Episodes (26)

Evil Thoughts
S01E01 · Evil Thoughts

Jan 01, 1957

A man gazes into a mirror and is startled and bewildered to see not only his own face, but that of another, looking back at him.

The Ordeals of Carol Kennedy
S01E02 · The Ordeals of Carol Kennedy

Dec 01, 1956

An American girl working in an Iron Curtain country is transferred to London. On the plane someone tries to kill her.

Fortunes of War
S01E03 · Fortunes of War

Sep 22, 1956

A Royalist Count (Errol Flynn) is captured by a Republican General (Christopher Lee) during the French Revolution. After giving his word not to attempt escape, the Count comes up with a clever way out of his promise.

Rustle of Silk
S01E04 · Rustle of Silk

Feb 02, 1957

A lovely young woman, visible only to Egyptologist Anthony Hardwick, causes a great deal of confusion in his life.

Strange Auction
S01E05 · Strange Auction

Jan 26, 1957

A ne'er-do-well Irish hobo auctions himself to a woman who needs a farm laborer.

Mademoiselle Fifi
S01E06 · Mademoiselle Fifi

Nov 17, 1956

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The Girl in Blue Jeans
S01E07 · The Girl in Blue Jeans

Sep 22, 1956

Caught by actor-producer Steve Farrar breaking into his home, Susan Tracey, a young American actress, pretends she is someone else and convinces Farrar not to call the police. Her true identity is discovered the following morning when Steve receives a telephone call from the local police who inform him that they are holding a young woman who had been attempting to sell his Oscar. Susan, the girl in blue jeans, ends up getting the part in Steve's forthcoming play and also gets her man.

The Transfer
S01E08 · The Transfer

Dec 08, 1956

In the summer of 1910, a young lawyer is invited to the country house of a wealthy client. There, he is visited by a ghost who helps him win the love of his employer's beautiful ward.

All in the Family
S01E09 · All in the Family

Oct 13, 1956

When Herbert Morgan marries a beautiful, undomesticated girl, he tries to persuade his mother-in-law to live with them - and complications arise.

1000th Night of Don Juan
S01E10 · 1000th Night of Don Juan

Dec 29, 1956

When Don Juan learns that the lovely Henrietta is staying at the same inn as he, he longs to make her his 1000th conquest. She rejects him initially, but then offers to submit to him on the condition that he breaks up Marchese Luigi and his young lover. In executing the challenge, Don Juan learns that he's not as young as he used to be.

The Mirror
S01E11 · The Mirror

Sep 15, 1956

After much persuasion, a blind girl marries a doctor whose one ambition is to cure her blindness

The Model
S01E12 · The Model

Nov 10, 1956

A domineering father is tricked into buying a "nude" painting of his daughter, created by the struggling artist she loves.

The Red Geranium
S01E13 · The Red Geranium

Oct 06, 1956

A resistance worker (Betta St. John) tries to assassinate a ruthless dictator visiting London.

The Duel
S01E14 · The Duel

Nov 17, 1956

A heartless ruthless English lord, swimming in gambling debts, attempts to settle with his creditors by intimidating and blackmailing a well-to-do heiress by threatening to use his superior dueling skills against her suitor.

The Sealed Room
S01E15 · The Sealed Room

Nov 03, 1956

Woman on honeymoon in Europe begins experiencing major déjà vu when passing through a German town, even though she has never been to Europe in her life. She is strangely drawn to the town's 1000 year old castle.

Love Token
S01E16 · Love Token

Jan 12, 1957

Count de Merret (Christopher Lee) learns of his wife's infidelity when he sees his gift to her in another man's possession.

Farewell Performance
S01E17 · Farewell Performance

Nov 03, 1956

The manager of a not-so-young actress introduces her to a handsome young man, even though he is in love with her himself.

First Come, First Loved
S01E18 · First Come, First Loved

Feb 09, 1957

A young officer is ordered to marry the first girl who makes her appearance at the regimental ball.

S01E19 · Rescued

Feb 23, 1957

Enemies of the King of England capture him. It's up to army officer Capt. Morton (Errol Flynn) to rescue him.

Take the High Road
S01E20 · Take the High Road

Feb 16, 1957

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Out of the Blue
S01E21 · Out of the Blue

Mar 09, 1957

Diamond smugglers use a stewardess and a baby to transport gems from South Africa to Rome.

A Wife for the Czar
S01E22 · A Wife for the Czar

Oct 20, 1956

The Czar of Russia chooses a wife who unfortunately is in love with a mysterious stranger.

The Kinsman
S01E23 · The Kinsman

Dec 15, 1956

A man tries to have his nephew declared insane.

S01E24 · Déclassée

Mar 02, 1957

A widow tries to outwit a blackmailer threatening her forthcoming marriage.

The Cellini Cup
S01E25 · The Cellini Cup

Jan 05, 1957

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My Infallible Uncle
S01E26 · My Infallible Uncle

Jan 19, 1957

Urged on by her Uncle Thomas's ghost, Nina takes a rather ugly painting to an art expert for an appraisal. Under the top layer of paint is found a genuine Veronese worth at least 100,000 dollars, much to the astonishment and surprise of Bob, Nina's husband, who has been against all of these goings-on.


The Errol Flynn Theatre Season 1 (1956) is released on Jan 01, 1957. Watch The Errol Flynn Theatre online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. The Errol Flynn Theatre is directed by Lawrence Huntington,John Lemont,Peter Maxwell,Don Chaffey and created by Jack Andrews with Errol Flynn and Patrice Wymore.

As know as:

El teatro de Errol Flynn, Zu Gast bei Errol Flynn, Mystery Adventure: The Errol Flynn Theatre, The Errol Flynn Theatre, Mystery Adventure: The Errol Flynn Theatre(syndication title)


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

Motley Films, Official Films

Cast & Crew

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