Episodes (10)

Episode #5.1
S05E01 · Episode #5.1

Apr 06, 2020

Eight months after the last episode's events, a scandal breaks out when the story of Maloutru's death surfaces in the press.

Episode #5.2
S05E02 · Episode #5.2

Apr 06, 2020

The Bureau is looking for César after he failed to catch a flight to Riga. Could he have been kidnapped? Meanwhile, Ellenstein is questioning JJA's power of judgment.

Episode #5.3
S05E03 · Episode #5.3

Apr 13, 2020

Pavel Lebedev starts his job at the FSB. Bakatine, one of the Internal Security agents, is suspicious of him.

Episode #5.4
S05E04 · Episode #5.4

Apr 13, 2020

Bakatine's ongoing investigation of Pavel Lebedev creates conflict with Karlov. JJA manages to track down the source of the article.

Episode #5.5
S05E05 · Episode #5.5

Apr 20, 2020

Nadia and Pavel Lebedev spend some time together in Moscow, with Karlov's blessing. Marina comes to help Mille Sabord on the ground; he opens up to her again.

Episode #5.6
S05E06 · Episode #5.6

Apr 20, 2020

Jonas goes to Cairo to strike a deal with the sheikh. Sisteron has to remain discreet as he goes about investigating JJA.

Episode #5.7
S05E07 · Episode #5.7

Apr 27, 2020

Pavel Lebedev sees Nadia again. Mille Sabord is snooping around more than ever to find out about Malotru's past, making The Bureau very nervous.

Episode #5.8
S05E08 · Episode #5.8

Apr 27, 2020

During a paper chase cleverly orchestrated by The Bureau and his friend Pavel Lebedev, Karlov slowly uncovers the vice that's tightening around him. Ready to recruit Karlov, Lebedev decides unilaterally to organize Nadia's extraction. This could sabotage the whole operation devised by JJA! The Bureau's director knows this is his last tour de force. Meanwhile, Bakatine is inches away from discovering the truth. It could all end in disaster.

Episode #5.9
S05E09 · Episode #5.9

May 04, 2020

Having recently returned to France, Marie-Jeanne is put back in charge of The Bureau. Sisteron, meanwhile, is managing the office responsible for handling Intel from Karlov.

Episode #5.10
S05E10 · Episode #5.10

May 04, 2020

A strange Uzbek tourist who has just settled in Paris finds a weapon left behind by Karlov.


The Bureau (also know as Le Bureau des Légendes) Season 5 (2020) is released on Apr 06, 2020 and the latest season 5 of The Bureau is released in 2020. Watch The Bureau online - the French Drama TV series from France. The Bureau is directed by Eric Rochant,Samuel Collardey,Antoine Chevrollier,Anna Novion and created by Eric Rochant with Mathieu Kassovitz and Florence Loiret Caille. The Bureau is available online on AMC Plus Apple TV Channel and AMC+ Amazon Channel.

As know as:

Le Bureau des Légendes, The Bureau, Отдел "Фалшива самоличност"(Bulgarian), Le Bureau des Légendes(English), Le Bureau des Légendes(French)




French, Arabic, English, Persian, Russian, Italian

Production Companies:

Canal+, Federation Entertainment, TOP - The Oligarchs Productions

Cast & Crew

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