Episodes (13)

S01E01 · Pilot

Jul 01, 2007

A group of strangers are held hostage for 52 hours after a botched robbery.

Heroes Welcome
S01E02 · Heroes Welcome

Jul 01, 2007

Things get tricky when Nick and Egan take to the press, and Jeremy starts having flashbacks.

What's Your Emergency?
S01E03 · What's Your Emergency?

Jul 08, 2007

Nick inserts himself into an investigation, Lizzie sees a doctor, and Felicia's struggle to remember finally causes a break.

Brother's Keeper
S01E04 · Brother's Keeper

Jul 09, 2007

A medical crisis divides the group and Lucas may put his legal fate in jeopardy.

All About Eva
S01E05 · All About Eva

Jul 15, 2007

Questions about Eva's possible role in the robbery arise, Malcolm has a crisis of conscience when the guard's widow sues the bank, and a hearing at the hospital holds some surprises.

Take Me Instead
S01E06 · Take Me Instead

Jul 16, 2007

Kathryn fights her feelings, Nick reveals himself in a poker games, and security is breached at the Jones house.

S01E07 · Outsiders

Jul 22, 2007

After Katherine's release, she identified people, so the FBI profilers could start questioning hostage families. Now several survivors wrestle with secrets. Because Lizzie misses his well-meaning but meddling parents, rabbi and Mrs. Kayes,, Jeremy accepts to take her to Sabbath dinner with them. There he tells about their baby and how 'guilt' over his failed attempt to escape broke them up. While Egan makes a camping trip, Nick is approached by his ex, undercover cop Juliana 'Jules', who needs help as undercover cop, so he takes her in and asks Kate's fiancé Ed's ...

Turning Point
S01E08 · Turning Point

Jul 23, 2007

Seven of the hostages meet with the prosecutor to reconstruct how the security guard was killed, and Kathryn receives an unexpected offer from the mayor.

You're Being Watched
S01E09 · You're Being Watched

Jul 29, 2007

Lizzie goes missing, and a search of her apartment turns up some disturbing information that the hostages are being surveilled.

The Inside Man
S01E10 · The Inside Man

Jul 30, 2007

Egan blurts out on a talk-show with FBI negotiator Gavin Dunne that the Nine are being watched. Nick's boss Pete Burton officially questions the Nine, including Nick, who is convinced Lucas must have a third, inside accomplice. It's Nick who finds out it was the security guard, Tom, who was killed by Randall, and where they stashed away $200,000 in cash. Jeremy feels like the meet in the sandwich while his ex Lizzie and present lover Frannie ultimately come to terms.

Man of the Year
S01E11 · Man of the Year

Aug 05, 2007

Malcolm is being honoured by the Brother and Sisters organization, an African-American reach out union for the disenfranchised. Lizzie dates a new guy, she sets Egan up with a date of his own. Kathryn is running for DA, but has her doubts about the three strikes law (hurray!) and whether or not to use the bank as a running point.

S01E12 · Legacy

Aug 06, 2007

Nick asks Malcolm for guidance in coping with an old promise of revenge for his father's death.

S01E13 · Confessions

Aug 12, 2007

Kathryn is drawn dangerously close to Nick. Burdened by his sins, Jeremy makes a shocking confession. And Lizzie faces a crisis of conscience regarding Lucas.


The Nine Season 1 (2007) is released on Jul 01, 2007. Watch The Nine online - the English Crime TV series from United States. The Nine is directed by Alex Graves,Andrew Bernstein,Christopher Misiano,Dean White and created by Hank Steinberg with Lourdes Benedicto and John Billingsley.

As know as:

The Nine(English), Yhdeksän yhteyttä, The Nine, 52 heures en enfer, The Nine - Die Geiseln, Untitled Hank and K.J. Steinberg Project


United States



Production Companies:

Sunset Road Productions, Warner Bros. Television

Cast & Crew

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