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Opie's First Love
S08E01 · Opie's First Love

Sep 11, 1967

Opie's date for Arnold's big birthday party cancels at the last minute to go with a 'cooler' guy.

Howard, the Bowler
S08E02 · Howard, the Bowler

Sep 18, 1967

Howard fills in on the bowling team and amazes everyone with his skill.

A Trip to Mexico
S08E03 · A Trip to Mexico

Sep 25, 1967

Aunt Bee wins a trip to Mexico and takes Clara and Myrtle. When they get back, they aren't even speaking to each other.

Andy's Trip to Raleigh
S08E04 · Andy's Trip to Raleigh

Oct 02, 1967

Andy has to break a date with Helen and go to Raleigh to meet with a lawyer who turns out to be a pretty blonde. Andy lies to Helen about it, but she finds out.

Opie Steps Up in Class
S08E05 · Opie Steps Up in Class

Oct 09, 1967

Andy sends Opie to a fancy camp where he makes friends with a rich boy. Later, when they attend a father-son get-together, Andy finds himself acting high-class just like he told Opie not to do.

Howard's Main Event
S08E06 · Howard's Main Event

Oct 16, 1967

Howard finds romance with a new girl in town, Millie Hutchins. However, her former boyfriend Clyde threatens to beat him up if they don't stop dating.

Aunt Bee, the Juror
S08E07 · Aunt Bee, the Juror

Oct 23, 1967

Aunt Bee serves jury duty.

The Tape Recorder
S08E08 · The Tape Recorder

Oct 30, 1967

Opie and Arnold record a prisoner telling where the money from a bank robbery is.

Opie's Group
S08E09 · Opie's Group

Nov 06, 1967

After Opie joins a rock band he starts to stay out late and gets F's in all of his schoolwork. Aunt Bee has Clara talk to him about the situation.

Aunt Bee and the Lecturer
S08E10 · Aunt Bee and the Lecturer

Nov 13, 1967

Clara has eyes for a visiting professor, but he falls hard for Aunt Bee. She finds out why when he begins to constantly compare her to his late wife.

Andy's Investment
S08E11 · Andy's Investment

Nov 20, 1967

Andy gets worried about how to pay for Opie's college, so he opens a laundromat to earn some extra money. It takes a lot more of his time that he thought it would.

Howard and Millie
S08E12 · Howard and Millie

Nov 27, 1967

Howard and Millie decide to get married. On a train trip to Millie's hometown, they discover they might not be as compatible as they had thought.

Aunt Bee's Cousin
S08E13 · Aunt Bee's Cousin

Dec 04, 1967

Andy discovers that Aunt Bee's globe-trotting millionaire cousin is actually a hobo and tries to keep the truth from Aunt Bee and everyone else.

Suppose Andy Gets Sick
S08E14 · Suppose Andy Gets Sick

Dec 11, 1967

Goober takes over at the Sheriff's office while Andy has the flu.

Howard's New Life
S08E15 · Howard's New Life

Dec 18, 1967

After seeing a travelogue about island life on TV, Howard quits his job to become a beachcomber in the Caribbean.

Goober the Executive
S08E16 · Goober the Executive

Dec 25, 1967

When Goober hears that Wally has the gas station up for sale, he decides the time has come for him to become a businessman. With Andy and Emmett acting as co-signers, he borrows the money and is soon the proud owner of his own business. His idea of being a business executive may be a bit off kilter however. His first act is to hire an employee to do the manual work while he does all of the 'thinking.' Only problem is, he's not much of businessman and Andy and Emmett start to wonder what they have got themselves into when Goober starts to make some pretty serious ...

The Mayberry Chef
S08E17 · The Mayberry Chef

Jan 01, 1968

Aunt Bee hosts a cooking show but Andy and Opie suffer at supper time.

Emmett's Brother-in-Law
S08E18 · Emmett's Brother-in-Law

Jan 08, 1968

Emmett's wife pressures him into becoming an insurance salesman, like his successful Brother-in-Law.

Opie's Drugstore Job
S08E19 · Opie's Drugstore Job

Jan 15, 1968

Opie gets a job working at the drugstore and learns that everyone makes mistakes.

The Church Benefactors
S08E20 · The Church Benefactors

Jan 22, 1968

A $500 donation to the church causes conflict.

Barney Hosts a Summit Meeting
S08E21 · Barney Hosts a Summit Meeting

Jan 29, 1968

When Barney hears about an international summit meeting that will be held in the area, he volunteers the home of a wealthy Mayberry citizen. He fails to get the permission of the homeowner first, and the owner refuses to let them use his house. The summit entourage arrives in town with no place to hold the meeting.

Goober Goes to an Auto Show
S08E22 · Goober Goes to an Auto Show

Feb 05, 1968

Goober finds out Andy is taking Aunt Bee and Opie to the auto show in Raleigh and asks to go along, confident they'll get free samples when salesmen find out he's a "big operator". At the hotel, Goober calls up Roy Swanson, an old friend from trade school, to see how he's doing and to brag a little. They meet at the show and Goober is surprised to find out that Roy is a senior vice-president in charge of engineering with Amalgamated Motors. After hearing about a fellow student, Goober tells Roy he has a chain of stations instead of just one. When Roy meets the Taylors...

Aunt Bee's Big Moment
S08E23 · Aunt Bee's Big Moment

Feb 12, 1968

Aunt Bee takes flying lessons but doesn't feel she is ready to fly solo.

Helen's Past
S08E24 · Helen's Past

Feb 19, 1968

It seems that Helen was once a gangster's moll when she lived in Kansas City.

Emmett's Anniversary
S08E25 · Emmett's Anniversary

Feb 26, 1968

Emmett wants to buy Martha a mink coat from Flora's friend, who is in the business. When he and Flora go to Mount Pilot to get it, Martha sees them and thinks they are having an affair.

The Wedding
S08E26 · The Wedding

Mar 04, 1968

Howard decides to become a 'swinging bachelor' after his mother gets married and moves to Mount Pilot.

Sam for Town Council
S08E27 · Sam for Town Council

Mar 11, 1968

Sam Jones runs against Emmett for a seat on the Town Council.

Opie and Mike
S08E28 · Opie and Mike

Mar 18, 1968

Opie helps Mike learn how to deal with a bully at school.

A Girl for Goober
S08E29 · A Girl for Goober

Mar 25, 1968

A new dating service wants to test out its questionnaire that is meant to find people with common interests and pursuits. They focus on Mayberry and soon Goober is filling out the questionnaire. Opie tries to tell him that he's not answering the questionnaire correctly - such as saying he read 30 books a month when in fact he reads that many comic books - but Goober perseveres. Soon, he's on a date with the highly educated designer of the questionnaire and it becomes painfully apparent that they have little in common. As things develop however, she soon finds there ...

Mayberry R.F.D.
S08E30 · Mayberry R.F.D.

Apr 01, 1968

Sam Jones has his friend Mario from Italy come to help out on the farm. Mario brings his father and sister along without telling Sam first. When they have a difficult time adjusting to life in Mayberry, Sam has to decide if they can stay in the U.S.


The Andy Griffith Show Season 8 (1967) is released on Sep 11, 1967 and the latest season 8 of The Andy Griffith Show is released in 1967. Watch The Andy Griffith Show online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. The Andy Griffith Show is directed by Bob Sweeney,Lee Philips,Alan Rafkin,Coby Ruskin and created by Sheldon Leonard with Andy Griffith and Ron Howard. The Andy Griffith Show is available online on Pluto TV and Apple iTunes.

Widower sheriff Andy Taylor invites his aunt, Bee Taylor, to move in with him to help take care of his son Opie, after his housekeeper leaves to get married. Mayberry is a nice little town, not far from big city Raleigh. Andy and cousin Deputy Barney Fife have various love interests throughout the series. The most endearing thing about this series is the loving relationship between Andy and his son Opie. It's a "feel good" series that's been enjoyed for decades by all ages.

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