Episodes (34)

Trail of Hate
S03E01 · Trail of Hate

Sep 27, 1960

Outlaws take Mark hostage in order to force Lucas to help them rob the bank in North Fork.

Woman from Hog Ridge
S03E02 · Woman from Hog Ridge

Oct 04, 1960

Lucas and Mark interrupt two young men stealing horses. Lucas is forced to defend himself and shoots and kills one of the men. He is one of Ma Boyle's sons. The Boyles are a mountain family who live by their own laws and Micah foresees trouble. When the clan arrives in town they are set on hanging the man responsible for the killing.

S03E03 · Seven

Oct 11, 1960

Seven escaped prisoners terrorize the town of North Fork. The leader has a personal grudge against Lucas McCain that he must settle before leaving the town.

The Pitchman
S03E04 · The Pitchman

Oct 18, 1960

A quick-talking salesman discovers gold on Lucas' property and tries to fleece McCain of the mineral rights on his ranch.

Strange Town
S03E05 · Strange Town

Oct 25, 1960

When Micah is badly injured by an escaping prisoner, Lucas tracks the prisoner back to his home town where they do not give up their own.

S03E06 · Baranca

Nov 01, 1960

In Micah's absence, Lucas is forced into a duel to determine to which system of justice the blatant murder of a rural Hispanic resident applies: the old justice of traditional New Mexico Hispanics, administered by "Baranca", or the US law.

The Martinet
S03E07 · The Martinet

Nov 08, 1960

A Cavalry captain discovers that a son has been an outlaw who was killed by Lucas. He is determined to punish Lucas for the tragedy.

Miss Milly
S03E08 · Miss Milly

Nov 15, 1960

Milly Scott buys Hattie's general store. Her background as a schoolteacher does little to prepare her for what she bought into when she hires a stranger in town to collect all the debts owed to the store.

Dead Cold Cash
S03E09 · Dead Cold Cash

Nov 22, 1960

According to the stipulations in a bizarre will, the citizens of North Fork will divide $100,000 if Lucas McCain dies within seven days of Sarah Caruthers. The vicious old woman has hated Lucas ever since he killed her husband during a robbery.

The Schoolmaster
S03E10 · The Schoolmaster

Nov 29, 1960

A strict new schoolmaster comes to teach - and, he discovers, to learn: from Mark and Lucas.

The Promoter
S03E11 · The Promoter

Dec 06, 1960

A con man and his fast-gun friend come to North Fork. Lucas enters a target shooting contest.

The Illustrator
S03E12 · The Illustrator

Dec 13, 1960

When a famous New York artist is sent to paint a portrait of Hannah Shaw, they find the artist is not longer the person they were requesting. Lucas will try to help the down-on-his-luck artist.

The Silent Knife
S03E13 · The Silent Knife

Dec 20, 1960

Mark and Lucas help a young man muted by a traumatic past.

Miss Bertie
S03E14 · Miss Bertie

Dec 27, 1960

Heading home on a stagecoach, Mark and Lucas are entertained by a little old lady's stories of gunslingers and her scrapbook of wanted posters. Little do they know she's a bounty hunter with her sights set on Duke Jennings, who's headed to Northfork.

Six Years and a Day
S03E15 · Six Years and a Day

Jan 03, 1961

Mark comes riding into North Fork in a hurry. He has been sent by Lucas to get Dr. Burrage. He knocks, but does not find the doctor in his office. Two strangers who are planning to kill Dr. Burrage are standing nearby.

Flowers by the Door
S03E16 · Flowers by the Door

Jan 10, 1961

A book salesman gives flower seeds to a woman whose husband is away from home. He then covers her mouth with one of his hands as she tries to scream for help.

Long Trek
S03E17 · Long Trek

Jan 17, 1961

Micah and Lucas are escorting Stanley, a prisoner, across a vast area with no towns anywhere nearby. After Stanley scares away the three horses, Micah, Lucas, and Stanley start walking, and walking, and walking.

The Actress
S03E18 · The Actress

Jan 24, 1961

Lucas fulfills the dying wish for an old friend.

Face of Yesterday
S03E19 · Face of Yesterday

Jan 31, 1961

When he sees the face of a young man who is calling him out, Lucas experiences a shocking flashback to his civil war days.

The Wyoming Story: Part 1
S03E20 · The Wyoming Story: Part 1

Feb 07, 1961

After his herd is wiped out by hoof-and-mouth disease, McCain agrees to serve as an undercover detective for the U.S. government in order to raise enough cash to buy more cattle. He travels to Wyoming to learn the source of the repeating rifles that have fallen into the hands of rebellious Cheyenne Indians.

The Wyoming Story: Part 2
S03E21 · The Wyoming Story: Part 2

Feb 14, 1961

Lucas continues his undercover assignment - searching for the source of repeating rifles that have fallen into the hands of renegade Indians. Meanwhile McCain's absence is keenly felt back in North Fork.

Closer Than a Brother
S03E22 · Closer Than a Brother

Feb 21, 1961

When Micah's recurring nightmares drives him back to drunkenness, Lucas decides that the marshal must confront the source of those nightmares - a gunslinger he failed to face down sixteen years before.

The Lost Treasure of Canyon Town
S03E23 · The Lost Treasure of Canyon Town

Feb 28, 1961

The Newmans are still living in the town where Micah grew up. Their plan to strike it rich are smothered by a long forgotten family secret - which Mark is about to uncover.

Dark Day at North Fork
S03E24 · Dark Day at North Fork

Mar 07, 1961

Lucas is temporarily blinded in an explosion. Unfortunately, not long after that incident an old enemy of his rides into town, looking to settle an old score.

The Prisoner
S03E25 · The Prisoner

Mar 14, 1961

Major Aaron King and Corporal Troc arrive in North Fork on horseback. When they see Lucas, they remember that he was a Lt. in the Union Army fifteen years ago. They see this chance meeting as a lucky break.

S03E26 · Assault

Mar 21, 1961

Cade Conway and Vashti Croxton are arguing about where to get married. This leads to a fight and Vashti being knocked unconscious, and a traveling salesman being falsely blamed for it.

Short Rope for a Tall Man
S03E27 · Short Rope for a Tall Man

Mar 28, 1961

On his way through a strange little town, Lucas is arrested and accused of being a horse thief.

The Clarence Bibs Story
S03E28 · The Clarence Bibs Story

Apr 04, 1961

Clarence, Millie's mop boy, is wearing a gun he just cleaned for a customer. When he accidentally kills a famous outlaw, some locals play up their new friend's reputation hoping for more fun as they expect his partner to come to town.

The Score Is Even
S03E29 · The Score Is Even

Apr 11, 1961

Even though badly wounded Lucas is set on bringing two murderers to justice. The trip will be dangerous for both Mark and Lucas.

The Mescalero Curse
S03E30 · The Mescalero Curse

Apr 18, 1961

Lucas serves as the foreman of a jury that finds a Mescalero Indian guilty of murder. The man's father, a renegade witch doctor, places a curse on the Rifleman predicting his death before the next new moon.

S03E31 · Stopover

Apr 25, 1961

Lucas and Mark are in the barn. Outside a snowstorm is raging and the wind is howling. After they reach the house, they hear Scotty, the driver on a stagecoach. He asks to spend the night. The stagecoach passengers are also invited into the McCain home.

The Lonesome Bride
S03E32 · The Lonesome Bride

May 02, 1961

A stagecoach arrives in North Fork, the door opens, and out steps a woman. In talking with her, Micah finds out that she has come to marry Lucas.

Death Trap
S03E33 · Death Trap

May 09, 1961

A gunfight with an unwilling participant brings a need for a doctor, but Doc Burrage is out of town. A doctor passing through North Fork volunteers to help. However, he and Lucas have a past, and not a good one.

The Queue
S03E34 · The Queue

May 16, 1961

The efforts of a Chinese man and his son to establish a laundry are hindered by two louts who resent foreigners in North Fork.


The Rifleman Season 3 (1960) is released on Sep 27, 1960 and the latest season 5 of The Rifleman is released in 1962. Watch The Rifleman online - the English Family TV series from United States. The Rifleman is directed by Joseph H. Lewis,Arnold Laven,Arthur H. Nadel,Gene Nelson and created by Ed Adamson with Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford. The Rifleman is available online on Peacock and Peacock Premium.

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El hombre de rifle(syndication title), O Homem do Rifle, The Rifleman(English), The Rifleman(French), L'homme à la carabine


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Four Star Productions, Sussex Productions

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