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Another Ballgame
S01E01 · Another Ballgame

Sep 16, 1983

Newlyweds George and Katherine Papadopolis return from their honeymoon to find themselves the guardians of seven-year-old Webster Long, orphaned son of one of George's old football teammates.

Happy Un-Birthday
S01E02 · Happy Un-Birthday

Sep 23, 1983

Because his real birthday is July 15, Webster lies about the day of his birthday so that he can have a party at school. Katherine and George are unaware of this until Katherine finds his vaccination records which reveal the truth.

Consulting Adults
S01E03 · Consulting Adults

Sep 30, 1983

Webster tries out for a community league football team. After the coach finds out who his father and guardian are, he makes the team.

Katherine's Swan Song
S01E04 · Katherine's Swan Song

Oct 07, 1983

While Katherine struggles to find common interests with Webster, his friend Melanie Easton runs away from home-by staying under Webster's bed-because she is jealous of the attention her new baby sister gets from her mother.

Saying Goodbye
S01E05 · Saying Goodbye

Oct 21, 1983

When Katherine and George go to a banquet in fancy clothes, Webster believes they won't come back. He tells Jerry, his babysitter, that his parents were dressed that way the night they left and didn't come back. When Katherine and George do come back, they learn that no one on the football team told him his parents died, and he didn't go to their funeral. So they must explain to Webster that his parents are not just "away."

The Green-Eyed Monster
S01E06 · The Green-Eyed Monster

Oct 28, 1983

When Molly, who was once Webster's favorite babysitter, comes to Chicago to ask George to help her get into sportscasting, Katherine is jealous when she finds that Molly, whom George described as being overweight and unattractive, is now pretty and shapely.

Second Time Around
S01E07 · Second Time Around

Nov 04, 1983

When Webster sees Katherine and George fighting, he tries to arrange a "real" wedding for them to get them to stop fighting.

S01E08 · Travis

Nov 11, 1983

Katherine's former school friend Ellen, a sociologist who is black, says she doesn't think Webster should be raised by white parents. George refuses to believe this, and when they try to ask Webster how he feels, they have trouble being straightforward about it.

That's Entertainment
S01E09 · That's Entertainment

Nov 18, 1983

Webster auditions for the school talent show but doesn't get in. He only tells his friend Maxine that it's because he got stage fright right before he was about to begin and totally froze up. Meanwhile, George brings home Ben Vereen, who went to school with Webster's mother and is in town for a telethon benefiting homeless children. George arranges for Webster to appear in the telethon with Ben without knowing why he blew the talent show audition.

Educating Katherine
S01E10 · Educating Katherine

Nov 25, 1983

Because of budget cuts, Katherine volunteers as the art teacher at the school. When her rambling and erratic teaching style makes the other kids dislike her, Webster has to find a way to make her look good. He finds the answers to the test that Katherine has prepared in her desk drawer and copies them.

Teddy Bear Scare
S01E11 · Teddy Bear Scare

Dec 02, 1983

When Katherine can't find a sitter for Webster, he spends the night with George and his poker buddies at the Trocadero. When they arrives home, Webster realizes he has forgotten his teddy bear; he thinks it's at the diner, but George admits he left it in the cab on the way home. Katherine and George present Webster with a challenge: to see if he can sleep for one night without his teddy bear.

A Question of Honor
S01E12 · A Question of Honor

Dec 16, 1983

Webster's new friends are a group of nine year old boys who hate liver, spinach, and girls and love playing practical jokes on people. Unfortunately, their misbehavior doesn't stop there; at the Trocadero they take the money from Harry's table. Maurice tells George and Katherine what happened, but Webster refuses to tell who did it because he doesn't want to be labeled a tattletale.

Don't Jump George
S01E13 · Don't Jump George

Dec 23, 1983

In order to investigate a sexual harassment accusation against the host of the TV game show "Don't Jump," Katherine goes on the show as a contestant with George and Webster in tow. While the accusation proves to be false, Katherine is overcome by the excitement of the game play, while George feels bad about not getting to answer any questions.

George the Patient in Spite of Himself
S01E14 · George the Patient in Spite of Himself

Jan 06, 1984

George is called to Detroit to comment on "Monday Night Football" and plans to take Webster with him. In the meantime, George refuses to get surgery for his knee pain, and when Webster hears him say that "pain is my co-pilot," he doesn't want to miss the trip to Detroit for his illness, which turns out to be tonsillitis, because he believes dealing with injury is a sign of weakness. When he is taken to the hospital, he runs away.

Maybe Baby
S01E15 · Maybe Baby

Jan 13, 1984

Webster wants a baby brother or sister so he enlists the aid of a playmate to make a baby.

S01E16 · Missing

Jan 20, 1984

George comes home early from a trip and finds Katherine home; she moved the half-day she takes to be with Webster up a day and trades it with George. When Webster gets out of school, he is supposed to be picked up by Trudy, who was supposed to pick him up the day George got back; she wasn't told that he got back. Harry, from the Trocadero, passes by Webster's school, and when no one at home answers the phone, he takes him home.

Secrets of the Night
S01E17 · Secrets of the Night

Jan 27, 1984

With pressure building on Webster due to tests in math, spelling, and karate, he starts wetting the bed. When Katherine and George go into his room to find the missing sheets, he considers this a breach of trust.

Special Friends
S01E18 · Special Friends

Feb 03, 1984

George doesn't get to go to Sarajevo to cover the Winter Olympics, but when Webster learns that champion ice skater Jo Jo Starbuck is helping with the Special Olympics in Chicago, George agrees to cover that. Meanwhile, Webster is excited about getting to meet one of the athletes, a boy named Darryl. What he doesn't realize is that the Darryl is mentally handicapped until his friends tell him that. They also tell him that they won't continue to be his friends if he is friends with Darryl.

Uncle Phillip
S01E19 · Uncle Phillip

Feb 24, 1984

George mysteriously refuses to give his blessing to a reunion between Webster and his Uncle Phillip.

More Than a Memory
S01E20 · More Than a Memory

Mar 02, 1984

A worried Webster feels responsible for Jerry's decision to quit his job as Katherine's assistant and open his own gym.

S01E21 · Dreamland

Mar 09, 1984

Webster's fear that his classmates will laugh at his composition of his crush on his teacher.

Webster Long: Part 1
S01E22 · Webster Long: Part 1

May 04, 1984

Webster is delighted when George, Katherine and his Uncle Phillip all want to adopt him, but he's torn when he learns they can't all live together.


Webster Season 1 (1983) is released on Sep 16, 1983 and the latest season 6 of Webster is released in 1988. Watch Webster online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Webster is directed by Lee Bernhardi,Joel Zwick,Art Dielhenn,Shelley Jensen and created by Stu Silver with Susan Clark and Alex Karras. Webster is available online on Pluto TV and Google Play Movies.

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Webster, Webster(English), Webster(French), Another Ballgame


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