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Peril in the Surface World
S01E01 · Peril in the Surface World

Jan 01, 1966

In this 1st episode we find out the origin of Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Having incurred amnesia because of an illness, Namor looks for his identity on land and finds the mysterious Mrs."B", who knows & holds the real truth of his past.

The Start of the Quest!
S01E02 · The Start of the Quest!

Jan 01, 1966

Prince Namor encounters dangers and traps in his quest for the fabled Trident of Neptune. Evil Krang tries his best to stumble the Sub-Mariner as Lady Dorma pines for her beloved Prince.

Not All My Power Can Save Me!
S01E03 · Not All My Power Can Save Me!

Jan 01, 1966

The evil warlord Krang schemes to destroy Prince Namor so he can wage war on the surface world.

Atlantis Under Attack
S01E04 · Atlantis Under Attack

Jan 01, 1966

Attuma steals the sacred trident of Neptune and kidnaps Vashti.Namor follows but it's just a distraction so Attuma's armies can attack Atlantis.

The Thing from Space
S01E05 · The Thing from Space

Jan 01, 1966

Attuma's plot to attack Atlantis is side tracked by a strange invader.

To Conquer a Crown
S01E06 · To Conquer a Crown

Jan 01, 1966

Byrrah attempts to disgrace Namor and then challenges him to a duel of strengths.

To Walk Amongst Men!
S01E07 · To Walk Amongst Men!

Jan 01, 1966

While Namor is on the surface dealing with scientists who are drilling into Atlantis, The Behemoth attacks his home.

The World Within!
S01E08 · The World Within!

Jan 01, 1966

The citizens of Atlantis are turning to stone.Namor must walk across lava and touch the sacred trident if he hopes to save them.

Beware the Siren Song
S01E09 · Beware the Siren Song

Jan 01, 1966

When an evil siren gets bored, she plots to make Namor her husband.

Ship of Doom
S01E10 · Ship of Doom

Jan 01, 1966

A ship's captain concocts a liquid to subdue the people of Atlantis while he steals the gold condinium under their streets.Namor must get the help of Dr. Debrik if he is to wake his people.

The Planet of Doom
S01E11 · The Planet of Doom

Jan 01, 1966

While investigating mysterious rays that are threatening Atlantis, Namor is abducted and taken to a distant planet.

Dr. Doom's Day
S01E12 · Dr. Doom's Day

Jan 01, 1966

Dr. Doom uses his high frequency emotion charger to make every villain attack the Peace Day festivities.

Let the Stranger Die ..!
S01E13 · Let the Stranger Die ..!

Jan 01, 1966

Zantor captures Namor and transports him to Nero's Rome to fight for his life.


The Sub-Mariner Season 1 (1966) is released on Jan 01, 1966. Watch The Sub-Mariner online - the English Animation TV series from Canada. The Sub-Mariner is directed by Clyde Geronimi,Sid Marcus and created by Bill Everett with Bernard Cowan and Don Mason.

As know as:

The Sub-Mariner(English), Подморничар, Немор: Принц Атлантиди, The Sub-Mariner, The Marvel Super Heroes: Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner(complete title)





Production Companies:

Grantray-Lawrence Animation, Marvel Enterprises

Cast & Crew

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