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Episode #2.1
S02E01 · Episode #2.1

Jul 20, 2018

Ella finds out from her contractor that her check bounce, and a call to the bank reveals that government investigators have frozen the found money, leaving the Paynes at risk of losing everything.

A Payne Family Secret
S02E02 · A Payne Family Secret

Jul 27, 2018

Ella and Curtis learn that the government will likely take the laundromat; they go to JoAnn for answers about Robert's activities.

Payneful Situation
S02E03 · Payneful Situation

Aug 03, 2018

Curtis and Ella struggle to hold onto the laundromat and find a way to pay their creditors.

Home Alone
S02E04 · Home Alone

Aug 10, 2018

Nyla isn't sure she can make up for her latest mistake of leaving the kids alone for hours; Ella prepares to take out a mortgage to pay her creditors.

Girl Talk
S02E05 · Girl Talk

Aug 17, 2018

Curtis learns that Nyla left the kids alone while he and Ella were out.

The Outsiders
S02E06 · The Outsiders

Aug 24, 2018

Kendrick is not ready for Nyla and her kids to move back in with him; Ella and JoAnn want Nyla to go to counseling.

An Impasse
S02E07 · An Impasse

Aug 31, 2018

Ella stands by her decision about Nyla.

No Room for Payne
S02E08 · No Room for Payne

Jan 01, 2018

Curtis realizes he was right about Nyla all along.

No Sticks or Bricks
S02E09 · No Sticks or Bricks

Sep 14, 2018

Curtis reconciles within his household.

A Payneful Hunch
S02E10 · A Payneful Hunch

Sep 21, 2018

Curtis and Nyla make a truce.

S02E11 · Syncopal

Sep 28, 2018

Nyla and Terrance unexpectedly grow closer when he's the one who looks after her when she gets sick.

A Payneful Confrontation
S02E12 · A Payneful Confrontation

Oct 05, 2018

Kenny and Lynn find Nyla kissing Terrance on the couch and demand answers despite her attempt to put them off.

S02E13 · Hostile

Oct 12, 2018

Terrance has a run in with Kendrick that leads to bad feelings all around.

Payneful Business
S02E14 · Payneful Business

Oct 19, 2018

Terrance becomes upset when he finds out Nyla's previous relationship was an abusive one.

A Conundrum
S02E15 · A Conundrum

Oct 26, 2018

Curtis tries out all sorts of ways, underhanded and otherwise, of getting Terrance his money. Ryan offers unhelpful advice.

A Payneful Proposition
S02E16 · A Payneful Proposition

Nov 02, 2018

Curtis and Ella, out of ideas to save the laundromat, are surprised by an offer from Terrance, who has a plan to keep the business often.

Payneful Partnership
S02E17 · Payneful Partnership

Nov 09, 2018

In his usual way, Curtis makes things difficult as the Paynes start to run the laundromat with Terrance.

Social Media'd
S02E18 · Social Media'd

Nov 16, 2018

Nyla decides to get back together with Kendrick; Terrance brings in customers to the laundromat through his social media postings; Curtis thinks the children broke the model train set.

A Giraffe and A Bull
S02E19 · A Giraffe and A Bull

Nov 23, 2018

Terrance and Curtis have very different ideas on how to operate the laundromat and their constant arguing threatens the future of the business; Kendrick seeks advice from Ella and JoAnn about Nyla.

Payneful Choices
S02E20 · Payneful Choices

Nov 30, 2018

Terrance tries once again to talk Nyla out of getting back together with Kendrick, but Kendrick rains on their parade. Later, Kendrick hits Nyla and she decides to leave him--but this time for good.


The Paynes Season 2 (2018) is released on Jul 20, 2018 and the latest season 2 of The Paynes is released in 2018. Watch The Paynes online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. The Paynes is directed by Tyler Perry,Mark E. Swinton and created by Tyler Perry with Cassi Davis and LaVan Davis.

In this spinoff of the comedy "House of Payne," Curtis and Ella Payne (LaVan Davis and Cassi Davis) are trying to enjoy their retirement in Florida when they get roped into a real-estate deal that will up-end their lives.

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The Paynes


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