Episodes (17)

Wood Sink
S01E01 · Wood Sink

May 28, 2020

David shows off the new drain spout he has been making for his wooden sink.

S01E02 · Urinal

May 29, 2020

David provides an update on the installation of his wooden sink, and shows off his swing-out urinal.

Checking Stick
S01E03 · Checking Stick

Jun 09, 2020

David explains the purpose of the incredible checking stick.

Microphone Stand
S01E04 · Microphone Stand

Jun 16, 2020

David shows off a little stand he built for a microphone he received from KCRW Radio.

Litho Signing
S01E05 · Litho Signing

Jun 21, 2020

David puts the numbers on a lithograph.

Phone Holder
S01E06 · Phone Holder

Jun 26, 2020

David shows off a wooden iPhone holder he has been making.

Pants Repair
S01E07 · Pants Repair

Jun 28, 2020

David shows us how he goes about repairing the holes in the knees of his pants.

Paint Drawers
S01E08 · Paint Drawers

Jul 11, 2020

David performs maintenance on an old paint cabinet he got from Universal Studios.

S01E09 · Varnishing

Jul 16, 2020

David provides an update on the cabinet from last time, which is now receiving its third coat of varnish.

S01E10 · Mirror

Jul 17, 2020

David installs a new mirror in his workshop.

The Jar
S01E11 · The Jar

Jul 25, 2020

David introduces a mysterious jar.

S01E12 · Balls

Aug 03, 2020

10 balls appear. David is nowhere to be seen.

S01E13 · Thinking

Aug 08, 2020

David is still missing. The mystery of the jar deepens.


Aug 16, 2020

At long last, David reveals the purpose of the jar. A new series begins.

S01E15 · Dowel

Aug 23, 2020

David shows off a pathetic-looking piece of plastic which he has been drilling a hole in.

S01E16 · Sculpture

Oct 13, 2020

David shows off a small sculpture he has been working on.

Wall Sconce
S01E17 · Wall Sconce

Nov 21, 2020

David shows off a wooden box with a switch that will soon become a wall-mounted lamp.


What Is David Working on Today? Season 1 (2020) is released on May 28, 2020. Watch What Is David Working on Today? online - the English Reality-TV TV series from United States. What Is David Working on Today? is directed by David Lynch and created by David Lynch with David Lynch and .

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What Is David Working on Today?


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