Episodes (24)

S01E01 · Pilot

Mar 07, 1972

Three new officers in a large metropolitan police department adjust to their new jobs and way of life.

Concrete Valley, Neon Sky
S01E02 · Concrete Valley, Neon Sky

Sep 11, 1972

At the request of Lt. Ryker, Officer's Webster and Gillis volunteer to work with a street gang on their own time. But just when they think that they are getting through to them the leader of the gang is shot, threatening their progress.

Dead, Like a Lost Dream
S01E03 · Dead, Like a Lost Dream

Sep 18, 1972

The division is under investigation for misconduct, following several citizen complaints. When a complaint against African-American Officer Webster contains no racial references despite its strong wording, Webster suspects an impostor, and evidence begins to suggest a police academy washout in uniform.

The Informant
S01E04 · The Informant

Sep 25, 1972

Officer's Webster and Gillis try to help a young man break away from two thugs who are using him as their wheel-man for robberies they are committing. But when the thugs take his girlfriend hostage it complicates their efforts.

The Commitment
S01E05 · The Commitment

Oct 02, 1972

Gillis is severly injured during an armed robbery. The doctors inform him that further surgery could leave him paralyzed leaving the police officer not knowing what to do.

Covenant with Death
S01E06 · Covenant with Death

Oct 09, 1972

Against advice of their lieutenant, Webster and Gillis are charmed by Toby Jones (Louis Gossett Jr.) who leads an evangelical church fighting drug use. When Gillis spots Jones fleeing a heroin house bust he uncovers Jones' criminal history.

Time Is the Fire
S01E07 · Time Is the Fire

Oct 16, 1972

Frank Queenlin has a grudge against the rich and kidnaps wealthy Andrea Sloan. The top police brass disagree on how to handle the case, leaving the rookie cops in disarray. Sloan maid Tina seems to know more then she should.

The Bear That Didn't Get Up
S01E08 · The Bear That Didn't Get Up

Oct 23, 1972

Willie struggles to cope with the death of a young man he shot during a break-in who appeared to be unarmed. That is until an unidentified caller gives reason to believe another person might be responsible for his death.

Dirge for Sunday
S01E09 · Dirge for Sunday

Oct 30, 1972

A sophisticated criminal (Roddy McDowall) takes Danko hostage and will blow him up unless the city trades him for a syndicate bookkeeper currently in custody (Vincent Gardenia).

The Good Die Young
S01E10 · The Good Die Young

Nov 13, 1972

When three women are killed by someone who writes "please" with their lipstick after killing them, two female cops are sent to live in a singles apartment, and Webster and Gillis are sent to keep an eye on them.

To Taste of Terror
S01E11 · To Taste of Terror

Nov 20, 1972

When the guys respond to an alarm, they arrive to find two men. When they split to get each of them. Mike ends up catching the one he was pursuing while the one Terry and Willy were chasing gets away. When the man is charged and the whole case hinges on Mike's testimony, the other man who happens to be his brother decides to lash out at Mike to get him to change his testimony by terrorizing Jill.

A Deadly Velocity
S01E12 · A Deadly Velocity

Nov 27, 1972

Danko and his crew are assigned to protect controversial General Brooker who has just been fired. Terry disagrees strongly with his methods while Willie begins a seeing his daughter Laurie. Danko learns of a misdirection about the case.

A Bloody Shade of Blue
S01E13 · A Bloody Shade of Blue

Dec 11, 1972

Investigating a shooting, the Rookies learn the victim Miller wore a police uniform as a costume. In the next attack, Webster loses his sight temporarily; despite this disability, he helps break the case.

A Very Special Piece of Ground
S01E14 · A Very Special Piece of Ground

Dec 18, 1972

Danko's veteran partner (Earl Holliman) loses his family ranch and unborn son in a single day. Danko doesn't want to add to his woes by reporting on his growing rage on and off the job.

Rabbits on the Runway
S01E15 · Rabbits on the Runway

Dec 25, 1972

A shady man claims to be the father of a runaway teen who's recently crossed the path of Gills. The rookies set out to find her for him unaware he has lied to them from the start.

Tarnished Idol
S01E16 · Tarnished Idol

Jan 08, 1973

Gills arrests a washed up fighter (Lou Antonio) who's still connected enough to get bailed out in hours. The bitter drunk decides to fire bomb Gills for revenge.

S01E17 · Crossfire

Jan 15, 1973

Webster teams with veteran African-American cop RC Taylor who's biased against the urban community. Everyone heads out to help at a camp for troubled youth where Mark claims to have seen a crime but Taylor doesn't believe him.

Snow Job
S01E18 · Snow Job

Jan 29, 1973

Country, a small time hood with a cocaine addiction, learns that police HQ is storing a large amount of drugs. He becomes involved to steal the cache before it's destroyed. Webster is taken hostage trying to help Country beat his problem.

Point of Impact
S01E19 · Point of Impact

Feb 05, 1973

Terry (Georg Stanford Brown) investigates an old friend's apparently purposeless attack on a cop.

Three Hours to Kill
S01E20 · Three Hours to Kill

Feb 12, 1973

A police Captain is taken to the hospital and needs surgery. A woman who blames him for locking up her boyfriend urges his brother to help her take over the operating room and demand her boyfriend's release and for money. Ryker handles it and Jill is in the operating room with trying to keep the Captain alive because they've bee told to stop operating.

The Wheel of Death
S01E21 · The Wheel of Death

Feb 19, 1973

Widower father Frank Essex (Mike Farrell) targets a local criminal organization to pay for his son's hospital stay. On the run from both sides of the law, he doesn't know that he's the only donor who can save the boy's life.

Life Robbery
S01E22 · Life Robbery

Feb 26, 1973

Ryker helps out old friend Haskell when a death in his jurisdiction occurs during a burglary. Webster and Gillis don't enjoy the transfer to the richer district but discover a connection between crimes and gas station owner Fred Cox.

A Farewell Tree from Marly
S01E23 · A Farewell Tree from Marly

Mar 05, 1973

The only eyewitness to the death of Old Charlie, brought on by a taunting joyrider who harassed him, is young Marly Devon, who teaches at a daycare center. Jill remembers Marly from a previous assignment, and that she functioned at a seven-year-old cognitive level. Thanks to experimental therapy (including a special diet and megadoses of vitamins) and longtime counseling, Marly is now of almost normal functioning. But will she make a credible witness, especially when side-effects of her treatments begin to show?

Easy Money
S01E24 · Easy Money

Mar 19, 1973

Danko, Gillis, and Webster's assignment is to uncover an extortion ring. Their focus zeros in on JJ who looks to operate out of his pool hall with muscle Crater and Dude. It also involves Cal, brother of a nurse Susan they know.


The Rookies Season 1 (1972) is released on Mar 07, 1972 and the latest season 4 of The Rookies is released in 1975. Watch The Rookies online - the English Crime TV series from United States. The Rookies is directed by Phil Bondelli,E.W. Swackhamer,Leonard J. Horn,Harry Falk and created by William Blinn with Georg Stanford Brown and Sam Melville. The Rookies is available online on fuboTV and The Roku Channel.

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The Rookies, Os Novatos, The Rookies(English), The Rookies(French), Neu im Einsatz


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Spelling-Goldberg Productions

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