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Dueling Pistols
S01E01 · Dueling Pistols

Apr 02, 2008

Chad discovers that a number of his ideas for improving the dueling pistol won't work out that well. Apparently the builders of flintlock pistols got a lot of things right. Mike describes how pistols and ammunition improved since the flintlock.

Chariot Bow
S01E02 · Chariot Bow

Sep 28, 2008

Chad can't commit to the years of training spent by an ancient Roman to master the art of firing arrows from a chariot. So he learns a lesson or two from the steadicam and M1 tank to build a high-tech armed chariot. Meanwhile Mike researches how ancient soldiers evolved mobile archery.

S01E03 · Katana

Jan 13, 2009

Chad travels to Japan to observe the ancient art of katana making. Then he returns to America and works with a modern bladesmith to try to produce his own katana that is as good as those made by the Japanese masters. Meanwhile, Mike recruits a martial arts expert to put Chad's katana to the test.

S01E04 · Blowpipe

Jan 27, 2009

Mike visits the Amazon rain forest to learn how the natives produce highly accurate and lethal blowpipes. Meanwhile Chad uses modern technology and builds a laser-sited, man-portable blowpipe air canon powered by compressed air with interchangeable barrels; telescoping, multi-barrel and armor piercing. Yet Mike is confident enough to challenge Chad to a shoot-off.


Weapon Masters Season 1 (2008) is released on Apr 02, 2008. Watch Weapon Masters online - the English Reality-TV TV series from United States. Weapon Masters is directed by Rob Kerr,Patrick Greene,Eric Hoffman,Alex Jouve and created by Eric Hoffman with Chad Houseknecht and Mike Loades.

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Weapon Masters


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Half Yard Productions

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