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One Good Con...
S05E01 · One Good Con...

Apr 30, 1986

The twins go on a treasure hunt when history teacher Orin Johnson quits his job and spend his life savings on a rundown piece of real estate in the hopes of finding a legendary pirate treasure.

Racer's Edge
S05E02 · Racer's Edge

May 07, 1986

Tom and Annie turn their scientific expertise toward go-karting when their friend Howie is challenged by a hot shot racer to prove himself on the track in an upcoming race. After working through some mechanical problems fixing up Howies Kart, the day of the big race arrives and the twins are confronted by more problems. They learn that Howie, a former racing champ, has lost his nerve, and that the challenger has copied a flawed spoiler design discarded by the Edisons that could spell disaster on the race track if the spoiler gives way.

Smile for the Camera
S05E03 · Smile for the Camera

May 14, 1986

The arrival in town of a movie talent scout catapults Toms interest in nature photography into the hectic world of fashion photography as first his girlfriend Brenda, and then a bevy of budding actresses flock to his door to have their pictures taken.

Tarantula Blues
S05E04 · Tarantula Blues

May 21, 1986

Tom and Annies hopes of hosting an elegant black tie party in honor of a well-to-do English guest turn into bedlam when Paul accidentally sets a tarantula loose in the house.

The Case of the Friendly Fugitive
S05E05 · The Case of the Friendly Fugitive

May 28, 1986

After finding a baby elephant, Paul and Joey decide to build a home for her and pledge an oath of secrecy to keep their pachyderm pet a permanent playmate.

Gems and Jelly Beans
S05E06 · Gems and Jelly Beans

Jun 04, 1986

The elephant is on the loose again; this time wearing a priceless, jewel studded harness, but when she finds her way back to Paul and Joey, the harness has vanished and her trainer is arrested for the crime.

The Maharajah of Weston
S05E07 · The Maharajah of Weston

Jun 11, 1986

After discovering that the gems in the Pali Harness are fake, Tom and Annie set out in search of the man who made them while Paul is left to entertain the Maharajah of Pali.

Video Vengeance
S05E08 · Video Vengeance

Jun 18, 1986

An evening of watching video launches Paul into a new movie making career and Tom and Annie into an investigation of the origins of a doctored video tape that threatens to ruin the reputation of a family friend.

Tinker Tom
S05E09 · Tinker Tom

Jun 25, 1986

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Pizza Poltergeist
S05E10 · Pizza Poltergeist

Jul 02, 1986

When a mysterious presence threatens to close down Mammas Pizza Palace, Annie offers to run the restaurant for one day so she and Tom can witness the unexplained phenomenon first hand.

Invitation to a Mystery
S05E11 · Invitation to a Mystery

Jul 09, 1986

When Tom and Annie are invited to the reading of George Kelsys video will, they, and two of Georges closest friends, find themselves involved in a mysterious treasure hunt in the old mansion.

Lance's Luck
S05E12 · Lance's Luck

Sep 03, 1986

Intent on saving the financially troubled Weston Lanes Bowling Alley, Lance persuades the Edisons to join his team in the annual pro/am bowling tournament.

One Way Ticket
S05E13 · One Way Ticket

Sep 10, 1986

When Lance is almost arrested for trying to use phony concert tickets, Tom drags Annie along on an investigation to track down the man who gave Lance the tickets.


The Edison Twins Season 5 (1986) is released on Apr 30, 1986 and the latest season 6 of The Edison Twins is released in 1986. Watch The Edison Twins online - the English Family TV series from Canada. The Edison Twins is directed by Mario Azzopardi,Timothy Bond,Ron Kelly,Don Haldane and created by Patrick Loubert with Andrew Sabiston and Marnie McPhail. The Edison Twins is available online on The Roku Channel and Tubi TV.

As know as:

Edison Kardeşler, The Edison Twins, Turma Genial, The Edison Twins(English), Paul et les jumeaux(French)





Production Companies:

Nelvana, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Disney Channel

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