Episodes (13)

S01E01 · Pilot

Oct 03, 2017

Young rapper Courtney Rose needs his big break. Tired of waiting for opportunity to knock, he runs for mayor of his California hometown to generate buzz for his music career. But his master plan goes awry when he wins the election.

The Filibuster
S01E02 · The Filibuster

Oct 10, 2017

Courtney makes his first mayoral appearance at his old elementary school and discovers that their music program is in danger of being eliminated. Val and Courtney conspire to "work the system" in order to find money to save it.

Buyer's Remorse
S01E03 · Buyer's Remorse

Oct 17, 2017

Courtney settles into his new role as mayor, but is faced with a dismal approval rating as the citizens of Fort Grey lack confidence in him and his staff. He comes up with a plan to quickly turn public opinion in his favor.

City Hall-oween
S01E04 · City Hall-oween

Oct 24, 2017

Courtney finds himself at odds with Police Chief Fox on how to handle the city's first annual "spooktacular" celebration. Jermaine and T.K. set out to prank Val, but she has the last laugh when she outsmarts them at their own game.

The Strike
S01E05 · The Strike

Oct 31, 2017

When Fort Grey's public transport is halted due to a union strike, Courtney finds himself outmatched by a fierce Transit Union lawyer. T.K. and Jermaine attempt to solve the issue by employing a focus group which quickly turns unruly.

Will You Accept This Rose?
S01E06 · Will You Accept This Rose?

Nov 07, 2017

After going on a date with an old flame with ulterior motives, Courtney realizes that hidden agendas also apply to dating now that he's a public figure. With T.K. and Jermaine's help, he recreates a promposal for someone he truly likes.

Here Comes the Governor
S01E07 · Here Comes the Governor

Nov 14, 2017

As the mayor's office plans a tour for the Governor of California's visit, an old rap video of Courtney resurfaces and puts potential funding for Fort Grey in jeopardy. Dina finds herself in an unwanted competition with her friend Krystal.

Monuments Man
S01E08 · Monuments Man

Dec 05, 2017

After Courtney and his crew discover the historic music venue in Fort Grey is closing for good due to increased rent costs, he attempts to save the club by sponsoring a music festival and enlists Bay Area rap legend E-40 to headline the event. Meanwhile, Dina agrees to become choir director and realizes her teaching style might be preventing her group from singing in perfect harmony.

Grey Christmas
S01E09 · Grey Christmas

Dec 12, 2017

Courtney doesn't feel like he is making a difference as mayor. He goes on a journey (like A Christmas Carol) and discovers what Fort Grey would be like if he never became Mayor.

Mama Rose Best
S01E10 · Mama Rose Best

Jan 09, 2018

As Courtney focuses on a campaign to spend more of Fort Grey's budget on senior citizens, a rival movement led by Ed Gunt makes the townspeople question Courtney's trustworthiness. When Dina appears on a talk show to help turn the public's opinion back in Courtney's favor, she makes a surprising comment that creates an awkward tension between the two.

The Lockdown
S01E11 · The Lockdown

Jan 16, 2018

When a mysterious package is discovered outside City Hall, Courtney and his coworkers are forced to pass time while the building remains in lock-down.

The Pitch
S01E12 · The Pitch

Jan 23, 2018

Courtney is invited to throw the first pitch for the local team, but does an embarrassing job of it. His lack of sports ability interferes with his chance to impress the owner of a large Pizza chain that he wants to bring to Fort Grey.

Death of a Councilman
S01E13 · Death of a Councilman

Jan 25, 2018

A seat on the City Council opens up. Hoping to place an ally on the council, the team puts T.K. in the race. Meanwhile, Dina plans to run as well. This leaves the team, Dina, and the whole city wondering - who will Courtney endorse?


The Mayor Season 1 (2017) is released on Oct 03, 2017. Watch The Mayor online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. The Mayor is directed by James Griffiths,Tristram Shapeero,Kevin Bray,John Fortenberry and created by Cailan Rose with Brandon Micheal Hall and Lea Michele. The Mayor is available online on Hulu and Vudu.

A struggling hip-hop artist runs for mayor to promote his mixtape and wins the election.

As know as:

Teukbyeolsimin, The Mayor, Мэр, Untitled City Mayor Project, Special Citizen

Release Date:

Apr 28, 2017

Release Date (Streaming):

Sep 30, 2017


United States, South Korea



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Well Go USA

Production Companies:

Jeremy Bronson Productions, Fee-Fi-Fo Films, FanFare Productions

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