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The Seeds of Doom
S09E01 · The Seeds of Doom

Sep 07, 1985

Anxious to have someone his own age as a fellow Team member, the nuclear-powered Firestorm seeks out Cyborg to learn the reason for his reticence. But it will take the intervention of Darkseid and his Parademons, to say nothing of some horrific-looking sea pods, to make Cyborg change his mind.

The Ghost Ship/The Bizarro Super Powers Team
S09E02 · The Ghost Ship/The Bizarro Super Powers Team

Sep 14, 1985

A.) With Darkseid and his minions in hot pursuit, Superman, Firestorm and Cyborg temporarily take shelter in a huge derelict space vessel. It turns out that the three Galactic Guardians have boarded a ghost ship, controlled by a fugitive princess who uses hologram images to ward off pirates and to protect the people of her planet-who live in miniaturized form in a locket around her neck. Darkseid hopes to exploit the princess, and to take sinister advantage of Superman's weakened state. B.) Bizarro #1, the weird yet funny Superman doppelganger from Htrae (Bizarro ...

The Darkseid Deception
S09E03 · The Darkseid Deception

Sep 28, 1985

Little does Wonder Woman suspect that the man she assumes to be her mortal boyfriend Steve Trevor is actually the evil Darkseid, who has rearranged his molecular structure in order to impersonate Steve. It's all part of a master plan to steal the deadly TC7 satellite and transform everyone on earth into hideous mutants.

The Fear
S09E04 · The Fear

Oct 05, 1985

While trying to stop the Scarecrow, Batman feels FEAR for the first time in years, as he will have to face the memory of that night that made him decide to (eventually) become THE BATMAN.

The Wild Cards
S09E05 · The Wild Cards

Oct 12, 1985

There's a new super villain in town, and his name is The Ace. Gathering together a gang of four hardened delinquents, the Ace decks them out in sinister playing-card costumes, and thus the Royal Flush Gang is born.

The Brainchild / The Case of the Stolen Powers
S09E06 · The Brainchild / The Case of the Stolen Powers

Oct 16, 1985

In the prison, Felix Faust performs a ritual to steal Superman's powers for himself, but Penguin, his cellmate, double-crosses Faust and take the Kryptonians powers before, becoming Super-Penguin.

Escape from Space City
S09E07 · Escape from Space City

Nov 02, 1985

The evil Darkseid's latest project involves the capture and takeover of Star City, a gigantic orbiting earth colony. To this end, he replaces the satellite's kidnapped inventor Mr. Moko with a robot lookalike that even fools Moko's daughter, Kiri. Meanwhile, Batman, Firestorm and Samurai must steer clear of Darkseid's minions Kalibak and DeSaad and their robot army, long enough to allow Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman to seek out and destroy the control equipment hidden in Darkseid's headquarters.

The Death of Superman
S09E08 · The Death of Superman

Nov 09, 1985

The unthinkable has happened: Superman is dead, the victim of Kryptonite poisoning. Injured in the mishap which felled Superman, a weakened Firestorm is captured by Darkseid, who wants the Galactic Guardian to reveal the details of the Man of Steel's demise. Meanwhile, several members of the Super Powers Team gather at the Fortress of Solitude, where they come across evidence indicating that Superman is still alive-but if this is true, why has he allowed the other Team members to fall into Darkseid's clutches?


Super Friends Season 9 (1985) is released on Sep 07, 1985 and the latest season 9 of Super Friends is released in 1985. Watch Super Friends online - the English Animation TV series from United States. Super Friends is directed by Charles A. Nichols,George Gordon,Ray Patterson,Carl Urbano and created by Fred Freiberger with Ted Knight and Sherry Alberoni. Super Friends is available online on HBO Max and HBO Max Amazon Channel.

Just Imagine! The greatest heroes of our time, banded together to stamp out the forces of evil wherever and whenever they might appear! Based on DC Comics' long-running Justice League Of America series, the show featured the Justice League (Superman, Batman & Robin, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman together with 'apprentice' super-heroes Marvin, Wendy, and Wonder Dog. Other DC luminaries such as the Flash and the Atom made periodic cameos.

As know as:

Super Friends, The Worlds Greatest Super Friends, Супер-пријатељи, The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians, Challenge of the Super Friends


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Hanna-Barbera Productions, Warner Bros. Television, Eric Porter Studios

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