Episodes (14)

The Fourth Golden Time/New Emails
S04E01 · The Fourth Golden Time/New Emails

May 31, 2021

Strange emails are sent to Kwon Joo. She thinks they're just prank emails, but soon, she realizes the emails have been forewarning her of murders.

Where the Dogs of the Netherworld Live
S04E02 · Where the Dogs of the Netherworld Live

Jun 19, 2021

Kwon Joo and Derek finally meet in person at the Vimo Provincial Police Agency. However, when Derek checks the suspect's face on the CCTV footage from the airport, he does not hesitate to point his gun at Kwon Joo.

Where the Dogs of the Netherworld Live Part 2
S04E03 · Where the Dogs of the Netherworld Live Part 2

Jun 25, 2021

The call center receives a phone call from the missing woman, Jang Ye Sook. Kwon Joo tries her best to hear anything over the phone that might help the team get to Ye Sook in time.

The Old Female Diver's Whistling Breath
S04E04 · The Old Female Diver's Whistling Breath

Jun 26, 2021

The Golden Time Team heads to the hospital in search of the fleeing suspect, Gong Su Ji. Then the call center receives a report about a female diver who claims to have seen her granddaughter's dead body in a cauldron in the sea.

Running Away From Danger
S04E05 · Running Away From Danger

Jul 02, 2021

Kwon Joo's team and Derek continue to look for Su Ji and Ga Eun. Su Ji's belongings and what seems to be her will are found near the beach, and the local police officers assume that Su Ji committed suicide.

Episode #4.6
S04E06 · Episode #4.6

Jul 03, 2021

Kwon Joo's profiling leads to the conclusion that the Circus Man is in fact a man with multiple personalities. A call comes into the 112 call center from a man who is being chased by someone with a knife.

28 Years Later
S04E07 · 28 Years Later

Jul 09, 2021

Kang Man Ho's father, Kang Seok Chun, is supposedly dead on paper. However, he is still alive, and his hidden story comes to light. Meanwhile, Derek hears the truth from Director Yang about his mom's death 28 years ago.

The Missing Teen
S04E08 · The Missing Teen

Jul 10, 2021

The Golden Time Team conducts a discreet operation to catch the user they believe to be Circus Man. Meanwhile, Eun Soo volunteers to transfer to the dispatch team.

Obsession By A Lover
S04E09 · Obsession By A Lover

Jul 16, 2021

Derek and Dae Shik finally catch the man who is suspected to have abducted and confined Saet Byul and Hyo Joon in a motel room. But he says he was also forced by a woman for money.

The Birth of Circus Man
S04E10 · The Birth of Circus Man

Jul 17, 2021

The man who Kwon Joo bumped into in the stairway was Dong Bang Min. He threatens Kwon Joo with a knife. Fortunately, Derek and Dae Sik arrive to save Kwon Joo.

Kwak Man Taek's Confession
S04E11 · Kwak Man Taek's Confession

Jul 23, 2021

The Golden Time Team arrests and interrogates Kwak Man Taek, the man who works for Dong Bang Min, after he confesses that he is the Circus Man. However, during the interrogation, he has a seizure and acts very strangely.

Sonang Village's Secret
S04E12 · Sonang Village's Secret

Jul 24, 2021

Kwon Joo and Derek chase after the person who snuck into the dorm. Kwon Joo sees something from a past dream that she had. Derek saves her from imminent danger, and they find out why they both saw strange visions.

Time of Judgment
S04E13 · Time of Judgment

Jul 30, 2021

The Golden Time Team figures out Dong Bang Min's dangerous plans. They chase him down to save Saet Byeol, the girl he has abducted. Backed into a corner, Dong Bang Min plans to escape the law once again with his sly tricks.

Judgment Hour
S04E14 · Judgment Hour

Jul 31, 2021

Dong Bang Min escapes from the psychiatric hospital and hides himself in Sonang Village. The villagers try to protect the village at all costs, although they are faced with the truth about Dong Bang Hyeon Yup.


Voice (also know as Boiseu) Season 4 (2021) is released on May 31, 2021 and the latest season 4 of Voice is released in 2021. Watch Voice online - the Korean Action TV series from South Korea. Voice is directed by Hong-sun Kim,Nam Ki Hoon,Yong Hwi Shin,Lee Seung-Young and created by Jin-won Ma with Lee Hana and Son Eun-seo.

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