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S01E01 · Food

Feb 29, 2016

In this mouth-watering episode the guys embark on a foodie's dream and taste test all the best gastronomy that Canada and New Zealand have to offer. Montreal has kickass smoke meat and Wellington's fish and chips rock, but which country has the most delicious steak? Wellington's Logan Brown or Halifax's Brooklyn Warehouse?

S01E02 · Extreme

Feb 29, 2016

The guys need a spoonful of courage to get through this one. Seán takes Jarred white water rafting at New World Rafting in Ottawa. Then things get really intense when they go bungee jumping off the Sky Tower in Auckland. Only the bravest man will survive and only one country can be deemed the most extreme.

S01E03 · Wildlife

Feb 29, 2016

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh My! Well, in this episode it's just bears and a lot of birds. Seán and Jarred mingle with Canada's most dangerous animals in Quebec's Omega Park and then go fishing in Peggys Cove. They head to New Zealand to take a tour through Zealandia and check out the elusive Takahe. Through land and water the guys find out which country has the best wildlife.

S01E04 · Politics

Feb 29, 2016

Politics is the new reality TV. Seán and Jarred chill with infamous former mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, then they head to Ottawa to discuss the romantic exploits of former PM Pierre Trudeau. In New Zealand they chat with forward thinking Labour MP Jacinda Ardern in order to find out which country has the strangest politicians. Disclaimer: No crack was smoked during the making of this episode (we think).

S01E05 · Sports

Feb 29, 2016

When the going gets tough, the tough play sports. Canada and New Zealand are both competitive nations, but which one has the best sports? Seán and Jarred head to Vancouver and Wellington to grab their sticks, throw on some pads with Meghan Agosta (Canadian National Hockey Team) and Noah Cantor (CFL), and get a few bruises to prove their nation is home to the greatest games.

S01E06 · Scary

Feb 29, 2016

Seán and Jarred are determined to prove that their country is home to the creepiest, spookiest and oddest attractions. They head to a haunted jail turned hostel in Ottawa and Auckland's ex-asylum-now- theme-park to determine which nation is scariest.

S01E07 · Comedy

Feb 29, 2016

Seán and Jarred know their way around comedy, but only one country can be crowned the funniest. They head to Toronto's Comedy Bar, Ottawa's Absolute Comedy and VK's Comedy Bar in Wellington to perform live stand-up, riff with local comics, and compare national comedy icons.

S01E08 · Romance

Feb 29, 2016

Seán and Jarred check in with Canadian sexologist Dr. Jess O'Reilly about Canada's sexual habits and hot spots to check out in Toronto and Montreal, then embark on a romantic 'glamping' trip at New Zealand's Bethells Beach. A happy ending is guaranteed.

S01E09 · Drinks

Feb 29, 2016

Both Canadians and New Zealanders love a drink, but which nation drinks harder and has the best drinks? New Zealand has the Villa Maria Winery, but Vancouver's Gerard Lounge has a special take on the Old Fashioned that includes bacon and maple syrup. Seán and Jarred explore various libations and push through their hangovers to determine which nation does booze best.

S01E10 · Music

Feb 29, 2016

Canada and New Zealand both have great music but which country rocks the hardest? Seán and Jarred hang out with musicians (Jill Barber, Villainy) and fans in Halifax, Montreal, Vancouver and Wellington to find out which country has better music, but when things turn to Bryan Adams and Crowded House... there needs to be a new measurement. Enter: the National Anthem challenge, where things get personal on a national level.


The Nations! Season 1 (2016) is released on Feb 29, 2016. Watch The Nations! online - the English Comedy TV series from Canada. The Nations! is directed by Jay Ferguson and created by Hannah Hogan with Seán Cullen and Jarred Christmas.

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