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How They Got Here 2021
S05E01 · How They Got Here 2021

Jan 05, 2021

Don't miss the half-hour special "The Real Housewives of Dallas: How They Got Here" featuring all the fun and drama from past 4 seasons. Join the ladies as they love, laugh, and live life out loud-Texas style.

Bursting the Quarantine Bubble
S05E02 · Bursting the Quarantine Bubble

Dec 31, 2020

With the stay-at-home order finally lifted, the divas of Dallas are ready to make the most of their quarantine bubble, as safely as possible. Kameron gets a new dog and hosts a socially distanced garage sale. Brandi looks for ways to make amends after a controversial video resurfaces on social media, and D'Andra introduces everyone to her friend, Dr. Tiffany Moon.

You Dim Sum, You Lose Some
S05E03 · You Dim Sum, You Lose Some

Jan 12, 2021

Kameron spars with a controlling Court, who refused to keep her informed about their house-selling process. D'Andra sees her Shaman and reveals that her step mother, whom she hasn't spoken to in 16 years, has recently reached out to her. Kary's daughter Olivia comes home from college in Los Angeles suffering from stress and anxiety. Tiffany throws a Dim Sum brunch and finds herself going head to head with Kameron.

Kary'd Away
S05E04 · Kary'd Away

Jan 19, 2021

Stephanie starts a charitable foundation and encounters nothing but resistance from Travis, while Tiffany's demanding mother makes her feel like nothing she does is ever good enough. Kameron hosts an outrageous party for Kary's 50th birthday, where Tiffany and Kameron spar over chicken feet and things get out of hand after a night of drinking.

Whine Connoisseurs
S05E05 · Whine Connoisseurs

Jan 26, 2021

D'Andra plans a day trip to a winery to celebrate Brandi's birthday, but when Kary criticizes her planning skills, the two of them nearly come to blows. Tiffany gives her daughters a glimpse into her life as a doctor, Kary checks in with Olivia about her depression, and Stephanie bonds with her mom after making a surprising bet with Travis.

Sour Grapes
S05E06 · Sour Grapes

Feb 02, 2021

Brandi's birthday trip to Grapevine continues as D'Andra and Kary spar over their fractured friendship, while Kary accuses Tiffany of being a hypocrite. "Pickle shots" flow at a local bar where Brandi teaches the ladies some signature dance moves, and a souvenir store inspires Stephanie to go on a spanking spree.

Another One Bites the Crust
S05E07 · Another One Bites the Crust

Feb 09, 2021

Tiffany throws an intimate pizza party in an attempt to get closer to the other women, but her obsession with rules and an ill-timed prank only push them further away. Stephanie goes over-budget on her first charity project, Kameron's dog trainer stops by for an "accountability meeting," and D'Andra consults her shaman about the best way to deal with Kary.

Getting Weird in Austin
S05E08 · Getting Weird in Austin

Feb 16, 2021

Tiffany finds out that her pizza party left a bad taste in everyone's mouth, and worries about her upcoming meeting to reduce her work hours. The ladies hit the road on a rock and roll tour bus to spend the weekend at a fabulous estate in Austin. It's all fun and games until Kary eavesdrops on D'Andra bad mouthing her behind her back.

Austin, We Have a Problem
S05E09 · Austin, We Have a Problem

Mar 02, 2021

In part two of the trip to Austin, D'Andra and Kary finally find common ground - even if it is on the water. Tiffany bonds with Stephanie and Kameron, while Brandi finds herself walking on eggshells around Tiffany and confronts her about feeling like she can't be herself around her.

The Doctor is Out
S05E10 · The Doctor is Out

Mar 09, 2021

Stephanie shares her own mental health journey with Kary's daughter. Later, D'Andra hosts an evening of meditation and spiritual healing.

A Simmons by Any Other Name
S05E11 · A Simmons by Any Other Name

Mar 16, 2021

D'Andra's Medicine Monday leaves Brandi feeling like she betrayed her religious beliefs. Tiffany has a big meeting with her boss to reduce her work hours, while Kameron lays down the law with Court about their house hunting. At Tiffany's birthday party, Brandi challenges D'Andra's commitment to Christianity and Mama Dee reveals the reason why D'Andra changed her last name to Simmons.

Mommy Dearests
S05E12 · Mommy Dearests

Mar 23, 2021

D'Andra makes amends to Momma Dee on the heels of their epic fight, while Kary bonds with her daughters on a hike and Stephanie unveils her first locker room project for charity. When Tiffany hosts an elegant luau to make up for her disastrous pizza party, Brandi and D'Andra clash over what it means to be a "real" Christian.

RV Having Fun Yet?
S05E13 · RV Having Fun Yet?

Mar 30, 2021

Tiffany seeks guidance from Momma Dee after a stilted encounter with her own mother, while Court gives Kameron the surprise of a lifetime. Stephanie plans a trip to Oklahoma, but her efforts are in jeopardy when a surprise article in the press causes Brandi and D'Andra to be at odds.

Bigfoot, Bigger Drama
S05E14 · Bigfoot, Bigger Drama

Apr 06, 2021

Brandi reluctantly forgives D'Andra and the ladies head to Oklahoma for a weekend of camping. With the help of Charles, a local hunter, they set out on a mission to find Bigfoot, but things quickly heat up when Kary starts insulting their host, putting her and Stephanie at odds.

A Doggone Mess
S05E15 · A Doggone Mess

Apr 13, 2021

Stephanie plans a series of childhood games for the ladies to partake in but an unforeseen visitor catches Kary off guard. D'Andra receives a shocking letter from her estranged stepmother, while Kameron hosts a séance to communicate with her dog Louis. Tiffany finally confronts her mother about her feelings and is brought to tears by her unexpected response.

Straight Outta the 80s
S05E16 · Straight Outta the 80s

Apr 20, 2021

Tiffany finally finds the balance she's been searching for, while Kary continues to work through her own family issues. With help from her shaman, D'Andra meets up with her stepmother, but Momma Dee has few choice words about this family reunion. The ladies visit the legendary Southfork Ranch, home of the hit TV series Dallas, but their night of 80s fun mysteriously turns upside down.

Southfork Goes South
S05E17 · Southfork Goes South

Apr 27, 2021

Recreating the infamous "Who Shot J.R.?" moment from the hit series Dallas, the ladies try to solve the mystery of "Who Shot Brandi?" The husbands join their wives for a day of fun and armadillo racing, but the absence of Eduardo proves too much for Kary to handle. A night of partying turns destructive when Kary and Brandi break into the iconic J.R. Room, causing the other ladies to confront them about their behavior.

Reunion Part 1
S05E18 · Reunion Part 1

May 04, 2021

A COVID scare keeps two of the housewives from appearing in-person. Kary drops a bomb about her marriage. Kameron brings a suitcase of evidence to try to prove that Tiffany is three-faced after going to war with her on social media.

Reunion Part 2
S05E19 · Reunion Part 2

May 11, 2021

In the conclusion of The Real Housewives of Dallas season 5 reunion, Tiffany and Kameron spar over chicken feet, cultural stereotyping, and their social media war. D'Andra defends her name change and reveals shocking new facts about the battle over her inheritance. Brandi talks candidly about her unexpected pregnancy, her missteps with Tiffany, and her husband's recently surfaced betrayal.


The Real Housewives of Dallas Season 5 (2020) is released on Jan 05, 2021 and the latest season 5 of The Real Housewives of Dallas is released in 2020. Watch The Real Housewives of Dallas online - the English Reality-TV TV series from United States. The Real Housewives of Dallas is directed by Maura Corey and created by Scott Dunlop with Stephanie Hollman and Brandi Redmond. The Real Housewives of Dallas is available online on fuboTV and Peacock Premium.

A natural expansion for "The Real Housewives" franchise, the extravagant, over-the-top city of Dallas is deeply rooted in Texan pride, where people believe that if they are lucky enough to live in the Lone Star State, they are lucky enough.

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