Episodes (6)

The Chill of the Cockney Freezer
S01E01 · The Chill of the Cockney Freezer

Aug 19, 2015

Although Mitch Rust and John Mahogany are the most inept policemen in Justice City their chief tasks them with catching crime boss Harry McCrane who sells drugs under the cover of a fleet of ice cream vans. When the cops nab one of McCrane's drivers he counters by abducting Mahogany's girlfriend Pippa but the exchange of hostages does not go as planned. Fortunately Rust saves the day - though more by accident than design.

The Girdle of Randall Rogers
S01E02 · The Girdle of Randall Rogers

Aug 26, 2015

Randall Roberts, erstwhile star of cult sci-fi series 'Future Space' is receiving death threats and Mahogany, sent to interview him, is disappointed to find his idol is vain and cowardly. Rust, on the other hand, is hooked and wants to become an actor. Chief suspect is embittered co-star and classical thespian Charles Leatherby but Mahogany uses his encyclopaedic knowledge of the show - and Rust's acting skills - to unmask the real culprit.

The Venom of Doctor Schafer
S01E03 · The Venom of Doctor Schafer

Sep 02, 2015

The mysterious disappearance of several young couples leads Rust and Mahogany to the top secret medical research facility of the sinister Dr Schafer who injects Mahogany with a serum which will kill him in twenty-four hours. Annoyed that nobody takes his plight seriously Mahogany has to rely on Schafer's assistant Gail remembering the antidote though she and Rust are too busy having sex. Fortunately pathologist Helga saves the day whilst Schafer is brought to justice by Chief's dog (despite him being dead.)

The Twist of the French Nicker
S01E04 · The Twist of the French Nicker

Sep 09, 2015

Rust and Mahogany are hoping to win the Golden Doughnut award for the best crime-fighting duo when they hear that master thief Gerard Cliché has robbed the city art gallery. However they have rivals in tough female agents Romero and Byrne both for catching Cliché and winning the title. In fact Cliché is in league with Mayor Grady in an attempt to sell the mayor's company's laser security system but Mahogany and Rust prove its uselessness by trapping Gerard Cliché - though the Golden Doughnut award may still elude them.

The Escape of Vincent Rust
S01E05 · The Escape of Vincent Rust

Sep 16, 2015

Rust's twin brother Vince escapes from prison and, like Rust, is obsessed with acquiring a rare football sticker from childhood, which Mayor Grady has in his vault. So he swaps identities with Mitch, who is sent to jail whilst he passes himself off as Rust to get to the vault. However Helga and Zach realize that he is an impostor and Mahogany sets a trap. Meanwhile Mitch escapes to help capture his twin but in the resultant fight the precious sticker is lost once again.

The Passion of the Chris
S01E06 · The Passion of the Chris

Sep 23, 2015

Justice City is hit by Chris, a female cyber-hacker, who puts out all its power and threatens to nuke it unless Mahogany, who jilted her years earlier, goes on a date with her. Mahogany duly agrees but loses contact with his colleagues and, when Chris reneges on the deal and threatens to push the detonator button, only Rust's feeble attempts to dodge the tax-man by posing as a robot cop and Chief's inability to use a computer can save the city from total destruction.


Top Coppers Season 1 (2015) is released on Aug 19, 2015. Watch Top Coppers online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Top Coppers is directed by Cein McGillicuddy and created by Andy Kinnear with John Kearns and Steen Raskopoulos.

As know as:

Top Coppers, Ржавые копы


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

Roughcut TV

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