Episodes (6)

Gorse, the Tempter
S01E01 · Gorse, the Tempter

Oct 18, 1987

Ralph Gorse, the "Charmer," is exactly what a gigolo should be---clever, adaptable, conscienceless, attractive, and completely self-absorbed. He's also a dangerous psychopath .

Gorse, the Investor
S01E02 · Gorse, the Investor

Oct 25, 1987

Gorse seduces two women: one for the money and one for the fun of it. Mr. Stimpson is suspicious but unable to intervene.

Gorse, the Deceiver
S01E03 · Gorse, the Deceiver

Nov 01, 1987

Money gone, Gorse returns to selling cars and romancing the owner's daughter. When Stimpson tracks him down, Pamela's announcement prevents his arrest.

Gorse in the Middle
S01E04 · Gorse in the Middle

Nov 08, 1987

"Charming" Ralph needs money. He plots an arson for insurance when his wife is at her parents, and he's "out of town" for the night. What can go wrong?

Gorse the Imposter
S01E05 · Gorse the Imposter

Nov 15, 1987

Ralph is not officer material, but he's not going to war as a "grunt." He goes AWOL, "trades" uniforms with an RAF pilot, gets a woman's help and he's presumed dead.

Gorse at the End
S01E06 · Gorse at the End

Nov 22, 1987

The last episode of the Charmer proves the old adage: "What goes around, comes around," even applies to clever con-men.


The Charmer Season 1 (1987) is released on Oct 18, 1987. Watch The Charmer online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. The Charmer is directed by Alan Gibson and created by Patrick Hamilton with Nigel Havers and Bernard Hepton.

As know as:

The Charmer, Uwodziciel, Charmören


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

London Weekend Television (LWT), Yorkshire Television (YTV)

Cast & Crew

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