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Who Killed Ivan the Terrible?
S24E01 · Who Killed Ivan the Terrible?

Jan 29, 2005

A surprisingly good documentary, made in a time when the BBC was still a label for quality. Looking for a solution to the riddle about the death of Ivan the terrible, this TV-movie gives also an almost nostalgic look at Moscow at the beginning of the 1990s, richly supplemented with nice image work about this legendary city. Unfortunately the DVD gives at end credits not on who was responsible for the acted film fragments added to the documentary. These are Russian spoken (not subtitled), so this is probably a Russian cinematographic production. The film fragments and ...

Murder in Rome
S24E02 · Murder in Rome

Mar 04, 2005

This is a dramatized historical account of the career of Cicero when he was a young trial lawyer in Rome during the incessant coups that pitted various families and political factions in their bloody power grabs.

Who Killed Stalin?
S24E03 · Who Killed Stalin?

Mar 11, 2005

Was Josef Stalin, one of the Worlds most powerful leaders killed? Or was the Communist party afraid of losing their power? Could the heart attack be a cover up? This documentary goes through secret KGB-files in search of truth.

Princess Margaret: A Love Story
S24E04 · Princess Margaret: A Love Story

Mar 26, 2005

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The Killer Wave of 1607
S24E05 · The Killer Wave of 1607

Apr 02, 2005

Striking suddenly, a killer wave of water struck the counties of the Bristol Channel on 30 January 1607. The flooding stretched as far as the Glastonbury Tor 14 miles inland, and inundated two hundred square miles of Somerset, Devon, Glamorganshire and Monmouthshire. 'Timewatch' follows the research of two scientists, Professor Simon Haslett from Bath Spa University and Australian geologist Ted Bryant from the University of Wollongong, who are increasingly convinced that the killer wave was not simply a freak storm but a rare British tsunami.

Britain's Lost Colosseum
S24E06 · Britain's Lost Colosseum

May 20, 2005

UK historians Tony Wilmot and Dan Garner head up a summer-long dig to discover more about the great lost Roman Amphitheatre at Chester.

The Year Without Summer
S24E07 · The Year Without Summer

May 27, 2005

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Emperor Hirohito
S24E08 · Emperor Hirohito

Jul 01, 2005

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The Gunpowder Plot
S24E09 · The Gunpowder Plot

Nov 04, 2005

To mark the 400th anniversary of the infamous Gunpowder Plot, Timewatch attempts to establish why the conspirators had became so radicalized under the reign of James I, and assesses just how close the plotters came to achieving their aims.

Pol Pot: The Journey to the Killing Fields
S24E10 · Pol Pot: The Journey to the Killing Fields

Nov 11, 2005

Thirty years ago, Communist Cambodian leader Pol Pot set about establishing a nation of people living to serve the state. He insisted that anything private, right down to his subjects' thoughts and emotions, were immoral. When Pol Pot's plan to increase rice production failed, he declared it was due to enemies within the party. Thus began the purge of some of Pol Pot's most devoted followers and their families. Almost two million people were brutally tortured and executed in the killing fields of Cambodia, a quarter of the country's population in less than four years....

Children of the Doomed Voyage
S24E11 · Children of the Doomed Voyage

Nov 18, 2005

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Inside the Mind of Adolf Hitler
S24E12 · Inside the Mind of Adolf Hitler

Nov 25, 2005

Psychological analysis of the biggest madman of the 20th century.


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