Episodes (7)

The Transformation
S01E01 · The Transformation

Sep 29, 1981

Paul Spurrier is given a magical stone and unknowingly wishes to be his father to skip school duties. His wish comes true and he and his father swap bodies.

The Outcast
S01E02 · The Outcast

Oct 06, 1981

Dick and his father Paul have changed bodies. At boarding school; Dick is becoming very unpopular while, in London, Paul enjoys his adult freedom.

The Trial
S01E03 · The Trial

Oct 13, 1981

Since Dick changed bodies with his father, Paul's schooldays have been going badly for Dick, while the new Paul makes a lot of changes at home and at the office.

The Fight
S01E04 · The Fight

Oct 20, 1981

Paul Bultitude, having been changed by magic into his son, Dick, angers the headmaster with his adult behavior, while Dick, who has been changed into his father, befriends the office boy.

The Letter
S01E05 · The Letter

Oct 27, 1981

"Dick's" problems at school have been made worse by his rejection of the affections of Dulcie Grimstone. "Paul," in London finds that the middle-aged body he's inhabiting won't stand his pace of life and is taken ill.

The Escape
S01E06 · The Escape

Nov 03, 1981

"Paul" has given Marmaduke Paradine power of attorney to run the business, and has recovered from his illness by using Barbara's wish on the Garuda stone. "Dick" Bultitude at Crichton House School is awaiting a caning.

The Reckoning
S01E07 · The Reckoning

Nov 10, 1981

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Vice Versa Season 1 (1981) is released on Sep 29, 1981. Watch Vice Versa online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Vice Versa is directed by Ron Francis and created by Jeremy Burnham with Peter Bowles and Iain Cuthbertson.

As know as:

Vice Versa, Far och son fast tvärtom


United Kingdom



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