behind Bars is directed by Richard Swindell and created by Talleah Bridges McMahon with Kay Bess and Elizabeth Higgs. Women Behind Bars is available online on Peacock and Peacock Premium.

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