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The Hunt for Hidden Treasures
S03E01 · The Hunt for Hidden Treasures

Nov 05, 2021

Sunken ships filled with priceless cargo. Lost cities of gold. Ancient temples concealing untold riches. There's something about these hidden treasures that captures the human imagination. But are lost treasures merely the stuff of legend? Or could they actually be real?

Satanic Encounters
S03E02 · Satanic Encounters

Nov 12, 2021

For thousands of years, people have believed in the existence of Satan. the embodiment of evil. Some believe he has the power to possess souls and create mayhem amongst humanity. But is Satan a myth? Or are there signs of Satan's existence--and the evil he brings into our world?

The Search for the Ark of the Covenant
S03E03 · The Search for the Ark of the Covenant

Nov 19, 2021

Throughout history many have sought the lost Ark of the Covenant. According to the Old Testament. God himself instructed Moses to build the Ark--and it is believed that it held the power of the Almighty. But how could such a coveted religious artifact just disappear? And is it possible that the Ark could actually be found?

Apocalypse When?
S03E04 · Apocalypse When?

Nov 26, 2021

Since the dawn of civilization, humanity has been fixated on predicting our own demise. Perhaps it will be asteroids, black holes, or something even more mysterious that will wipe us out. But is there anything we can do to predict the future and protect ourselves from apocalypse? Will our civilization end-or will we find a way to evolve and endure?

Secrets of the Immortals
S03E05 · Secrets of the Immortals

Dec 03, 2021

Sacred waters with remarkable healing powers. Ancient mystics who lived for hundreds of years. A scientific breakthrough may provide the answers to eternal life. Throughout history many have searched for the secret to everlasting life, but so far, it's eluded them. But is it possible to cheat death and live forever? What if, by re-examining ancient teachings and harnessing modern technology, we could eventually become immortal?

Sacred Bones
S03E06 · Sacred Bones

Dec 10, 2021

Mankind has always pondered what happens after death and what we leave behind. Many wonder what power our bones may hold. Some believe bones can bring good luck or even allow us to speak with the dead. But is it possible that our bones hold some sacred power-or perhaps even our souls?

Mysteries of Mars
S03E07 · Mysteries of Mars

Dec 17, 2021

For centuries. humanity has been fixated on Mars--the glowing red orb in the night sky. As a new era of exploration of the Red Planet begins. we are on the cusp of finally solving the Red Planet's mysteries. Ancient cataclysms are believed to have left Mars barren, but science continues to find clues that this red planet was once blue and capable of producing life. Will we finally uncover evidence of life on Mars. once we finally set foot there? And what else might we discover on this mysterious planet?


The UnXplained Season 3 (2021) is released on Nov 05, 2021 and the latest season 4 of The UnXplained is released in 2022. Watch The UnXplained online - the English Documentary TV series from United States. The UnXplained is directed by and created by Kevin Burns with William Shatner and Michio Kaku. The UnXplained is available online on Hulu and Discovery Plus Amazon Channel.

The show will explore the facts behind the world's most fascinating, strange and inexplicable mysteries.

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O Inexplicável, Lo IneXplicable, The UnXplained, Das Unerklärliche mit William Shatner, The UnXplained with William Shatner


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