Episodes (13)

The Treasure
S03E01 · The Treasure

Mar 03, 2019

The Dark Orca pirates unwittingly steal a treasure that can awaken a Monumential and totally destroy themselves and the Nektons.

Off Line
S03E02 · Off Line

Mar 04, 2019

The internet being down is the worst thing imaginable for Ant and Fontaine - until Ant finds the sea monster responsible for this. Can he save both?

Friends in Deep Places
S03E03 · Friends in Deep Places

Mar 05, 2019

Trying to rescue Jess Gorman in an underwater cave proves dangerous for Ant and Fontaine until a Manatee comes to their aid. But it is too late?

Just Eaten
S03E04 · Just Eaten

Mar 06, 2019

The Aronnax and Alpheus' sub are trapped within a giant Jellyfish Monumential. They've been eaten. And the jellyfish won't let food out.

Family Ties
S03E05 · Family Ties

Mar 07, 2019

Devil Daniels insists he's relocating a dangerous killer whale. But it's a scam that turns dangerous. Our heroes need to save Ant and the whale.

The Circle Game
S03E06 · The Circle Game

Mar 08, 2019

The Nektons find an amazing underwater crop circle. It's been built by a giant male puffer fish to attract a mate. Can Ant help the romance along?

The Unicorn
S03E07 · The Unicorn

Mar 09, 2019

Ant tries to locate a "diamond-horned sea-unicorn" as a present for Fontaine's birthday. But Dolos and Devil Daniels are also hunting it.

Purple Tide
S03E08 · Purple Tide

Mar 10, 2019

The Nektons try to save an island from the "Purple Tide" that legend says will destroy everything. To save it, they need to locate "The Protector".

The Race
S03E09 · The Race

Mar 11, 2019

Antaeus and his mom both think that they are the fastest fish in the sea. Their competition runs into an oil slick.

S03E10 · Kidnapped

Mar 12, 2019

Jeffrey is kidnapped, in his "Jeffrey Knight", by Dark Orca pirates. Can Jeffrey turn the tables and save himself?

More Thunder and Lightning
S03E11 · More Thunder and Lightning

Mar 13, 2019

The Nektons return to the mysterious Lemurian Gates they found previously. Exploring within, they're stunned to discover Lemuria is here.

S03E12 · Lemuria

Mar 14, 2019

The Nektons explore Lemuria but Fontaine realises the others are being affected by a dangerous algae. Can she find an antidote

The Sceptre
S03E13 · The Sceptre

Mar 15, 2019

The Nektons find the Queen's sceptre. But faced with the Kraken and the Electric Ray Monumential together, Ant can't make it work


The Deep Season 3 (2019) is released on Mar 03, 2019 and the latest season 4 of The Deep is released in 2022. Watch The Deep online - the French Animation TV series from Canada. The Deep is directed by Trent Carlson,Joel Salaysay,Sylvain Blais,Bronwyn Dennison and created by Tom Taylor with Vincent Tong and Michael Dobson. The Deep is available online on Netflix and Netflix basic with Ads.

As know as:

Sous les mers, Die Nektons - Abenteurer der Tiefe, Bí Ẩn Đại Dương Sâu Thẳm, The Deep, The Deep(English)


Canada, Australia



Production Companies:

A Stark Production, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), DHX Media

Cast & Crew

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