Episodes (12)

Spring and Hard Times
S01E01 · Spring and Hard Times

Apr 06, 2017

Kotaro and Akane bump into each other while at dinner with their families. Their parents make it as awkward as possible.

A Handful of Sand
S01E02 · A Handful of Sand

Apr 13, 2017

It's the last sports festival of middle school. Kotaro gets put in the relay race. He becomes friends with one of Akane's friends who bandages his scraped hand.

Howling at the Moon
S01E03 · Howling at the Moon

Apr 20, 2017

With the school trip looming, the third-years are abuzz with dating gossip. Meanwhile, Kotaro is busy with his writing, and Akane is working on her running performance.

Passing Shower
S01E04 · Passing Shower

Apr 27, 2017

Things get awkward between Kotaro and Akane after he asks her out. He tries to find some time alone with her on the school trip, but sneaking his cell phone past the teachers proves to be a challenge.

S01E05 · Kokoro

May 04, 2017

Akane and Kotaro want to spend more time together at school, but they can never seem to find the time or space. Chinatsu, meanwhile, seems to have no trouble finding ways to hang out with him.

Run, Melos!
S01E06 · Run, Melos!

May 11, 2017

Akane's big track meet is coming up, but she's flustered by Chise's confession to her that she has a crush on Kotaro.

Hold Back Nothing When Taking Love
S01E07 · Hold Back Nothing When Taking Love

May 25, 2017

Chinatsu invites Akane, Kotaro and Hira to Tokyo Dome City amusement park. She makes a last-ditch effort.

Vita Sexualis
S01E08 · Vita Sexualis

Jun 01, 2017

Word gets around that Kotaro and Akane are in a relationship.

Kaze tachi nu
S01E09 · Kaze tachi nu

Jun 08, 2017

Despite the stressful changes that come with the transition from middle school to high school, Kotaro and Akane have each other to lean on -- for now.

S01E10 · Shayo

Jun 15, 2017

With the news that Akane is moving to Yokohama, Kotaro has to make some difficult decisions.

An Encouragement of Learning
S01E11 · An Encouragement of Learning

Jun 22, 2017

Kotaro is determined to get into Komei High School, where Akane is set to attend. But with his grades and his parents' opposition, he will be fighting an uphill battle.

And Then
S01E12 · And Then

Jun 29, 2017

School is almost out. Both Akane and Kotaro's rivals make their intentions clear. Akane is moving to Yokohama, and Kotaro is staying in Saitama.


Tsuki ga kirei Season 1 (2017) is released on Apr 06, 2017. Watch Tsuki ga kirei online - the Japanese Animation TV series from Japan. Tsuki ga kirei is directed by Seiji Kishi,Yoshimichi Hirai,Makoto Nakata,Takafumi Fujii and created by Yuko Kakihara with Shoya Chiba and Konomi Kohara. Tsuki ga kirei is available online on Crunchyroll and Funimation Now.

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Tsuki ga kirei(Alternative Title), Si belle, comme la Lune, Tsukigakirei, Tsuki Ga Kirei(English), As the Moon, So Beautiful(Hindi)




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