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Bad-Time Story
S02E01 · Bad-Time Story

Oct 10, 1961

It is "Reading Out Loud Night", and Bugs selects a book from a shelf and walks into a backdrop leading into the first cartoon feature for this fairy tales and legends installment.

Satan's Waitin'
S02E02 · Satan's Waitin'

Oct 17, 1961

Yosemite Sam dies after being crushed by a falling safe during his evil scheme to divest a widow of her money and he goes to hell, where the devil promises to release Sam's spirit, provided that Sam bring to the devil a certain rabbit.

Daffy Doodling
S02E03 · Daffy Doodling

Oct 24, 1961

Daffy outwits Bugs for the position of emcee, Sylvester and a brawny, stupid sidekick hunt mice in a warehouse, the Goofy Gophers find that their lumber-harvested home tree has been converted into human furniture.

S02E04 · Omni-Puss

Oct 31, 1961

Bugs Bunny lectures about cats, describing with visual aid an alley cat, a Bob Cat greeting a Tom Cat, a pole cat, two Persian cats making a Persian-to-Persian telephone call, etc..

Tired and Feathered
S02E05 · Tired and Feathered

Nov 07, 1961

Bugs Bunny gives a lecture on birds.

Man's Best Friend
S02E06 · Man's Best Friend

Nov 14, 1961

Bugs Bunny lectures about dogs, but first must struggle with a projectionist who, when Bugs says that the lecture is about man's best friend, shows a picture of a tarantula and then a Whistler's Mother portrait.

Ball Point Puns
S02E07 · Ball Point Puns

Nov 21, 1961

Red and black dancing pens, named Penelope and Penbroke, perform like figure skaters on paper provided by Bugs.

The Unfinished Symphony
S02E08 · The Unfinished Symphony

Nov 28, 1961

Bugs contends with an annoying fly in this musical show, featuring a mouse who can play a miniature piano, Bugs' conducting of an orchestra's performance of "Morning, Noon, and Night in Vienna" by Franz Von Suppe.

Prison to Prison
S02E09 · Prison to Prison

Dec 05, 1961

Bugs, dressed like the portly Alfred Hitchcock, lectures on crime.

Go Man Go
S02E10 · Go Man Go

Dec 12, 1961

The subject for tonight's show is one that has always puzzled us little denizens of the woodland glades." In yet another lecture, Bugs talks about man.

I'm Just Wild About Hare
S02E11 · I'm Just Wild About Hare

Dec 19, 1961

Bugs has overslept. When the announcer summons him by hole-shaped elevator to the stage, either he is in his bathrobe, barely awake and brushing his teeth, or he is drying himself after a shower, or he is occupied with his vacuum cleaner.

Stage Couch
S02E12 · Stage Couch

Dec 26, 1961

Sylvester needs psychiatric help when his frustration at being unable to catch Tweety has him on the verge of mental collapse.

Do or Diet
S02E13 · Do or Diet

Jan 16, 1962

The Tasmanian Devil is Bugs' guest on this episode, in which the rabbit prescribes a carrot diet to the beast.

Hare Brush
S02E14 · Hare Brush

Jan 23, 1962

Introduced by Bugs, Harry the Brush explains his role in the animation of cartoons wherein Claude Cat schemes to implicate bulldog Marc Antony.

Is This a Life?
S02E15 · Is This a Life?

Feb 13, 1962

In this spoof of This is Your Life, Bugs Bunny's life is reviewed, with visits from friends and foes.

De-Duck-Tive Story
S02E16 · De-Duck-Tive Story

Feb 20, 1962

Daffy recounts many of his detective escapades.

The Astro-Nuts
S02E17 · The Astro-Nuts

Mar 13, 1962

Bugs Bunny emerges from his hole on stage as Super-Rabbit, defender of the defenseless, buddy of the buddy-less, to introduce science fiction cartoons.

Vera's Cruise
S02E18 · Vera's Cruise

Mar 20, 1962

Sylvester recounts his recent travels through Europe, when his pursuit of Tweety became transoceanic and transcontinental.

Foreign Legion Leghorn
S02E19 · Foreign Legion Leghorn

Jun 19, 1962

Foghorn Leghorn's farmyard life has been so tough on him that he decides to enlist in the French Foreign Legion.

Watch My Line
S02E20 · Watch My Line

Jun 26, 1962

The art of cartoon drawing is demonstrated by an animator, whom Bugs instructs to draw a line, which turns into different things.

What's Up Dog?
S02E21 · What's Up Dog?

Jul 03, 1962

A second look at dogs, hosted by Bugs.

The Cat's Bah
S02E22 · The Cat's Bah

Jul 10, 1962

Pepe Le Pew recalls the results of broken romances in Africa. He suggests that viewers "take a brief respite from romance" by joining Bugs Bunny, whose Miami Beach vacation went afoul.

No Business Like Slow Business
S02E23 · No Business Like Slow Business

Jul 17, 1962

Slowpoke Rodriguez and Speedy Gonzales are co-hosts, introducing cartoons in which Sylvester and the Big Bad Wolf team to stalk Tweety and Little Red Riding Hood in the house of Granny.

The Honeymousers
S02E24 · The Honeymousers

Jul 24, 1962

A great spoof of the 1950's TV show, "The Honeymooners", starring Daws Butler as the voices of both the "Ralph Kramden" and "Ed Norton" characters, and June Foray as both "Alice Kramden" and "Trixie Norton"

A Star Is Bored
S02E25 · A Star Is Bored

Jul 31, 1962

Bugs provides yet another lecture on cartoon animation, secretly stating that he does the voice of Mel Blanc. Daffy, meanwhile, tries to upstage the rabbit in the guise of a clean-up artist from a cartoon agency.

A Tale of Two Kitties
S02E26 · A Tale of Two Kitties

Aug 07, 1962

Sylvester and son discuss mice, ranging from those from Mexico to those of the "giant" variety.


The Bugs Bunny Show Season 2 (1961) is released on Oct 10, 1961 and the latest season 3 of The Bugs Bunny Show is released in 1971. Watch The Bugs Bunny Show online - the English Animation TV series from United States. The Bugs Bunny Show is directed by Friz Freleng,Chuck Jones,Robert McKimson,Maurice Noble and created by Tom Dagenais with Mel Blanc and June Foray.

As know as:

The Bugs Bunny Show, El show de Bugs Bunny, O Show do Pernalonga, The Bugs Bunny Show(English), The Bugs Bunny Show(French)


United States



Production Companies:

American Broadcasting Company (ABC), Warner Bros. Television

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