Episodes (13)

S02E01 · 24ish

Oct 06, 2010

Two Swedish flight attendants await Mark and Woody, if they can get to the airport in 30 minutes; Sam and V.J. think a zombie uprising is at hand.

Perfect 10 Killer
S02E02 · Perfect 10 Killer

Oct 13, 2010

Sam tracks a serial killer who's targeting perfect women; Mark buys his first pair of "man shoes" and falls in with a ring of international spies.

Incredible Shrinking Woody
S02E03 · Incredible Shrinking Woody

Oct 20, 2010

A mad scientist shrinks Woody and Anderson for sinister purposes; Mark and Sam compete on a Japanese game show.

AssPocalypse Now
S02E04 · AssPocalypse Now

Oct 27, 2010

After leaving the country for plastic surgery on her rear, Sam, along with V.J., but on the plane home, they are kicked off the plane mid-flight. But thanks to the bouncing power of sam's new rear, they are safe. It's up to Mark and Woody to save them, but when a native tribe starts worshipping her bum, Sam questions if she even wants to be saved.

Leprechaun Interrupted
S02E05 · Leprechaun Interrupted

Nov 03, 2010

V.J. and Woody abduct a leprechaun, whose hot Irish daughter puts a hex on them; Sam tries to revive an ex-rocker's career by getting herself committed to a mental hospital.

Gross Encounters of the Virgin Kind
S02E06 · Gross Encounters of the Virgin Kind

Nov 10, 2010

V.J. thinks he's had an alien encounter after a night of heavy partying; Sam coaxes her boyfriend to get cosmetic surgery.

VJ and the Holy Boner
S02E07 · VJ and the Holy Boner

Nov 17, 2010

V.J. embarks on a porn odyssey, while Mark reconnects with an old flame.

Spontaneous Skidmark
S02E08 · Spontaneous Skidmark

Nov 24, 2010

Woody's new basketball-player flame becomes pregnant, forcing Woody to evaluate what type of father he'll be; V.J.'s car has a volatile temper.

Spanking the Monkey
S02E09 · Spanking the Monkey

Dec 01, 2010

Sam becomes maternal toward her ex's monkey; Woody and V.J. raise a botanical monster.

Brother from Another Tanning Booth
S02E10 · Brother from Another Tanning Booth

Dec 08, 2010

In an experiment, Woody and Mark change their skin tones; a boy band may jeopardize Sam's career as a concert promoter.

Too Fast Too Dexler
S02E11 · Too Fast Too Dexler

Dec 15, 2010

Mark is dumped for being too safe, and Woody lands them both in a gang war; V.J. and Sam date conjoined twins after they become glued together.

Weekend at Booyah's
S02E12 · Weekend at Booyah's

Dec 22, 2010

Mark must make his boss happy after the latter had a short-lived romance with Sam; Woody encounters a promiscuous woman from the afterlife.

20,000 VJ's Under the Sea
S02E13 · 20,000 VJ's Under the Sea

Nov 28, 2010

Mark takes a job working for Russell Peters, who takes the gang on an underwater adventure to find Atlantis in his submarine.


The Dating Guy Season 2 (2010) is released on Oct 06, 2010 and the latest season 2 of The Dating Guy is released in 2010. Watch The Dating Guy online - the French Animation TV series from Canada. The Dating Guy is directed by Joseph Sherman,Jamie Whitney and created by Mark J.W. Bishop with Fab Filippo and Lauren Ash.

As know as:

The Dating Guy, The Dating Guy(English), Célibataire cherche(French), Célibataire cherche




French, English

Production Companies:

Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, Marblemedia

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