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Der Kaukasus
S01E01 · Der Kaukasus

Mar 02, 2009

On European Russia southwestern border with Transcaucasia and Asia, the Caucasus stretches from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea. Its mountains and hills are quiet varied and rich in wildlife, some plant - and animal species like neighboring regions, some unique. Many are specifically adapted to various Heights, with star predators like eagles, various bears and even a unique lynx.

Der Ural
S01E02 · Der Ural

Mar 09, 2009

The Ural mountain range separates Europe and Asia trough Russia. Its vast forests and marshes harbor great wildlife populations, including some rare of even unique species. Mink is among the nearly extinct natives. Iconic predators include bears and wolves as well as wolverines.

S01E03 · Sibirien

Mar 16, 2009

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Die Arktis
S01E04 · Die Arktis

Mar 23, 2009

Northernmost Russia, on the Arctic Circle, has extreme seasons, even by Siberian standards. The case of Wrangel island demonstrates its rich wildlife and the animals' ruthless struggle for survival. Many species migrate, like polar bears, some as far as the Berentz sea or even North America.

Der Ferne Osten
S01E05 · Der Ferne Osten

Mar 30, 2009

Primorye, a vast 'primordial forest' in the Russian Far East's Usuriya region near the river Amur, the Chinese border, has an extremely rich and varied wildlife. Its greatly varying seasons also attract some migratory species, while great cats like the Siberian tiger cover huge territories. Vast wetlands, marshes and lakes add to its variety.

S01E06 · Kamtschatka

Apr 06, 2009

Kamtschatka, a Russian Far Eastern peninsula of Siberia stretching into the Sea of Ochotsk towards Japan, has a rich wildlife subject to (by Siberian standards not so) extreme seasonal extremes. The short summer and intermediate seasons are abundant, the long winter almost as grim as in permafrost.


Wild Russia (also know as Wildes Russland) Season 1 (2009) is released on Mar 02, 2009 and the latest season 2 of Wild Russia is released in 2018. Watch Wild Russia online - the German Documentary TV series from Germany. Wild Russia is directed by Oliver Goetzl,Tobias Mennle,Ivo Nörenberg,Henry Mix and created by Trish Mitchell with Christian Brückner and Paterson Joseph.

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Wildes Russland, Дикая природа России, Rusia salvaje, Wildes Russland, Wild Russia





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Animal Planet, JWM Productions, NDR Naturfilm

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