Episodes (7)

Round One
S01E01 · Round One

Aug 24, 1977

The Crawford's shop has heard that Arthur Turner has sold his shop, so the Crawford's will expand the paper round and advertise for more lads. Crawford has asked his lads to clean the cellar on Sunday to make room for the expansion.

Cash and Carry
S01E02 · Cash and Carry

Aug 31, 1977

Gog's dad (a security guard) has to work late and Gog offers to bring him fish and chips. When Ian and Gog arrive at his father's work, they find him tied up and unconscious. The thieves have stolen £20,000.

The Sweetie Shop Kid
S01E03 · The Sweetie Shop Kid

Sep 07, 1977

The owner of #22 Blaydon Street is on vacation. Why are the curtains twitching? Gog investigates and is held captive by the escaped "Sweetie Shop thief."

Fifty Years a Showman
S01E04 · Fifty Years a Showman

Sep 14, 1977

Sam distracts her grandad so Baz and Gog can measure his prize winning leeks. Uncle Bob has paid Baz £1 to get the measurements. In the morning, all of Bob's leeks have been cut down. Did the lads do it?

Enter Picasso
S01E05 · Enter Picasso

Sep 21, 1977

Someone has stolen £5 from the shop. Sam has bought a new scarf, and Baz has gone to the pictures. Everyone is a suspect, especially Ian who has bought art supplies and has been acting strangely.

Best Foot Forward
S01E06 · Best Foot Forward

Sep 28, 1977

J.G. wants to play football, but his mother wants him to go to University. When all sorts of football scouts start coming to the house to sign him, she finally gives in.

S01E07 · Eyewitness

Oct 05, 1977

Sam is an eyewitness to a shop break-in - can she avoid the thieves?


The Paper Lads Season 1 (1977) is released on Aug 24, 1977 and the latest season 2 of The Paper Lads is released in 1978. Watch The Paper Lads online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. The Paper Lads is directed by Derek Martinus,Gerry Mill,John Frankau,Roger Cheveley and created by J.G. Holland with Judith Pyle and Andrew Edwards.

As know as:

The Paper Lads


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

Tyne Tees Television

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