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Lock Up
S03E01 · Lock Up

Oct 15, 2018

Lola and Chelsea are sent back to Australia after being caught by New Zealand police. Weaselling their way out of it once again, the duo set out in pursuit of freedom. However, they are forced to cross a line that means there is no going back.

S03E02 · Drive

Oct 15, 2018

On the run from both the police, and Leon's killer, Lola and Chelsea make a detour in a bid to find Sophie and uncover the seedy underbelly of an isolated mining town; Maxine and Hamish investigate Leon's murder.

S03E03 · Snakeskin

Oct 22, 2018

Lola and Chelsea take refuge with an eccentric loner. Lola struggles with her past, while Chelsea hides her Huntington's symptoms. Unbeknown to them, both Brady and Maxine close in.

S03E04 · Stuck

Oct 22, 2018

Lola and Chelsea make a shocking discovery in their search for Sophie, while Maxine and Brady's hunt for the two fugitives sees their paths cross once again.

S03E05 · Divide

Oct 29, 2018

Lola and Chelsea's relationship frays under the pressure of a life on the run and is put to the test when Chelsea reconnects with a handsome friend from her past, driving Lola to seek closure with someone from her own.

S03E06 · Outlaws

Oct 29, 2018

Their chance at escape thwarted, Lola and Chelsea race to save the backpackers from Susan; Maxine is forced to make a life changing decision.


Wanted Season 3 (2018) is released on Oct 15, 2018 and the latest season 3 of Wanted is released in 2018. Watch Wanted online - the English Action TV series from South Korea. Wanted is directed by Peter Templeman,Jennifer Leacey,Robert Sarkies,Peter Salmon and created by Richard Bell with Rebecca Gibney and Geraldine Hakewill.

Lola and Chelsea know nothing of each other, only that they wait for the bus every day at the same time. This all changes when the two women intervene in a fatal carjacking and are subsequently thrust into a chase from authorities across Australia with a vehicle filled with cash. The strangers must rely on each other and their instincts while they are on the run.

As know as:

Утікачки, Wontideu, The Reality Show – Wanted, Wanted, Καταζητούμενες


South Korea, Australia



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Production Companies:

Screen Australia, Seven Network, Screen Queensland

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