Episodes (22)

S01E01 · Pilot

Jan 07, 2001

CD meets her new partner, Angela. Magda and Peter, acting on a tip, discover illegal Asian immigrants. Kate is dismayed when Jinny makes a mistake while trying to bust deadbeat dads and even more dismayed when her 18-year-old daughter, Amanda, announces her engagement to her slacker boyfriend.

There But for Fortune
S01E02 · There But for Fortune

Jan 07, 2001

When Magda and Peter bust a meth lab, Magda gets an unpleasant surprise. Jinny goes undercover to bring down the owner of a strip club who forces dancers to have sex with celebrity customers. CD and Angela investigate the death of an homeless man and try to figure out how he got to the streets . Kate is having a relationship with a younger man, the assistant district attorney.

Seduced and Abandoned
S01E03 · Seduced and Abandoned

Jan 14, 2001

Candace (C.D.) and Angela disagree over how to investigate a female murder victim; Jinny thinks she is being punished when she is assigned to a case involving a murdered dog.

Mother's Day
S01E04 · Mother's Day

Jan 21, 2001

The whole division is trying to find a baby that was in the backseat of a car during a hijacking.

Forces of Deviance
S01E05 · Forces of Deviance

Jan 28, 2001

Kate spearheads an investigation of two officers who shoot and kill an unarmed man; Jinny's drinking problem causes her to miss a meeting with a star witness.

Secrets and Lies
S01E06 · Secrets and Lies

Feb 11, 2001

Angela looks into the death of a reporter.

The Fear Factor
S01E07 · The Fear Factor

Feb 18, 2001

Jinny Looks into the case of woman who was raped.

Don't Ask
S01E08 · Don't Ask

Feb 25, 2001

While at a gun show peter and Magda find out that a dealer sells weapons.

What Sharp Teeth You Have
S01E09 · What Sharp Teeth You Have

Mar 04, 2001

Teddy gets mugged and Jinny works with him to find the perpetrator. Angela and CD get a domestic disturbance call about a cop in their division who is abusing his wife, which eventually escalates. Magda and Peter are security at a gun show.

S01E10 · Hero

Mar 11, 2001

A teen who set his school on fire is missing.

S01E11 · Absolution

Mar 18, 2001

Kate reopens her first-ever homicide case when it is revealed that the wrong man may have been convicted. Jinny and Magda investigate the baffling murder of an Asian man. CD's problems with her husband's infidelities come to a head.

Faces in the Crowd
S01E12 · Faces in the Crowd

Apr 01, 2001

Jinny is the target of a seemingly random shooting. CD and Angela investigate the murder of a pizza deliveryman. Magda struggles to resolve her conflicts with Peter.

Partners in Crime
S01E13 · Partners in Crime

Apr 08, 2001

Kate deals with heated community conflict surrounding an upcoming murder trial. The gun used to kill CD's former partner is found. Jinny's boyfriend wants more. Magda voices concerns about Jinny's drinking. Angela gives her husband a big surprise.

The Parent Trap
S01E14 · The Parent Trap

Apr 15, 2001

Magda and Jinny attempt to help a troubled teen. During a stakeout, Angela and C.D. evaluate their partnership. Kate ruffles the feathers of her future son-in-law when she takes charge during her daughter's medical crisis.

Deal with the Devil
S01E15 · Deal with the Devil

Apr 22, 2001

Magda's rejection of a judge's sexual overtures endangers the outcome of a trial. Kate and her sister must deal with their mother's deteriorating health together.

S01E16 · Obsessions

Apr 29, 2001

Magda and Jinny investigate the death of a compulsive gambler. C.D. reveals the truth about her partner's death to Angela. Sparks fly and old wounds reopen when Magda bumps into Ben's estranged father, Gabriel.

The First Hit's Free, Baby
S01E17 · The First Hit's Free, Baby

Jun 10, 2001

Magda goes undercover as a prison inmate during a murder investigation.When Jinny meets Theodore's family, her drinking problem resurfaces and threatens to destroy the romantic relationship.

Mothers and Daughters
S01E18 · Mothers and Daughters

Jun 17, 2001

Magda and Jinny investigate a murder witnessed by a Latina gang member whose parents have tried to keep her out of the gang environment. Angela is investigated for police brutality when she accidentally kills a violent man.

S01E19 · Redemption

Jun 24, 2001

C.D. and Angela investigate an attempted murder and discover that the victim is a former teen criminal who achieved celebrity because of her crimes. Jinny makes a decision about going on a weekend trip with Teddy but gets a surprise of her own.

High on the Hog
S01E20 · High on the Hog

Jul 15, 2001

Magda is hurt and held at gunpoint.

Virgin Territory
S01E21 · Virgin Territory

Jul 22, 2001

The team is on a hunt for a serial killer.

S01E22 · Intervention

Jul 29, 2001

Kate suspends Jinny after she shows up to make an arrest drunk and disheveled. Magda, secretly organizes an intervention in the hopes that Jinny will confront her addiction and go to rehab.


The Division Season 1 (2001) is released on Jan 07, 2001 and the latest season 4 of The Division is released in 2004. Watch The Division online - the English Crime TV series from United States. The Division is directed by Aaron Lipstadt,Jeffrey Reiner,Andy Wolk,Patrick R. Norris and created by Deborah Joy LeVine with Bonnie Bedelia and Nancy McKeon.

As know as:

The Division, Heart of the City, The Division(English), The Division(French), Женская бригада


United States



Production Companies:

Kedzie Productions, Viacom Productions, Paramount Network Television

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