Episodes (25)

The Aftermath
S03E01 · The Aftermath

Sep 08, 2005

Ryan and Marissa deal with the aftermath of Trey's shooting. Kirsten meets Charlotte at rehab.

The Shape of Things to Come
S03E02 · The Shape of Things to Come

Sep 15, 2005

The new dean of Harbor School wants to expel Ryan and Marissa. Summer fights with Taylor over being Social Chair. Kirsten worries about leaving rehab.

The End of Innocence
S03E03 · The End of Innocence

Sep 22, 2005

Caleb's will is read. Ryan and Marissa are told to stay apart.

The Last Waltz
S03E04 · The Last Waltz

Sep 29, 2005

Public school? No problem. Marissa's glad to be at a school where no one knows about her. Oops. Everyone knows. Charlotte closes in on Kirsten. And Summer spies on someone lip-locked with Taylor.

The Perfect Storm
S03E05 · The Perfect Storm

Nov 03, 2005

Is Ryan shipping out? Sandy's mind-meld persuasion skills fail to convince him to stay. But where there's a will, there's another Cohen way. Charlotte now zeroes in on Julie; Summer outwits Taylor.

The Swells
S03E06 · The Swells

Nov 10, 2005

Party by night. Surf by first light. The Dawn Patrol beach blast is the backdrop for a developing Marissa-Johnny attraction. Meanwhile, Taylor has a crush on...Seth?! And Ryan again lets his fists do the talking.

The Anger Management
S03E07 · The Anger Management

Nov 17, 2005

Charlotte and Julie throw a faux-benefit. Taylor causes a rift between Seth and Summer. The tension between Ryan and Volchok comes to a head.

The Game Plan
S03E08 · The Game Plan

Dec 01, 2005

College applications are due, and everyone has to make up their minds about where to apply. But will their relationships survive this next chapter of their lives?

The Disconnect
S03E09 · The Disconnect

Dec 08, 2005

Marissa cares for an injured Johnny. But are they getting too close? Seth becomes insecure when Summer gets a higher score than him on the SATs.

The Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah
S03E10 · The Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah

Dec 15, 2005

Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer raise money for Johnny's surgery by throwing Ryan a Bar Mitzvah.

The Safe Harbor
S03E11 · The Safe Harbor

Jan 12, 2006

Ryan, Seth, and Summer plot to get Marissa back into Harbor School.

The Sister Act
S03E12 · The Sister Act

Jan 19, 2006

Marissa's sister returns home from boarding school with secrets, lies, and a bag of stolen cash. Veronica and Julie compete for the affections of Niel Roberts. Johnny tries to distance himself from Marissa.

The Pot Stirrer
S03E13 · The Pot Stirrer

Jan 26, 2006

Julie throws Kaitlyn a birthday bash. Sandy tries to close a deal. Marissa butts heats with her sister. Seth spirals after being offered a college interview.

The Cliffhanger
S03E14 · The Cliffhanger

Feb 02, 2006

The Johnny-Kaitlin-Marissa-Ryan situation finds closure, perhaps, and tragedy for sure. Summer may be running out of forgiveness for Seth's half-truths. And Dr. Roberts makes a startling admission to Julie.

The Heavy Lifting
S03E15 · The Heavy Lifting

Feb 09, 2006

Kirsten and Julie throw a Valentine's Day party, as the community mourns the loss of Johnny.

The Road Warrior
S03E16 · The Road Warrior

Mar 09, 2006

Ryan and Sadie go on a road trip to look for Johnny's dad. A concerned Summer finds out about her dad's relationship with Julie. The police suspect foul play in Johnny's death. Marissa runs into Volchok.

The Journey
S03E17 · The Journey

Mar 16, 2006

The Cohens throw Ryan a party for his eighteenth birthday. Ryan can't decide whether or not to invite Marissa. Sandy tries to track down Dawn. Summer confronts Julie. Marissa crashes into an old memory.

The Undertow
S03E18 · The Undertow

Mar 23, 2006

Jess returns with news about Trey. Kirsten helps Ryan confront his savior complex. Seth and Summer receive sex counseling from Taylor.

The Secrets and Lies
S03E19 · The Secrets and Lies

Mar 30, 2006

Marissa's ties with Volchok send her into a substance abuse downward spiral. Summer is concerned about her friend--and the fate of her father's relationship if things don't improve. Ryan and Sadie's relationship is on the line, as Ryan and Marissa keep finding themselves intertwined in one another's lives. Seth spends some quality time with Kirsten, as she reaches nine months sober. The events at Newport Group turn violent.

The Day After Tomorrow
S03E20 · The Day After Tomorrow

Apr 06, 2006

College acceptance letters arrive. Three get in... and one doesn't.

The Dawn Patrol
S03E21 · The Dawn Patrol

Apr 13, 2006

Ryan heads to Albuquerque to invite his mom to graduation, while Summer tries to figure out why Seth broke up with her.

The College Try
S03E22 · The College Try

Apr 20, 2006

Ryan and Marissa arrive at Berkeley, and Summer and student/poseur Seth visit Brown for freshman orientation weekends. Familiar faces surface.

The Party Favor
S03E23 · The Party Favor

Apr 27, 2006

Harbor's Senior Prom brings out the best and the worst in everyone.

The Man of the Year
S03E24 · The Man of the Year

May 04, 2006

Sandy is voted Man of the Year. Kirsten hits the bottle. Summer tries to write an impulsive wrong. Ryan is blackmailed into stealing a car. Seth burns down his dad's office. Marissa gets Kaitlyn out of trouble.

The Graduates
S03E25 · The Graduates

May 18, 2006

On graduation day, Marissa is leaving to be with her dad, but Volchok has feelings for her and is angry at Ryan.


The O.C. Season 3 (2005) is released on Sep 08, 2005 and the latest season 4 of The O.C. is released in 2006. Watch The O.C. online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. The O.C. is directed by Ian Toynton,Michael Lange,Michael Fresco,Tony Wharmby and created by Josh Schwartz with Peter Gallagher and Kelly Rowan. The O.C. is available online on Hulu and HBO Max.

A troubled teen named Ryan is taken in by a public defense lawyer and his rich real estate developer wife in Newport Beach, California after he is kicked out and abandoned by his alchoholic and unstable mother. He meets their quick-witted son Seth and they soon become best friends.

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The O.C., Rebel în California, Życie na fali, Кварталът на богатитe, A narancsvidék


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Robert Bianco
USA Today
As dreary and ridiculous as any episode the show ever gave us at its last-year worst.
by rottentomatoes, Sep 19, 2018
Tanner Stransky
Entertainment Weekly
Ah, growing pains. The characters and the series had 'em in season 3, which struggled to balance Marissa's (Barton) bizarre-but-blessed demise with college prep, pot smoking, and loads of superjuicy Julie Cooper one-liners.
by rottentomatoes, Sep 18, 2018
Dan Fienberg
Baltimore Sun
I'm always inclined to be just a bit generous to the characters who overstay their welcome, the plotlines that never actually go anywhere and the multi-episode extended feuds that could be solved with a single conversation.
by rottentomatoes, Sep 18, 2018

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