Episodes (52)

Scary Sucky Nose
S01E01 · Scary Sucky Nose

Oct 11, 2010

The WotWots hear a strange trumpeting sound and go to investigate. SpottyWot sees a large elephant trunk and decides it must be a long floppy ear.

Fruity Loopies
S01E02 · Fruity Loopies

Feb 24, 2010

DottyWot is making delicious loopy fruities for breakfast and SpottyWot decides his long drinking straw is just like the long straight neck of a giraffe.

Lanky Landing Legs
S01E03 · Lanky Landing Legs

Feb 26, 2010

SpottyWot is fixing the long lanky legs of the spaceship when his sister spots two other long legs through the Sneak-a-peek, two long and very pink lanky legs.

Spot a DottyWot
S01E04 · Spot a DottyWot

Feb 27, 2010

The WotWots are playing hide and seek, and when SpottyWot uses the Sneak-a-peek to look for his sister he spots an amazing new animal.

Stripe a LottyWotty
S01E05 · Stripe a LottyWotty

Feb 28, 2010

The WotWots spot a very stripy animal and head off to investigate. SpottyWot decides he would like stripes as well, and comes up with a clever plan to get them.

Plodda Lotty
S01E06 · Plodda Lotty

Mar 01, 2010

SpottyWot is in a mood to zoom and he's frustrated that his sister is moving too slowly. But he's very impressed when they spot a creature that does everything slowly.

Drowsy DottyWot
S01E07 · Drowsy DottyWot

Mar 03, 2010

It's midday and the zoo animals are snoozing in the warm sunshine even the WotWots are sleepy. But a new adventure soon has them awake.

Top and Tail
S01E08 · Top and Tail

Mar 05, 2010

SpottyWot is left hanging from the ship's rail when his chair runs out of fuel. And he discovers he's not the only resident of the zoo who can swing from his hands.

Fluffy Puppies
S01E09 · Fluffy Puppies

Mar 06, 2010

DottyWot watches some amazing cloud shapes drifting by. She head out into the zoo with her brother to look for any animals as fluffy and white as the clouds.

Coughy Wot
S01E10 · Coughy Wot

Mar 07, 2010

SpottyWot's chair has a cold and is sneezing. It's hard for SpottyWot to ride but he manages to stay on as the WotWots go on an adventure to cheer up the chair.

Stretch and Grow
S01E11 · Stretch and Grow

Mar 08, 2010

SpottyWot doesn't like doing stretches like his sister. But when he learns it can make him tall and straight he finds an animal that can show him how to really stretch.

Sneaky Squawky
S01E12 · Sneaky Squawky

Mar 12, 2010

SpottyWot is upset when his brightest shiny crayons go missing. His sister tracks them down for him, but getting them back again might not be the right thing to do.

Twisty Sticks
S01E13 · Twisty Sticks

Mar 12, 2010

SpottyWot is distressed when one of his antennae goes straight and spiky. So DottyWot finds an animal that is proud to be covered in lots of straight, pointy spikes.

Skip-a-Lotty Wotty
S01E14 · Skip-a-Lotty Wotty

Mar 13, 2010

SpottyWot likes to skip and bounce and is delighted to discover he's not the only one - the zoo is full of creatures that love to jump and bounce like him.

Bubbly Wots
S01E15 · Bubbly Wots

Mar 14, 2010

The WotWots are surprised to hiccup some bubbles when they finish their loopy fruity drinks. They're even more surprised to find others are blowing bubbles too.

Egg Sighting
S01E16 · Egg Sighting

Mar 15, 2010

The WotWots learn about warning signs around the zoo. They make a sign for their egg shaped ship to warn off any giant hens that might come to sit on it.

HicHoppity Wot
S01E17 · HicHoppity Wot

Mar 17, 2010

DottyWot helps her brother who has got a case of the hiccups. Out in the zoo they investigate a croaking animal that seems to be suffering the same complaint.

Creepalongy Wot
S01E18 · Creepalongy Wot

Mar 19, 2010

SpottyWot can't seem to sneak up on his sister so he investigates the camouflage techniques of animal. But how do you hide when you're blue with pink spots?

Blinky Winky
S01E19 · Blinky Winky

Mar 20, 2010

SpottyWot is no match for his sister in a staring contest. But out in the zoo they come across a creature who can out stare even the amazing staring DottyWot.

Topsy Turvy Wotty
S01E20 · Topsy Turvy Wotty

Mar 21, 2010

SpottyWot finds a safe spot to do some upside down stunt flying in his chair and DottyWot finds a resident of the zoo who likes to sleep hanging upside down.

Go the Greens
S01E21 · Go the Greens

Mar 22, 2010

DottyWot's brother won't eat the delicious broccoli soup she's made. To show it's good for him she sets out to find a big animal who loves to eat greens.

Tickle Toes
S01E22 · Tickle Toes

Mar 24, 2010

SpottyWot has an itch on his toes that he can't quite reach, but a kind sister can. And together they find a clever animal that can use its toes just like fingers.

Hot Wots
S01E23 · Hot Wots

Mar 26, 2010

It's a frosty morning and the WotWots need some hot chocolate to get warm. Outside they discover how the animals cope with the cold without the aid of hot drinks.

Copy Copy Wotty
S01E24 · Copy Copy Wotty

Mar 28, 2010

The WotWots think they hear a new WotWot calling their name. They set of to find the stranger but discover it's not another alien, but something just as colourful.

Wet Wots
S01E25 · Wet Wots

Mar 29, 2010

SpottyWot is very excited to find a picture of a dinosaur and is determined to find one. He sets off round the zoo to see if he can discover a living, breathing dinosaur.

Slurpylurpy Lips
S01E26 · Slurpylurpy Lips

Mar 31, 2010

DottyWot wants to nap in the sun, not play catch ball with her brother. SpottyWot has to play ball on his own and is delighted when a zoo animal decides to join in.

Spring Wotty
S01E27 · Spring Wotty

Oct 28, 2010

DottyWot is disappointed to lose a jumping competition. She goes around the zoo looking for a bouncing animal that can help her jumping technique.

Socket Sprocket Pocket
S01E28 · Socket Sprocket Pocket

Dec 31, 2023

DottyWot's chair needs fixing but her brother keeps losing his spanner. One of the zoo's cutest residents shows how to keep important things close by them.

Sir Spotty Wot
S01E29 · Sir Spotty Wot

Oct 29, 2010

DottyWot reads a book about knights and dragons. SpottyWot decides he will be a knight and he sets off on a quest to find his very own dragon in the zoo.

Floppy Flufties
S01E30 · Floppy Flufties

Dec 31, 2023

The WotWots are playing a guessing game with their fluffy antenna, will they be up or will they be down? They decide to find an animal who might like to join in.

S01E31 · Peek-A-Beak

Nov 01, 2010

The WotWots play at drawing pictures in the dark. It's very hard to do and they are surprised to learn there are animals that can see well in the dark.

The Digger They Are
S01E32 · The Digger They Are

Dec 31, 2023

SpottyWot thinks a big digger that's laying drains at the zoo is a large hungry animal. When he's told it's not an animal he's disappointed - until he finds another digger.

Laugh a Lotty
S01E33 · Laugh a Lotty

Nov 02, 2010

The WotWots are pulling funny faces and laughing when someone else starts laughing with them. They set out to find who is laughing from the treetops.

Double Bumpies
S01E34 · Double Bumpies

Dec 31, 2023

SpottyWot is convinced he's discovered an animal with two heads. DottyWot is surprised and delighted and they set off through the zoo to try and find it.

Ready to Roar
S01E35 · Ready to Roar

Nov 03, 2010

SpottyWot's attempt to scare his sister with a loud roar isn't very scary. So the WotWots head out to find an animal with a terrifying roar that SpottyWot can copy.

Fill Bill
S01E36 · Fill Bill

Dec 31, 2023

DottyWot spots a duck bill on the zoo pond. When the whole animal is revealed the WotWots are surprised to find the bill doesn't really belong to a duck after all.

Stingy Thingy
S01E37 · Stingy Thingy

Nov 04, 2010

The WotWots are out smelling flowers when SpottyWot starts to play with a bee. He learns that some creatures have a painful way of telling you they don't want to play.

Looky Looky
S01E38 · Looky Looky

Dec 31, 2023

SpottyWot spots a creature with hundreds of eyes and hurries to tell his sister. DottyWot is very surprised and they set out to find the mythical multi eyed monster.

Wot a Ploppy
S01E39 · Wot a Ploppy

Nov 05, 2010

SpottyWot is learning to track animals by recognizing their droppings. He sets out to track down the animal that has made an impressively big pile of droppings.

Prickly Prints
S01E40 · Prickly Prints

Dec 31, 2023

The WotWots spot some interesting footprints and track down who made them. SpottyWot decides he can make some interesting paw prints of his own.

True Blue
S01E41 · True Blue

Nov 08, 2010

Blue is the best colour in the galaxy as far as SpottyWot is concerned. He looks for a local animal that is clothed in this same glorious colour as himself.

Beat-Boppy Wots
S01E42 · Beat-Boppy Wots

Dec 31, 2023

The WotWots love to dance but their new routine is missing something. So they head off into the zoo to learn some new moves from a few of the animals.

Picture Puzzle
S01E43 · Picture Puzzle

Nov 09, 2010

While his sister sleeps, SpottyWot prepares a great game for her to play. Out in the zoo he pins a series of clues up that lead her on an adventure.

Colour Cunundrums
S01E44 · Colour Cunundrums

Dec 31, 2023

Eureka. SpottyWot discovers how to change colours and turns blue and red to purple. He discovers an animal that can change the colour of its whole body.

Lumpy Bumpies
S01E45 · Lumpy Bumpies

Nov 10, 2010

SpottyWot is making a crayon rubbing from the lumpy bark of a tree when DottyWot spots something else that's lumpy and bumpy through the Sneak-a-peek.

Over the Rainbow
S01E46 · Over the Rainbow

Dec 31, 2023

How sunlight is refracted to create a rainbow doesn't matter to the WotWots, they just know the sky is smiling with a beautiful upside down rainbow smile.

Trail Tail
S01E47 · Trail Tail

Nov 11, 2010

The WotWots find a mysterious trail of slime. SpottyWot thinks it the lick of an animal with a giant tongue. So they try to find it by following the slippery slime trail.

Ready to Rumble
S01E48 · Ready to Rumble

Dec 31, 2023

The WotWots discover dingoes in the zoo. When SpottyWot learns that dingoes make cosy dens to sleep in he decides to build a cosy den of his own.

Wotter Otter
S01E49 · Wotter Otter

Nov 12, 2010

SpottyWot designs a remote control system for his chair. It turns out to be what they need to rescue SpottyWot's spanner from an animal enclosure.

Tufty Tops
S01E50 · Tufty Tops

Dec 31, 2023

The WotWots are very proud of their fluffy antennae head wear. They go in search of the brightest horn, hair and crest that zoo animals have to offer.

Speedy Spots
S01E51 · Speedy Spots

May 05, 2010

In a quest for speed SpottyWot adjusts his chair motor. Then he sees the fastest animal and decides the key to speed lies in the colour of your spots.

Ready or Notty
S01E52 · Ready or Notty

May 07, 2010

The WotWots find that lots of animals have bright red fur or feathers. Some have bright red markings, some are browny red and some are a soft pinky red like DottyWot.


The Wotwots Season 1 (2010) is released on Oct 11, 2010 and the latest season 2 of The Wotwots is released in 2023. Watch The Wotwots online - the English Animation TV series from New Zealand. The Wotwots is directed by James McKnight,Theo Baynton and created by Martin Baynton with Martin Baynton and Nathalie Boltt. The Wotwots is available online on Tubi TV and Pluto TV.

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The Wotwots, Kitka I Pompon


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Pukeko Pictures, Weta Workshop

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