Episodes (13)

Game Over
S02E01 · Game Over

Sep 10, 1994

A pair of gamers find the monsters from their video games stalking them in the real world.

Cold Blood, Warm Heart/The Spider and the Flies
S02E02 · Cold Blood, Warm Heart/The Spider and the Flies

Sep 17, 1994

When eighteen year old Kristin drives out to a small fishing community to investigate a local sighting of a sea monster, she comes to loggerheads with the town's expert fisherman, Mack Ryker; a man who vows to stop at nothing to catch the beast.

The Avenging Phantom/Myth Conceptions
S02E03 · The Avenging Phantom/Myth Conceptions

Sep 24, 1994

Ten year old Jimmy is afraid to sleep in the dark, -- almost as much as he's afraid of the mean old lady at the variety store, the Mongrel that chases him home every day, and the bully who constantly torments him.;While digging in Greece, a greedy Fortune Hunter searches out the ancient cave ruins of the Greek legend Medusa.

All the Gory Details
S02E04 · All the Gory Details

Oct 01, 1994

After months of researching the disappearance of a 1930's Mad Scientist, an adventurous Cub Reporter named Sally decides to follow up her leads and drive out to a sleepy town where she suspects the doctor might still be hiding out.

The Weeping Woman
S02E05 · The Weeping Woman

Oct 08, 1994

After a sleepless night at a creepy Victorian Inn, and a spine chilling visit from a real ghost; the girls soon find themselves caught up in the middle of an eerie puzzle that involves a ship that sunk at sea, a tattered teddy bear at the town's Curio Shop, and a century old mystery of The Weeping Woman.

Dead Men Don't Jump
S02E06 · Dead Men Don't Jump

Oct 15, 1994

Seventeen year old Nathan is a star athlete who would do anything to play pro basketball. When Nathan's fast talking Manager Marvin sets up a big time match with an unknown challenger who promises to put Nathan on Easy Street, younger brother Erin knows it's too good to be true.

The Haunted Mine
S02E07 · The Haunted Mine

Oct 22, 1994

Convinced that his Aunt Melva is too old and helpless to live on her own, a young city boy named Dale drives out to the "sticks" to retrieve her. He soon finds himself in the middle of a bizarre turn of events when his Aunt, her dog Buster, and everyone else in the town goes missing.

Growing Pains
S02E08 · Growing Pains

Oct 29, 1994

Wendell has had his share of bullying from pranksters Chet and Louie, but even their most malicious pranks can't stop Wendell from pursuing the attention of his latest interest; Rose, the new "geek" in town. Rose is a little timid and her family is a little more than unusual, but Wendell can't help but want to be around her.

The Brothers Gruff
S02E09 · The Brothers Gruff

Nov 05, 1994

When neighbourhood Ghost, Goblin and Troll Expert "Sheldon" tells his best buddy Eddie that there's a Troll under the bridge and it's following him home, Eddie has no choice but to take every and all precautions. This includes bathing in vinegar, wearing foil hats and wearing mom's housecoat, the pockets filled with chalk

Uncle Harry's Horrible House of Horrors
S02E10 · Uncle Harry's Horrible House of Horrors

Nov 12, 1994

Uncle Harry is a miserable old grump who wouldn't know how to have a good time if it ran up and bit him. While spending an afternoon at the local carnival with his six year old nephew Jeremy, Uncle Harry is reluctantly coaxed onto a ride through the Horrible House of Horrors.

S02E11 · Hunted

Nov 19, 1994

A greedy hunter goes in search of a mythological beast only to in the end become the beast.

Chuck, and Melvin, and the Beanstalker
S02E12 · Chuck, and Melvin, and the Beanstalker

Dec 03, 1994

Questing through the dark, thick "dangerous" forest on a dire search for food, our starving brothers Chuck and Melvin come across an eerie Trading Post where they trade off Chuck's beloved horse Splendour for a bag of magic.

Transylvania Express
S02E13 · Transylvania Express

Dec 10, 1994

When surfer dudes Ben and Mike mistakenly travel to Austria instead of Australia, they find themselves aboard the midnight run of the Translyvania Express railway. But there's only one problem... when they find him, what do they do with him?


Tales from the Cryptkeeper Season 2 (1994) is released on Sep 10, 1994 and the latest season 3 of Tales from the Cryptkeeper is released in 1999. Watch Tales from the Cryptkeeper online - the English Animation TV series from Canada. Tales from the Cryptkeeper is directed by Laura Shepherd,Rick Marshall,Mike Csunyoscka,Jessie Thomson and created by J.D. Smith with John Kassir and Elizabeth Hanna. Tales from the Cryptkeeper is available online on Amazon Prime Video and Tubi TV.

As know as:

New Tales from the Cryptkeeper, Tales from the Cryptkeeper, Contos da Cripta, Tales from the Cryptkeeper(English), Crypte Show(French)


Canada, United States, France



Production Companies:

Nelvana, Tales From The Crypt Holdings, Teletoon

Cast & Crew

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