Episodes (6)

Philomena and the Tattie-Howkers
S01E01 · Philomena and the Tattie-Howkers

Nov 25, 1971

When Michael Holmes goes missing from a squad of Irish tattie-howkers working as sweated labour, Pike is commissioned to find him. A dangerous business when you are working for Philomena Hawley.

The Manufactured Clue
S01E02 · The Manufactured Clue

Dec 02, 1971

Pike becomes personally involved in the murder of a street pie-man when Sweet Sam is the only witness. But Sam has lost her memory and Pike has to use his own methods to bring the murderer to book.

Little Bird Lost
S01E03 · Little Bird Lost

Dec 09, 1971

A teenage girl is kidnapped, Pike must investigate.

The Short Price Premium
S01E04 · The Short Price Premium

Dec 16, 1971

Pike is commissioned as a debt-collector and follows a trail that leads to murder.

A Tale of Two Cities
S01E05 · A Tale of Two Cities

Dec 23, 1971

Pike becomes involved in drugs and murder when a body is found in a hearse, but it's on the front seat.

So This Is Olympus
S01E06 · So This Is Olympus

Dec 30, 1971

Pike has to pick his way through a minefield of intrigue to reach a prodigal son, a university student who is implicated in the murder of a girl.


The View from Daniel Pike Season 1 (1971) is released on Nov 25, 1971 and the latest season 2 of The View from Daniel Pike is released in 1973. Watch The View from Daniel Pike online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. The View from Daniel Pike is directed by Quentin Lawrence,Prudence Fitzgerald,Robert McIntosh,Roderick Graham and created by Edward Boyd with Roddy McMillan and David Gallacher.

As know as:

The View from Daniel Pike


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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