Episodes (3)

Part 4: Pure Imagination
S02E01 · Part 4: Pure Imagination

Jun 17, 2021

In Part IV of Tekkin Taiyou, our cameraman, Ryo Sakai, walked up to greet Christian and within seconds was taken out by two suitcases thrown from the second story window by Bunny, who was making room for Tej to move in. After a discussion of what to do with Ryo, laying on the couch with frozen peas on his face, it was decided he would venture out with Tej as Bunny fulfilled his years long promise to Christian to hire a professional cleaner for the house. Outside, Ryo tries to sell a hardcore image to Tej as he's being interviewed which causes a near crisis. Back at ...

Part 5: Sanctuary Locations
S02E02 · Part 5: Sanctuary Locations

Sep 20, 2021

In Part V of Tekkin Taiyou, the world has become isolated in the wake of the global pandemic. Ryo has started live-streaming in hopes of becoming famous, Tej is searching for work, and Bunny is is aware of something he needs to tell the others. Bunny shares information with Tej and Ryo, that the self-proclaimed psychiatrist from Part II went missing. An associate gave Bunny his files and a diary. The disturbing pages reveal the "psychiatrist" left false clues so the ChihasuKai would think who they're after is at the house. Bunny suggests they not live in fear. ...

Part 6: The Real Ones
S02E03 · Part 6: The Real Ones

Jan 03, 2022

In Part VI of Tekkin Taiyou, at a dimly lit table in a darkened house, Bunny and the newly returned Ryan talk about the preceding 2 years and the people who have influenced events leading to now. The next day, reporter Rebekah Percival with film crew contacts, arrives to interview Ryan on his disappearance and return. Worried a fight between Ryan and Tej will happen, Bunny invites Chris, still sniffing out communists, to join. Rebekah stokes flames of chaos, and Bunny sends everyone home for the day. Two months later, our film crew returns with Christian who, upon ...


Tekkin Taiyou: A Documentary Series Season 2 (2021) is released on Jun 17, 2021 and the latest season 2 of Tekkin Taiyou: A Documentary Series is released in 2021. Watch Tekkin Taiyou: A Documentary Series online - the English Action TV series from Japan. Tekkin Taiyou: A Documentary Series is directed by Tej Singh,Ryan Michaels,Chris Kidybinski,Brendan Marx and created by Ryan Michaels with Bunny Oota and Ryan Michaels.

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Tekkin Taiyou: A Documentary Series





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