Episodes (26)

The Great Escape
S03E01 · The Great Escape

Jun 10, 2004

The Circus has come to the Bush and Blinky's Mother refuses to let him go. He goes anyway and realises that the Circus Bros. mistreat the animals who need freedom.

S03E02 · Bushwacked

Jun 11, 2004

Blinky has rescued the circus Animals Ling Ling, Slippery, Yoyo, Penelope, Leo and Tico (who works for the Circus Bros. and was told to follow the animals).

Antarctic Adventure
S03E03 · Antarctic Adventure

Jun 12, 2004

Blinky heads for Antarctica to take Slippery home. The Circus Bros. are in pursuit with a man named Skipper the Scurvy.

Polar Peril
S03E04 · Polar Peril

Jun 13, 2004

While flying through Antarctica the balloon deflates as Blinky and Nutsy fight over directions. Blinky and Nutsy go out to a human village in order to find a gas tank.

Flap's New Family
S03E05 · Flap's New Family

Jun 14, 2004

Blinky and his friends fly away from Antarctica but they find they have another passenger: a little penguin, who's following Flap. They must return to Antarctica and find the penguin's family.

A Stitch in Time
S03E06 · A Stitch in Time

Jun 15, 2004

Blinky and his friends fly to Africa and Nutsy tells a story of when Blinky and Flap were in a mine.

Leo Leads the Way
S03E07 · Leo Leads the Way

Jun 15, 2004

On the African Plains, Blinky takes Leo home, but Rex, the king of the Mumbada pride and son of Leo does not welcome his father due to his cowardice.

Monkey Business
S03E08 · Monkey Business

Jun 17, 2004

Tico sabotages the balloon and sets a trap for Blinky involving Yoyo and the Circus Bros.

Diamonds are Forever
S03E09 · Diamonds are Forever

Jun 18, 2004

Penelope's necklace is missing because the Circus Brothers steal it, and Blinky must take it back.

Blinky's Birthday Surprise
S03E10 · Blinky's Birthday Surprise

Jun 19, 2004

Blinky Bill is very angry because no one remembers his birthday. Tico gives him a tracking devise as a "birthday present". The Circus Bros. use it to follow him.

Baby Elephant Walk
S03E11 · Baby Elephant Walk

Jun 20, 2004

The Gang meet an elephant mother with a sick baby. Blinky and the others try to help the elephants to a lake.

Operation Free Flap
S03E12 · Operation Free Flap

Jun 21, 2004

Over China, Flap falls out of the balloon and Blinky has to make an emergency landing. A boy named Hugh takes Flap and cares for him at home.

Crouching Dragon, Hidden Koala
S03E13 · Crouching Dragon, Hidden Koala

Jun 22, 2004

Blinky's gang go to Hawk's Peak but find only a village. As Blinky's gang search the village for Ling Ling's Master, most of them get caught by the Circus Bros.

Panda Pandemonium
S03E14 · Panda Pandemonium

Jun 23, 2004

Blinky's gang find the panda villagers and Ling-Ling is reunited with her parents. A weasel named Ah Phat replaces Tico to catch the pandas for Basil.

Jungle Bungles
S03E15 · Jungle Bungles

Jun 24, 2004

Blinky's gang arrive in the Amazon, hoping to find Tico's and possibly Yoyo's family.

Double Trouble
S03E16 · Double Trouble

Jun 25, 2004

While at Greenpatch while preparing for an Unveiling ceremony, Splodge gets a letter from Nutsy. Blinky and his friends have met with a Howler Monkey named Coco Phil.

Tico's Choice
S03E17 · Tico's Choice

Jun 26, 2004

Deeper in the Amazon jungle, Blinky meets a colony of toucans, who find Tico familiar. Tico directs Blinky's gang to the river and Blinky finally realizes Tico's loyalty lies with Basil.

Poisoned Penelope
S03E18 · Poisoned Penelope

Jun 27, 2004

Penelope is picking purple flowers but gets pricked by a thorn. In Leafpatch, Armo reveals it was a Purple Devil that has poisoned her and that the humans have the cure.

All at Sea
S03E19 · All at Sea

Jun 28, 2004

Blinky and his friends are drifting south and into a storm. Above them, Cyril abseils from a helicopter, but then falls into the stormy sea.

Tico takes Charge
S03E20 · Tico takes Charge

Jun 29, 2004

Blinky's gang arrive in India, followed by the Circus Bros. They meet 3 jugglers - Magid the Bear, Alsana the Mongoose and Sanjay the Rat.

Tiger Taming
S03E21 · Tiger Taming

Jun 30, 2004

During the night, the Circus Bros. jump into the balloon and send it off and Cyril finds his Teddy Bear who he thought he'd left behind in Australia.

Monkey See, Monkey Do
S03E22 · Monkey See, Monkey Do

Jul 01, 2004

Blinky's gang reach Chandipur, with the Circus Bros. in pursuit by elephant.

A Dog's Best Friend
S03E23 · A Dog's Best Friend

Jul 02, 2004

Blinky's gang arrive in Paris in search of Penelope's mistress. Her mistress has moved house and owns a cat named Fifi.

Blinky Bill Superstar
S03E24 · Blinky Bill Superstar

Jul 03, 2004

Blinky Bill, Nutsy and Flap run to a fashion studio where Blinky meets the human fashion designer, Phoebe. Phoebe exploits Blinky and makes off with him as a fashion superstar.

Paris Au-Go-Go
S03E25 · Paris Au-Go-Go

Jul 04, 2004

With their balloon destroyed, Blinky's make their way to the airport.

How Green is my Greenpatch?
S03E26 · How Green is my Greenpatch?

Jul 05, 2004

Blinky's gang make it back to Greenpatch. The Circus Bros. have followed them and Basil starts a Bushfire. Cyril leaves Basil's side and summons the fire brigade to extinguish the fire and he takes Basil for retirement.


The Adventures of Blinky Bill Season 3 (2004) is released on Jun 10, 2004 and the latest season 3 of The Adventures of Blinky Bill is released in 2004. Watch The Adventures of Blinky Bill online - the English Animation TV series from Australia. The Adventures of Blinky Bill is directed by Yoram Gross and created by Geoff Beak with Keith Scott and Robyn Moore.

As know as:

The Adventures of Blinky Bill, Vili telttaretkellä(Video Title), Vili Vilperi, Vili Vilperi: Kapteeni Kuunsirpin aarre(video box title), Vili Vilperi: Kultakuumetta Viherkylässä(video box title)


Australia, Germany



Production Companies:

Yoram Gross Films, EM.TV & Merchandising AG, Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (ARD)

Cast & Crew

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