Episodes (20)

S04E01 · Beetles

Sep 27, 1987

Archaeologist Arthur Hartley is accused of stealing expensive artifacts from a museum, is warned of a curse that befalls those who touch the artifacts, but won't be stopped in his quest for wealth.

Mary, Mary
S04E02 · Mary, Mary

Oct 04, 1987

A lonely single woman hides behind a mannequin.

The Spirit Photographer
S04E03 · The Spirit Photographer

Oct 11, 1987

A man invents a camera which can make ghosts disappear and use it in a room haunted by a violent spirit.

The Moth
S04E04 · The Moth

Oct 18, 1987

Dying Sybil uses her last hours on Earth to curse her enemies and plan for the afterlife, much to the chagrin of her mother.

No Strings
S04E05 · No Strings

Oct 25, 1987

Mobster Eddie Minelli plans a private performance by a famous puppeteer, but with a ghoulish new puppet: the bloody remains of Don Paulie, the man Eddie has just murdered.

The Grave Robber
S04E06 · The Grave Robber

Nov 01, 1987

Two archaeologists turned grave robbers are forced to play strip poker with an angry mummy that protects the tomb they broke into.

The Yattering and Jack
S04E07 · The Yattering and Jack

Nov 08, 1987

Happy-go-lucky salesman Jack Polo receives a yuletide visit from the 3.5-foot-tall Yattering, a snarling horned demon that wants to claim Jack's soul.

S04E08 · Seymourlama

Nov 15, 1987

On a bitter cold night, Henry & Ellen Strand's home is visited by exotic Himalayan strangers who claim that son Seymour Strand has been chosen to replace the recently deceased Llama of their faraway country Lo Pu.

Sorry, Right Number
S04E09 · Sorry, Right Number

Nov 22, 1987

A woman is troubled by a mysterious phone call and tries desperately to help the person on the other end of the line.

Payment Overdue
S04E10 · Payment Overdue

Feb 14, 1988

A callous collection agent discovers that she herself has an overdue payment involving Rita Valdez, a client who took drastic steps to end her financial woes.

Love Hungry
S04E11 · Love Hungry

Feb 21, 1988

Desperate to lose weight in order to please an old boyfriend from high school, compulsive eater Betsy Cowland uses mysterious, and possibly unsafe, products that she receives in the mail.

The Deal
S04E12 · The Deal

Feb 28, 1988

Starving screenwriter Tom Dash claims he would give anything to sell a script in Hollywood. His acquaintance Donald has the means to help him give anything.

The Apprentice
S04E13 · The Apprentice

May 01, 1988

College sophomore Sarah McBride accepts a job at Colonial Village, a tourist attraction that recreates Puritan life in 1692 Salem and allows nothing from the 20th century. But things aren't quite what they seem.

The Cutty Black Sow
S04E14 · The Cutty Black Sow

May 08, 1988

Young Jamie receives, and takes seriously, a deathbed warning from his great-grandmother to guard against the legendary Cutty Black Sow.

Do Not Open This Box
S04E15 · Do Not Open This Box

May 15, 1988

Charles is a meek inventor living with his greedy nagging wife Rose. The mail brings them a misdirected box saying "Do Not Open This Box". Then the postman comes looking for it and says there will be Hell to pay if he doesn't get it back.

Family Reunion
S04E16 · Family Reunion

May 22, 1988

Janice Perry claims that her husband Robert has kidnapped their son Bobby, but Robert maintains that the boy needs to be cured of an illness. After all, Bobby hasn't been himself lately.

Going Native
S04E17 · Going Native

Jun 19, 1988

An alien on Earth who is studying humans in a therapy group envies them and wants to be one.

S04E18 · Hush

Jul 10, 1988

On a seemingly "ordinary night", a teenage babysitter, and a young boy, are terrorized by the boy's latest invention, that's gone awry: a "noise eater", which -- in reality -- sucks the life out of its victims!

S04E19 · Barter

Jul 17, 1988

Harried housewife Ruthie receives a visit from bizarre salesman Klaatzu, whose mechanical device may help her shut out the sound of her son Nicky's constant drum-playing... in a way that Ruthie never imagined.

Basher Malone
S04E20 · Basher Malone

Jul 24, 1988

Professional wrestler Basher Malone fights Trog, a demon wrestler summoned by unscrupulous promoter Tippy Ryan for a private match in Tippy's gym.


Tales from the Darkside Season 4 (1987) is released on Sep 27, 1987 and the latest season 4 of Tales from the Darkside is released in 1987. Watch Tales from the Darkside online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Tales from the Darkside is directed by Frank De Palma,John Harrison,John Strysik,Theodore Gershuny and created by Michael McDowell with Paul Sparer and Catherine Battistone.

As know as:

Contos da Escuridão(Alternative Title), Galeria do Terror, Tales from the Darkside(English), Tales from the Darkside(French), Geschichten aus der Schattenwelt


United States



Production Companies:

Laurel Entertainment Inc., Tribune Entertainment

Cast & Crew

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