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I'm Not a Bubbly Teenage Girl
S01E01 · I'm Not a Bubbly Teenage Girl

Jan 14, 2016

Writer-Director Greg McDonald explains why he's making The Man Van web series. SPOILER ALERT: It isn't pretty.

I Don't Want to Be Don Knotts
S01E02 · I Don't Want to Be Don Knotts

Jan 28, 2016

Greg's desperate. If he doesn't turn his web series into something he's going to end up living the life of Don Knotts (or his look-alike).

Waiting for Godot
S01E03 · Waiting for Godot

Feb 04, 2016

While Greg waits for actors to show up to audition, he shows of the shagalicious van with it's wood paneling, tinted windows, shag carpeting and a handy little item in the side door.

I'm Not a Rapist
S01E04 · I'm Not a Rapist

Feb 11, 2016

In the first audition for The Man Van, things don't go so well when the actress freaks out when she finds out the audition is being held in the van.

That's Real Acting
S01E05 · That's Real Acting

Feb 18, 2016

Another actress auditions and she doesn't run away. She blows Greg away with her acting chops and her God given talent.

Let's Make a Deal
S01E06 · Let's Make a Deal

Feb 25, 2016

Greg foolishly agrees on making a deal with an actress in exchange for her taking a part in the web series.

There's No Such Thing as a Free Sofa
S01E07 · There's No Such Thing as a Free Sofa

Mar 03, 2016

An actress tricks Greg into driving her and her sofa out to Riverside to deliver it to a friend she hasn't talked to in two years.

Disney Material
S01E08 · Disney Material

Mar 10, 2016

While shooting, an actress freaks out about doing something that might hurt her chances with Disney so Greg comes up with a solution to make the shoot family friendly.

Snatch and Grab
S01E09 · Snatch and Grab

Mar 17, 2016

Greg goes to take the van to the wash and some guy appears out of nowhere and tries to steal it so he can go snatch a chick with it.

Natural High Without the Diarrhea
S01E10 · Natural High Without the Diarrhea

Mar 24, 2016

After Greg's fight with the dude, he takes him in the van and the Dude's world view changes entirely when he feels the vibes of the van.

Van Gone
S01E11 · Van Gone

Mar 31, 2016

The van is gone, off to the shop for repairs and Greg is lonely and desperate and tries to find comfort on the streets of Hollywood.

Street Walkers
S01E12 · Street Walkers

Apr 07, 2016

Greg shows the glamour and glitz of filming on the streets of Hollywood and Los Angeles as he recounts some of his fondness memories of shooting on the streets.

Acting for the Greenscreen
S01E13 · Acting for the Greenscreen

Apr 14, 2016

Greg gives a tutorial on acting for the green screen.

Beauty and the Beast
S01E14 · Beauty and the Beast

Apr 21, 2016

Greg holds a meeting with his co-writers but they aren't all on the same page until a little trip in the van takes care of that.

Bikini Jihadist
S01E15 · Bikini Jihadist

Apr 28, 2016

Greg's co-writer insists on shooting the Bikini Jihadist episode but only if she can play the lead role. Greg agrees and the rest is cinema history.

Field of Dreams
S01E16 · Field of Dreams

May 05, 2016

Greg dreams he met the perfect woman. The only thing standing in the way of a long life of happiness together is reality.

Donuts and Donut Holes
S01E17 · Donuts and Donut Holes

May 12, 2016

Greg tries to redeem himself after he embarrasses himself in the last episode with his incessant mugging by showing a video he made of a hot redhead dancing at a doughnut shop.

Psycho Therapy
S01E18 · Psycho Therapy

May 19, 2016

After humiliating himself with his unrelenting mugging in episode 16, Greg goes to a psycho therapist for treatment and discovers a new mindfulness.

I Feel Your Pain
S01E19 · I Feel Your Pain

May 26, 2016

Greg finds his unhappy place but it doesn't impress his Russian therapist.

I'm a Bowl Cut Survivor
S01E20 · I'm a Bowl Cut Survivor

Jun 02, 2016

Greg's story as a bowl cut survivor.

Home Depot Cinematographer
S01E21 · Home Depot Cinematographer

Jun 09, 2016

After seeing a scene he lit with a light bulb, Greg questions his cinematographer's ability and goes to Home Depot to hire a new one.

A Light Bulb Goes On
S01E22 · A Light Bulb Goes On

Jun 16, 2016

The day laborers at Home Depot are a fantastic untapped market to get your film crew from. But as Greg proves make sure you test, test, test!

Classical Musicians Are Slackers
S01E23 · Classical Musicians Are Slackers

Jun 23, 2016

After annoying off his cinematographer, Greg gives his gripes with classical musicians.

Going Postal
S01E24 · Going Postal

Jun 30, 2016

Greg realizes he might have anger issues and shows us the story of a woman who dealt with her own anger by opening a clinic for those who suffer from road rage.

Uber Creep
S01E25 · Uber Creep

Jul 07, 2016

Needing some money, Greg signs up to be an Uber driver and creates a new category for the van.

It's Not You, It's Everything About You
S01E26 · It's Not You, It's Everything About You

Jul 14, 2016

Greg and Piper, an actress he picked up as an Uber driver, rehearse a romantic break up scene under a moonlit sky for Piper's acting reel but it's not up to her high acting standards.

Bonjour, I'm Piper!
S01E27 · Bonjour, I'm Piper!

Jul 21, 2016

Greg shoots Piper's modeling reel but Piper gets bored being a pretty Parisian girl so she puts on the leather and they head off to the van.

Hollywood Glamour
S01E28 · Hollywood Glamour

Jul 28, 2016

For actors thinking about doing background work, Greg explains exactly what background work is and what to expect.

Gimmie S'more
S01E29 · Gimmie S'more

Aug 04, 2016

On lunch break during filming, Greg gets horny after eating s'mores and hits on one of his actresses. She snaps him back to reality and they finish the shoot.

Rock on Dude
S01E30 · Rock on Dude

Aug 11, 2016

On Greg's way to pick up his mom for a nice family day, he finds the dude in his van. The dude learns the importance of having a back up plan to your dreams of being a rock 'n' roll star.

It's Just a Thing
S01E31 · It's Just a Thing

Aug 18, 2016

The dude tags along with Greg in the van when he goes to pick up his mom. Mom's initial annoyance with the dude dissipates when he makes them realize what the important things are in life.

A Family Day
S01E32 · A Family Day

Aug 25, 2016

After Greg picks up his mom in the van with the Dude, the three of them go to Hollywood Blvd. and have a perfect family day right out of a 1970's sitcom.

Brand Ambassador Audition
S01E33 · Brand Ambassador Audition

Sep 01, 2016

Greg celebrates not having to get the van smog checked this year by taking a drive with Zoey and they end up bra-less.

Why I Go Braless
S01E34 · Why I Go Braless

Sep 08, 2016

Greg celebrates not having to get the van smog checked this year by taking a drive with Zoey and they end up bra-less.

Finding Your Inner Van
S01E35 · Finding Your Inner Van

Sep 15, 2016

Greg takes a drive with Zoey in the van and he discovers her mission - to help people get in touch with their inner van.

The Nature of Progress
S01E36 · The Nature of Progress

Sep 22, 2016

Greg needs the van to shoot the next episode but Zoey hasn't brought it back yet and he has a meltdown and is forced to show his video on the nature of progress.

In Like Flynn
S01E37 · In Like Flynn

Sep 29, 2016

Greg gets roped into helping some guy who says he's Errol Flynn's illegitimate great grandson make a pitch reel to sell himself as the star of his own reality TV show.

S01E38 · Finale

Oct 06, 2016

In the season 1 finale, Zoey still hasn't returned the van so Greg can't go on and has to take a break from the show.


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