Episodes (10)

S02E01 · Carol

Aug 07, 2018

When Carol was 15, she was given an English assignment to write out and analyse 40 poems. But the night before it was due, she hadn't even started. Carol decided that her only way out was to fake an illness and miss the next day of school.

S02E02 · Alan

Aug 14, 2018

One fateful day Alan got a panicked call from Graham who explained he had a unique problem. A Persian purebred cat had arrived on a flight dead and the owners would be arriving the following day.

S02E03 · Sarah

Aug 21, 2018

Sarah is in competition for a job with another trainee called Jeff. As the days went on, Sarah started to notice strange things happening. When she realises what is really going on, it causes her great shame and confusion.

S02E04 · Stephen

Aug 28, 2018

Stephen was a teenager in the '80s, and in between modelling jobs for Jag Jeans, he started dating the local it-girl. But while sneaking her out one night, Stephen learned the meaning of 'over protective father'.

S02E05 · Phil

Sep 04, 2018

Back in 1980s Queensland, all Phil needed were his mates, an esky of beer, and a sheila hanging off his arm. And on one fateful day at his mate's barbecue, he would have had everything he wanted, if it wasn't for a dog.

S02E06 · Scott

Sep 11, 2018

Scott is an upbeat truck driver who loves his job and the TV show, Law and Order. But what starts as just another day, ends with Scott becoming part of a car theft conspiracy.

S02E07 · Lisa

Sep 18, 2018

At 22, Lisa fell in love with John. But one morning, Lisa's dream becomes a nightmare, and how she escapes from this unbelievably true situation provides one of the most memorable stories of the season.

S02E08 · Murray

Sep 25, 2018

Murray is a tree lopper with a lifetime of experiences. But none were more memorable than one he experienced at the beginning of his career. One that took him deep into the dark and dangerous world of tree lopping.

S02E09 · Jeremy

Oct 02, 2018

Jeremy is a good student at high school, but not popular. He catches a lucky break from his mum's boyfriend, the foreman at the Wonka Nerds factory, and Jeremy learns that the best things in life aren't free.

S02E10 · Paul

Oct 09, 2018

Paul always dreamed of jockeying a horse in the Melbourne Cup. So, in 1996, he drove to Flemington to make his lifelong dream a reality. But what happens next for Paul ensures he is remembered for the wrong reasons.


True Story with Hamish & Andy Season 2 (2018) is released on Aug 07, 2018 and the latest season 2 of True Story with Hamish & Andy is released in 2018. Watch True Story with Hamish & Andy online - the English Comedy TV series from Australia. True Story with Hamish & Andy is directed by Richard Franc,Tim Bartley,Wayne Hope,Colin Cairnes and created by Tim Bartley with Hamish Blake and Andy Lee.

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Radio Karate, Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia

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